Sunday, January 17, 2021

Now We Know

This week, because now we have evidence of a number of highly damning facts about the Putsch of January 6 we lift the Fifth Amendment. WaPo published a time line:

and Bill Moyers:

All the following entities have been infiltrated with #45 cronies and supporters, and will need to be de-Nazified 





DOD refused to act for several hours,

although the Republican Gov. of Maryland asked them to deploy the Maryland National Guard.

Gen. Walter E. Piatt, director of the army staff disliked what he called the “visual optics” of having the Guard stand in a line with the Capitol bldg. in the background.

Despite DC Mayor Muriel Bowser requesting National Guard from Virginia and Maryland, because of deliberate delays, some of the Guard did not appear until dark, and some only the next day. 



Despite the FBI warning that extremists planned an assault on Congress, 

1800 out of 2300 Capitol Police were told not to come to work Jan. 6


Police stand aside enabling the mob:


Steven Sund, the ex-head of the Capitol police was reluctant to call the national guard. 

One PsyOps officer from Ft. Bragg led a 100-strong contingent from N. Carolina.

Several on-duty Capitol police officers have been suspended for supporting the mob. Two off-duty Virginia officers were arrested. A Houston officer caught in the building has resigned; police departments of New York City, Pennsylvania, Chicago,  Seattle, Philadelphia and others are investigating whether they were also represented! More than 30 members of various police forces were present at the Capitol, not including this killer of two, Oakland officer Snyder. 



Include cops, many of whom patrol in municipal departments throughout the Disunited States, and who either overtly espouse pro-Nazi views, or are sympathetic to them in departments which come down especially violently on peaceful demonstrators, and BLM demonstrations.

and a black cop perspective:



Include newly elected West Virginia House of Delegates Derrick Evens.

Indivisible lists 147 of the U.S. Congress, 7 from California, who after witnessing the putsch mob, still voted to overturn legitimate election results. Hawley figures prominently. 

Some members of the U.S. legislature refuse to go through metal detectors on their way to work (just try that you corporate types!); some members by insisting on remaining unmasked are practicing biological warfare against other members who do wear masks, one of them Pressley, having been confined in tight enclosed shelter with unmasked lawmakers and whose husband now tests positive for COVID. In all, 4 lawmakers have now tested positive because of GOP anti-maskers.

AOL describes coming face to face with an entity which threatened to end her life

Pressley’s staff describe all her office panic buttons torn out 



No generalizations hold up:

The mob  included lawyers, businesspeople, at least one CEO, parents, as well as Boogaloo Boys, One Percenters, etc. The mob arrived in hundreds of busses paid for by other CEOs and stayed at top-of-the line luxury Willard Hotel catty corner to the White House. 

Greg Palast alleges mob applied for a permit which did not include a march.

Anti-lockdown protesters and anti-maskers, some members of which participated in the events of Jan 6,  include some 3 million Facebook Stop the Stealers from Oregon to Florida, including Boogaloo Boys and others. 

Still waiting for toilet training, some members of the mob befouled the Capitol Bldg. in some areas. 


MOBSTER-IN-CHIEF whose favorite bedside table reading is A. Hitler: Mein Kampf: 



Michael Moore interviews Daryl Johnson at 22:12


Now please imagine if such journalists as Bill Moyers, Michael Moore and others, had witnessed a dress rehearsal prior to another coup, one previous to the Jan. 6 coup, namely the coup that went almost entirely unmentioned and unnamed for what it was by the entire U.S. public: the 9-11 “terrorist” attack. Can you imagine them point by point listing the timeline? Vacating of the premises by a Mossad front two weeks before. The dancing watchers across the Hudson whose front was a moving van; the one building that succumbed to two plane attacks in absentia, namely building 7 that imploded entirely without help, building ownership, the placement of the N.Y.C. command center, and certain files in a Pentagon file room; and the woman who is heard saying: “there were no windows on that plane”; pilots pointing out that those maneuvers conducted by a human pilot are impossible, raising the possibility of armed drones controlled from another location (a technology that was then already available); the at-that-time non-existent technology of listening in to air to ground phone calls at high altitudes, voice simulation technology already available at that time; and the sound of multiple explosions heard by  N.Y.C. firefighters, the melting temperature of steel, the lignite found at the disaster site; the numbers of WTC people who failed to show up for work that day, and the fact that around 9 AM, the mostly working class people of color working in the top floor restaurant had to be sacrificed.

