Monday, February 17, 2020

The Life of Trees and the Death of Oil

Site for piñons planned at Cactus Springs
The piñon pine project which is located in Cactus Springs, NV. is starting small with 30 commemorative piñons which stand for the 30 Afghan pine nut harvesters targeted at Creech AFB for assassination-by-drone in Nangahar province Sept., 19, 2019. They included young children and adolescents working for day wages some as young as 6  years old. 

Bunnies KEEP OUT
The project involves carefully transplanting saplings now, in Spring, to allow them to develop robust root systems over Summer, enabling them to withstand Winter’s freezing temperatures.  The project is working on messaging with the Western Shoshone, whose land this is, ceded to