To cite only a few. 

(Note: I have deliberately listed all links in place of hyperlinks, to insure they all work.)



DEMAND the US Senate convict and disqualify #45 at Daily Kos petition.


CHARGE #45 with election tampering at The Six PAC


URGE Biden to start ending US complicity in the Yemen war at winwithoutwar.


CANCEL Rent, cancel mortgage at


SUPPORT Bernie in his use of budget reconciliation to help working families during the severe economic downturn


This Week's Roses Amidst theThorns

City of Vancouver gives its homeless $5,800. (Perhaps they can afford to because CAnada is not at war in multiple countries at once.) 


Israelis continue anti-Netanyahoo protest.


Ecuador’s election promises advance for socialism in Latin America. 


Biden  to propose bill to legalize 11 million immigrants.


“This cannot go unanswered’: Govt. watchdog group files criminal sedition complaint against #45. 


Michigan plans to charge ex-Gov. Rick Snyder in Flint water probe.


Following Biden release of COVID relief plan, Tlaib doubles down on demand for $2,000 monthly payments. 


Sanders to become chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.


For the People Bill provides for automatic voter registration, an end to GOP gerrymandering, and banning dark money influencing elections. 


Sotomayor says the 13 prisoners executed during #45 killing spree ‘deserved more from this Court.’


With deep fossil fuel ties, Justice Barrett called to recuse herself from pending climate case. 


600 groups urge Biden to impose national moratorium on water shut–offs.


Some corporations #resisttrump by cutting funding for Republicans. 


Dems unveil legislation to abolish the federal death penalty.


Former corrections officers petition acting AG to halt federal executions. 


Majority Missouri voters agree with AOC and Omar that Josh Hawley must resign.


Reviled NRA gun lobby files for chapter 11. 


First ever: N.Y. DA sues police department.


Tennessee group demands racial equality and Medicare for All. 


Water protectors chain themselves inside Enbridge Line 3 Pipe.


Fast food workers strike demanding Congress #RaiseTheWage to a still unlivable $15/hr and  OK union rights.


Artists and academics oppose Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement. 


BART (the Bay Area Transit System) to hire social workers instead of filling police officer vacancies to deal with social problems.


Chef José Andrés feeds all 20,000 National Guard troops now stationed in DC. 


Eugene Goodman, Army hero and savior of the Senate to receive nation’s highest honor.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

In the Midst of a Putsch

This newsletter offers no pronouncements this week, except to say that the U.S. is in the midst of a putsch, and that reactions so far seem to be focused on blame and punishment, and not on questioning.  So this newsletter is taking the Fifth until we come to a historic point of improved clarity.


Here to offer you some substance, are two photographs.


The first speaks for itself.



The second bears some explanation. It shows Rep. Andy Kim of New Jersey on his knees after hours cleaning up the mess left by rioters in the Rotunda, one of his favorite buildings. Kim worked 36 hours straight, fulfilling his legislative duties as well.  In 2018, he became the first Asian American to represent NJ in Congress.  Said he: “I feel blessed to have this opportunity as a son of immigrants to be able to serve in Congress. Democracy to me is this place of opportunity that is offering me a chance to do something extraordinary.”



Our only pronouncement this week is that operative word: opportunity.  Do all sectors of this society benefit from equal opportunity? Read the ifs.  


And for a hard headed take on the state of the State, read here.




REVOKE the Trumpeter’s family pardons now.


REMOVE the Trumpeter’s horn.


DONATE to Intercept white supremacist police project.


CENSURE violent extremism.

SUBSTITUTE housing for war and warfare.


IMPEACH the sorry SOB to insure he can’t touch his pension and millions in fringe benefits paid for by you the tax payer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

LET Cuba breathe.




Protesting farmers target India’s largest cell company and billionaire owner.

Indian farmers plan to march into New Delhi.


Mexican president AMLO thanks Cuba for sending doctors to fight pandemic.


China succeeds in erasing extreme poverty with jobs, houses, and cows.


AMLO wants to give Assange asylum


Mexico bans Roundup.


UN  experts condemn #45 pardon of Blackwater contractors as ‘affront to justice.’


UN human rights expert urges US to life sanctions that may ‘exacerbate the already dire humanitarian situation in Syria.’


Argentine Senate passes bill legalizing abortion.


UK MPs nominate S=Cuban doctors for Nobel peace prize.


EU stops recognizing Juan Guaidó as “interim president” of Venezuela.


France nixes $7 billion  liquefied natural gas  from Texas  because #45 regulations made it too dirty.


Russia offers its support to Venezuela’s new national assembly.


Vladimir Putin orders Russian  gov. to meet Paris climate goals


Iran issues Interpol notice for #45 and 48 other US officials in Soleimani killing.


Iraq demands US withdraw troops on Soleimani killing anniversary.


Bolivia govt. grants 20% of budget to health and education!


Myth of ‘exceptionalism’ shattered as globe expresses shock of ‘day of same for American “democracy.”’


Netherlands runaway commuter train overshoots elevated platform but is caught safely by large whale’s tail sculpture.


New House whistleblower rules send strong message.


House Dem demands criminal probe into #45 and his enablers.


Congress members demand #45 prosecution for election tampering.


Federal Judge blocks last-minute #45 attempt to wreck International Criminal Court citing ‘multitude of sins.’


Manhattan DA escalates #45 fnancial probe.


Morell with his dark past takes himself out of running for Biden’s CIA director.


Brennan Center announces introduction of H.R.1 “For the People” Act which provides automatic voter registration, public financing, redistricting reform, and ex-felon voting rights.


Taking stand against unsafe school conditions, 40% Chicago teachers and staff don’t report to schools as ordered.


Google workers say endless wait to unionize big tech is over. Promote solidarity, democracy and social and economic justice.


Minnesota changes way it teachers social studies, shifting discussion to Native American tribes and LGBTQ people formerly left out of discussion.


Top US admiral would ‘welcome’ Biden review of nuclear strategy.


The market says ‘no; to nuclear and ‘yes’ to renewables, according to the Russian International Affairs Council publication.


After pressure from dozens of grassroots organizations and thousands of anti-nuclear activists the Nuclear Regulatory Commission decided to withdraw its plan to allow very long-lasting waste to be stored at facilities not licensed for nuclear waste such as landfills.


Nuclear testing victory in Congress.


COVID pandemic keeps Lockheed from meeting F-35 delivery goals.


House passes rule package to ease passage of ambitious Biden plans, limit GOP poison pills.


Local Pennsylvania Debt Collective protests utility shutoffs during pandemic.


New York to pass nation ‘s strongest eviction ban.


Federal eviction moratorium extended (for the time being).


Sta. Cruz California activists groups earn one-week stay on evictions.


Lots of luck with that department: DC mayor calls in National Guard ahead of pro-Trump “protests” (riots, the Editor).


Youth activists ring in 2021 with renewed demand that world wake up to climate crisis.


Congress authorizes EPA to phase out hydrofluorocarbons.


Portland Maine climate activists mount utility strike.


PAYGO exemptions in House rules will help pave way for Green new Deal and Medicare for All progressive claim.


To combat hunger, organizations divert food waste to provide meals for people in need.


Massachusetts commits to have all new cars sold produce zero emissions by 2035.


Leaked documents from Exxon Mobile show plan to massively increase its emissions to 143 million tons of CO2 per year by 2015.


60% US coal fired power plants now slated for retirement.


Environment America delivers 14,000+ petitions to Chevron opposing Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling.


Conservation group to sue #45 officials and agency over delayed protections for 11 species.


Army Corps of Engineers deny proposed permit for Pebble Mine.


A case now on appeal in the Ninth Circuit mounted by the Animal Defense Fund and Seeding Sovereignty allege that the federal government policy of ignoring the climate crisis violates Americans’ right to be free because it is destroying our environment.


Heads will roll department: Probe demanded over capitol police standing aside for pro-#45 mob.


Hotel Harrington cancels Proud Boy reservations as pro-#45 fascists plan latest descent on DC.


Public Citizen announces lawsuit challenging USPS disruptions impacting Georgia’s two Senatorial run offs.


Youth activists help progressive win big in 2020 in Rhode Island.


Hunger strike over filthy conditions at three NJ county jails which operate as prisons-for profit.


Advocates call for medical parole to avoid ‘unintentional? death sentences as COVID ravages US prisons.


Protesters gather in D.C. in solidarity with Assange.


National Students for Justice in Palestine celebrates 10th anniversary.


Black Lives Matter DC demands city stop attacks by violent #45 supporters.


Black inmates begin 2021 with uprising in St. Louis “justice” center.


Led by Free Alabama Movement, Alabama prison workers are on strike.


In contrast to state and federal governments, Tribes mount organized responses to COVID.


Nearly 12,000 acres returned to Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.


National Museum of the American Latino finally becomes reality.


Family in sanctuary for nearly 850!!! days leaves church after ICE drops case.







Due to travel restrictions this year, the United States had to organize coups at home.


Headline: At last: has the US developed immunity to critical thinking?


Hurry: only 12 Trump #45 Mugs left – this is your final chance!



Saturday, December 26, 2020

Music in the Heart

When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky is gone, when the kings and princes are home, when the shepherds are back with their flocks, the work of Christmas begins: to find the lost, to heal the broken, to feed the hungry, to release the prisoner, to rebuild the nations, to bring peace among the people, to make music in the heart.
                                                                      ― Howard Thurman



Chris Hedges spoke some days ago at the Boston Community Church.  Some 60 mostly old timers tuned in to listen. I could see their images plainly on the zoom composite. One woman knitted throughout the one hour Hedges held forth. He read from a prepared text, elaborated in his own mind, without thought as to who his listeners might be and as I listened to his litany of  criminal acts perpetuated by this government, which he read without expression, without inflection, I came to feel as though as Americans we live and die, enslaved to a crime boss, our every moment, our every breath until all hope is crushed and day falls to eternal night.


 The Grinch That Stole Christmas

I recognize the voice of a prophet but I think he gives us nothing of the joy that makes change possible. Had he imagined the winter in our hearts, what would be different? How could he have spoken otherwise? Would he have wept disconsolately to bring us such news? Would the despair of his message have throttled the words in his throat? What course of action might he have suggested? How might he have redeemed what was such a self-indulgent performance? And I thought  how when George Carlin shared the same doomed message it brought laughter to our hearts, because without laughter, struggle is impossible, because struggle must never die. That is what counts. Never forget it.


Below are two examples of good alternatives:


Lisa Savage, the author, is a colleague who ran on the Green  ticket for Senate in Maine, the state that keeps regurgitating Susan Collins.




In childhood, George Carlin was a schoolmate, and lived in the same apartment house. He understood generosity. Shortly before we lost our national jester, we reconnected. He remembered me perfectly—probably because Gorilla was his pet name for me. Painstakingly timed, his words in performance made his listeners’ hearts leap with that kind of full bodied laughter that brings deep breath and music to the heart.  



Insist on $2000 checks now.


Demand an immediate global ban on gain-of-function biomedical and biodefense (bio-warfare) research.


Urge interim AG Rosen to rescind #45 death warrants.


Biden: end sanctions on Iran.


Force vote on Medicare for All.



Latin American academics endorse boycott of complicit Israeli academic institutions.


Mexico to increase minimum wage by 15% starting January, brining it up to $7 a day.


Iraq insists on Blackwater case transfer to international courts.


EU ramps up fight against pollution with ban on plastic waste exports to poorer countries.


Swedish Appeals Court upholds 5 G ban.


French energy unions strike in defense of public energy.


Group of German lawmakers speaks out against Assange’s extradition to US>


Activists and parliamentarians join together to prevent armed drones in Germany.


UN human rights expert Nils Melzer urges #45 to pardon Assange.


International groups launch probes on human rights violations in Philippines


At least one apartheid state, Israel, may be reaching breaking point.


Netanyahoo charged with fraud, breach of trust, and accepting bribes , offering favors to media figures in exchange for positive news coverage about him and his family.


D.C. with tis heavy B lack population, on track to become 51st state,


Progressive caucus  calls for direct payments of at least $2,000 for working families.


Progressive caucus and Poor People’s campaign team up to chart a course for future.


Progressives take aim at GOP Senate greed in crucial GA runoffs.


Stimulus” face-slaps evicted, jobless and hungry, but excludes  corporate immunity from package.


House Dems announce effort to pass $2000 payments.


Women’s climate justice group joins lawsuit targeting #45 administration’s elimination of Tongass National Forest protections.


Biden to review US nuclear-weapons programs with eye toward cuts.


Enviro groups provide Biden with draft climate emergency order to put out fire fanned by #45.


Climate groups call on Biden to build back fossil free.


Climate groups call on Biden to nominate Andy Levin as Labor Secy.


Trans Mountain Pipeline protester create treetop camp.


Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement applaud latest Biden economic council picks.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission drops plan to deregulate rad-waste disposal barring waste from going into regular landfills.


US Fish and Wildlife Service determines that monarch s warrant protection under Endangered Species Act.


Pressure works: Civil rights groups urge Biden to nominate AG dedicated to bedrock principles of equal justice.


Sometimes: Months after AOC demand and federal suit, USPS release almost entirely reacted DeJoy calendar.


Warren introduces bill to ban lawmakers like Perdue and Loeffler of GA from trading stock.


ACLU announces major win in Minneapolis to reinvest almost $8 million from the Minneapolis Police Department into alternative non-policing services.


Black Alliance for Peace calls for people-centered human rights.


Legislation blocking ICE from New York courthouses signed into law.


Center for Constitutional Rights sues ICE and DHS for information on terror tactics used in arrests.


Class-action sit sought by women over disturbing pattern of inhumane medical abuse of CE detainees including forced hysterectomies.


Massive boycott needed: Election  watchdog to sue Facebook’s Zuckerberg for using dark money to fund massive fraud.


NAACP sues #45 over alleged disenfranchisement of Black voters.


New York approves automatic voter registration.


#45 loses Wisconsin Supreme Court case.


Fox-up New airs point-by-point fact check of election fraud claims during  3 of network’s most pro-#45 shows.


Pushback works: As #45 continues killing spree, Pressley leads call for Biden to immediately abolish death penalty.


UC Irvine and California state prison system reach deal to create first University of California bachelor’s degree program behind bars.


Demonstrators besiege California prison headquarters as well as in Hawaii as well as in Hawaii demanding humanitarian release of prisoners in COVID infested prisons.


Fate Winslow, sentence to prison for life for selling $20 worth of pot released after serving 12 years.


Imprisoned nearly 40 years, Michigan man freed after witness recants story.


Barrier to Mumia’s appeal dismissed as case can now move forward.


Unions call for LA County shutdown in January.


In rare reversal, N.Y. Times publishes a call for Biden administration to raise minimum wage.


Fast food workers win COVID protections in West Durham, N.C.


NYC to prohibit major fast food employers from firing workers without just cause.


Fight for the Future announces pushing Zoom to provide end-to-end encryption to all users


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Strangers in Their Own land

This week, with much on everyone’s mind, and bearing in mind the essential role a free press needs to play in a democracy, this newsletter briefly addresses Julian Assange’s dire situation at Belmarsh prison where 19 COVID-infected inmates have deliberately been moved into his wing (murder by indirection). Tulsi Gabbard has petitioned #45 to pardon him, followed by Edward Snowden, and now George Christenson, the Australian MP as well. You can do your bit by adding your signature to this petition.


Although hundreds of thousands of post cards and text messages have been addressed to voters in Georgia, cleansing the Senate of bottom feeder McConnell cannot happen without both Warnock and Ossoff winning Jan. 5. When at least 40 million American children are going hungry and 50 million unemployed workers are about to be evicted while the GOP makes every effort to overturn 2020’s election results, if you haven’t already contributed to this life-and-death struggle, please join Stacey Abrams now.




The United States is just one of nearly 160 nations occupying our planet. Among industrialized nations, in little more than 200 years it has managed to fall to rock bottom place.  At the root of homelessness, hunger, heightened infant mortality, and truncated longevity is the virtually intractable polarization that is tearing this country apart.  The divide cuts along urban/rural cultural lines, progressive/Tea Party political lines, immense wealth/desperate poverty economic lines, and war-machine-corporate-Wall St./we-the-people societal lines. Those who might care to take the lessons of history to heart might learn from the Roman empire’s decline and fall.


More than once, the issue of this compound divide has already been addressed by  this newsletter, but this week I want specially to highlight Arlie Hochshild: Strangers in Their Own Land:  Anger and Mourning on the American Right, a book a kind friend, knowing my interest,  gifted me for the Solstice. Arlie Hochshild happens to be an academically-credited sociologist of over 70 years now with the courage and gumption to travel to Lake Charles, LA, for some field research to get to know the very people—real people—progressives tend to lump into an ill understood category.  


Why Lake Charles? Because it’s popularly known as the heart of Cancer Alley, one of the most industrially polluted corners of the nation by plants catering to the oil industry and to our whim for tooth brushes, steering wheels, and all the many products our “advanced” civilization deems essential to our way of life, and because Louisiana happens to be the state, thanks to its ex-governor Bobby Jindal, that more than any other, has swapped its education and essential services budget for line items calculated to attract yet more polluting, tax-avoiding industry.


Hochshild’s mission is to map the complicated mind set of the people she meets.

She is welcomed with the traditional Southern hospitality of Louisiana’s white, and Cajun population, people who still hunt, fish, and carry guns. They are “churched,” and family oriented, and many live in family compounds. They take care of one another. Some have been personally devastated by industrial mega accidents which have left the Gulf unfishable, and the land corroded by punctured salt domes 4000 feet below ground. Many have worked, mostly as pipe fitters in the plants, some have knowingly dumped polluting by-products into their very own bayous under cover of night, but all equate the incidence of disease, horrific pollution, and environmental destruction in which they managed to survive with jobs. Jobs that will entitle them to that elusive American Dream for which they have been standing in line since the South’s defeat and the break up of their farms under the post-Civil War Reconstruction period. While they wait, they deeply resent the folks who they see as having been allowed to cut in line ahead of them under the apparent encouragement of an out-of-touch government: immigrants, Black folk, the disadvantaged, all categories they see as taking advantage of a federal government located in an urban D.C., able to comprehend neither the culture which has forged them, nor the devastation of their lives.


They lack trust in their government, and they seem to have a point. It is to our peril that not enough of us seem to realize it.


As it meanders from visit to visit, the book is not necessarily well written; but it needs to graze back and forth to render the flavors of the complex belief systems its author encounters. The appendix tables alone are worth the price of the book as they fact check every possible basic assumption Hochshild hears during her stay, but her stroke of genius is to identify what she calls the deep story which drives the belief systems by which this group of people operates, that waiting in line under the hot Louisiana sun while people cut in ahead of them. 


That is the book’s great strength, and if, like me, you see their apparent misguidedness as the very basic system underlying the schism tearing this nation apart, read the book.  If you’re enterprising enough, take a trip to the people of Cancer Alley, not just to listen but to empathize, to join them over a cup of tea and cakes, and discover some very real, very injured. very likeable human beings.


Sound familiar?



Greta Thunberg warns humanity still speeding in wrong direction on climate with idle talk and obfuscation.


Declare states of climate emergency UN chief urges world leaders.


Receiving Nobel Prize, world food programme chief warns we are losing battle against hunger.


UN calls for investigation into Israel’s attacks on children.


Of 155 UN states, 153 call on Israel to renounce possession  of nuclear weapons.


Compulsory face masks helped cut German COVID infections by almost 50%.


Venezuela election update: PSUV wins 67% of vote.


Venezuela votes to reject neocolonialism, create its own path.


Spain’s ex-president props Venezuelan  elections.


U.S. observers endorse Venezuela’s election legitimacy.


Greece confirms EU will react to Turkey with sanctions.


Mexico confirms asking the U.S. to extradite former security chief Genaro Garcia Luna facing U.S. trial for allegedly protecting drug gang.


Time for reset in US-China relations foreign minister Wang Yi says.


UN removes marijuana from most dangerous drug list.

The U.S. MORE Act is step toward unraveling “war on drugs.”

B of A joins Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and Citibank announcing they will no longer finance fossil fuel exploration in the Arctic.


After considering Flourney, under progressive pressure, Biden appoints Lloyd Austin as Pentagon head instead.


Pentagon plans to cut most CIA counterterrorism support.


Schumer and incoming NY reps urge Biden to cancel student loan debt.


Columbia students prepare to launch tuition strike.


Presidential Plastics Action Plan urges incoming president to stop new plastic production and regular petrochemical industry, reducing plastic pollution.


Shareholders flag risks of over-reliance on plastics and petrochemicals.


Some very few Dems and Repubs vote against it, but more Repubs than Dems vote against military budget.


Over 300 groups urge Dems to block dirty energy subsidies in lame duck spending deal.


New forms of testing could bring pandemic under control before vaccines are widely available.


200 health experts urge Biden to reduce incarceration levels aid COVID pandemic


Although prisoners suspend their hunger strike at Corcoran State Penitentiary, inmates continue work strike.



Biden to nominate Medicare for All proponent Xavier Becerra as next HHS secy.


Noting U.S. unparalleled contribution to global crisis, 100+ groups push Biden to commit to U.S. to fair share of climate action.


Climate activists announce national COVID-safe day of action push back against Wall Street financing of Keystone XL and Minnesota Line 3 tar sands pipelines.


Medicare for All could cover everyone for $650 billion a year and it could still save $300 if it included long-term care.


More than 140 groups demand Congress leave corporate immunity provisions out of COVID relief deal.


25 progressive organizations call on Senate to add seats to the circuit and district courts.


Justice Department investigating potential presidential pardon bribery scheme.


Calls to abolish death penalty grow as #45’s last ditch execution spree kills Brandon Bernard.


Supremes deny injunction in Pennsylvania election results case.


Supremes declare no standing for #45-Repub  seditionists. 


Victory for Transgender rights as Supreme refuse to hear case on school bathroom policy,


Federal judge condemns ICE for “appalling” handling of COVID at private prison.


Judge requires government to explain why undisclosed data on missing separated parents was not provided sooner.


Judge orders Trump administration to fully restore DACA and accept new applicants.


Judge rejects latest GOP effort to overturn Michigan vote, seeing it for what it is.


Minnesota legislators to visit Line 3 construction area to express solidarity with pipeline opponents.


Peninsula Clean Energy board rejects PG&E nuclear credits.


Minneapolis City Council votes to cut millions from police budget.


SFPD officer indicted by grand jury over Jamaica Hampton shooting.


Judge denies immunity to cop accused of beating and tasering to death Kendole Joseph, father of 2.


Miami paper hires first Black woman as executive director.


Portland community beats back eviction, erects barricades.


In support of climate action, indigenous rights groups among those championing Deb Haaland as Interior Secy .


Indigenous-led patrol keeps peace, assist people in Vancouver’s inner city.


Schooling four local mayors in aboriginal rights, Vancouver Island First nations chief tells Canadian mayors to butt out.

Monday, November 30, 2020

America's Founding Conundrum

The U.S. boasts the most byzantine electoral system of any country claiming to be a “democracy.” The map below shows the numbers of electoral college votes assigned to each state based on the census. What if the census is skewed or corrupted? The census is the first glitch point in the U.S. electoral “system”. This year, the current White House occupant tried to halt the census prematurely.


Is there such a thing as an “indirect” popular election (or why is as raven like a writing desk)?  Still now, and for the past 231 years, the U.S. system presumes there is. But if the vote is popular, how can it be “indirect”, and if it’s “indirect”, how can it be popular? The conundrum is a holdover from the days of slavery when white slave-owners, fearful that their way of life, might be challenged, wrote its markers into the U.S. Constitution. Since 1789 when they instituted  the electoral college, that question seems not to have been of much concern for most Americans. Not until 2016.


A quick look at the wheel of fortune tells the tale:



In most American election cycles, it’s mostly the least populated “swing” states that wind up making the call, making all the millions of other votes moot. This year, most folks think Biden took the prize with a margin of over 60 million votes. In fact, the electoral college votes of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, totaling 21,847 votes, determined the outcome  of the presidential race. They represent the margin that determined Biden’s win. Had he not won them, a tie would have been forced on the electoral college, and we’d have four more years of chaos and destruction of planet, people, and country because the House would have determined the outcome on a one–state-one vote basis.


Now stack this determinant number against Biden’s 60,000,000 popular vote majority, and you get a sense of how well the electoral college might fit in with a democratic universe a la Lewis Carroll, and what percentage of democracy the American people actually enjoy (.0000367%). Otherwise put, that’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 1%.


Which leads to the obvious conclusion: we must abolish the electoral college nationwide, and until we do, we are not serious about democracy and never were. So far, 15 states and the District of Columbia totaling 196 electoral votes, have voted to abolish it, shedding this holdover from slavery. When enough states totaling 74 more votes join the effort to reach 270 electoral votes, the past bills from all the states voting yes will kick in and guarantee that the candidate with the most votes will become president but only in those states. If the remaining states (342 votes) vote yes, only then will the law become nation-wide. Until then, the change will apply only in those states that have effectively signed up.

Then, to guarantee a working as opposed to a museum quality Democracy, we will have to start the clock all over to replace the two party system that still booby traps voters with the lesser of two (corporate/war industry) evils, to establish a Parliamentary government representative of all Americans whenever they hit the polls.



Many actions this week either to push Biden to do the right (vs.  corporate/war economy) thing or to stop further damage by #45. Please sign and share:


Biden must rejoin Paris Accords.

Biden must put working people first.

Biden must confirm stability of Social Security and reverse #45 rule changes.

Oppose Biden corporate cabinet choices.

Block Biden’s anti-Medicare/Social Security candidate.

Block #45 last-minute $23 billion UAE arms sale.

Not one more handout to Fox “news”.


Donate to Jon Ossoff’s campaign to flip the Senate.

Donate to Rev. Raphael Warnock’s campaign to flip the Senate.



China announces eradication of extreme poverty. If they can, why can’t we?


Colombia’s national strike accuses President Duque of terrorism.


Massive protests in Guatemala against both president and congress.


Bolivia issues arrest warrants for Añez regime’s top officials.


Brazilian justice extends investigation  against Bolsonaro


Rallies world wide mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


Canada’s housing co-ops find success despite COVID setbacks. Why can’t we?


In Canada, First Nations people shut down Vancouver port, calling attention  to destructive projects like Trans Mountain Pipeline.


Israel frees Maher Al-Akhras after 103-day hunger strike.


China and India  to disengage troops in eastern Ladakh.


In Paris demonstrators rally against French security bill


Israel arraigns Hallel Rabin, a conscientious objector.


UK court orders Guiadó to pay over $500,000 in legal fees for trying to legally claim Venezuela’s $1.2 billion of gold from Bank of England.


Venezuela convicts 6 CITGO former execs of corruption.


Tens of thousands of Greek public sector workers go on 24-hour strike while millions across India hold anti-government demonstrations.


Progressive coalition stages worldwide Black Friday protests to “make Amazon pay.”


Demanding reversal f #45 cruelty, immigrants rights groups welcome Biden pick of Mayorkas for DHS secy.


Alaska voters adopt instant runoff voting via primary measure.


Following outcry, U.S. government halts deportation of women alleging medical abuse in ICE detention.


Watchdog launches investigation into ICE abuse of Black immigrants.


Trump defeat more official than ever as Michigan board certifies election results, awarding Biden 16 electoral votes. .


GM withdraws support for #45 administration’s clean  cars rollback.


GM commits to all-electric car future.


California Judge rules that LA County’s civilian oversight commission has the power to subpoena the sheriff.


40 Democratic senators introduce bill blocking #45 Schedule F executive order.


GSA administrator, Emily Murphy informs Biden the administration is ready to begin the transition process.


#45 endorses move by GSA to begin US presidential transition process.


#45 endorses release of funs to begin transition to Biden administration. (I wrote: could it be he’s planning a bombing run  on Iran?, but no, it involved rubber stamping another assassination.)


Demonstrators deliver 800 failing report cards to Iowa governor as coronavirus cases increase.


S.F. DA Boudin charges fired SFPD officer with manslaughter over fatal shooting.


Indigenous people’s victory as four tribes work together with enviro groups to remove largest dam in the world and take on two of the world’s wealthiest men: Buffett and Gates.


Indigenous Shinnecock activists occupy the Hamptons through Thanksgiving. 


Iowa tribe creates national park of 44 acres overlooking Missouri River.


Pebble Mine denied permit in victory for tribes, waterways and planet.


Sanders throws support behind union drive of Amazon workers in  Alabama.


As retails giants enjoy soaring profits, workers demand hazard pay amidst soaring pandemic.


As Feinstein steps down as top judiciary Democrat, Sunrise demands she resign.


Biden urged to honor indigenous sovereignty and halt fossil fuel pipelines.


Protesters objecting to Biden’s inclusion of Garcetti in his cabinet descend on Garcetti’s house for 6th straight day.


Water protector locks to Enbridge Pipe yard gate on Black Friday.


Minnesota tells pipeline company not to run counterinsurgency against protesters.


California court strikes down limits on fighting dirty power plants.


Poll shows 68% Americans want senators to block any corporate Biden nominees.


100+ public health and justice leaders call on Biden to reject global vaccine apartheid and ensure doses free and available to all.


EPA finds glyphosate likely to injure or kill 93% of endangered species.


San Antonio., America’s most segregated city, puts power-shut offs on hold.


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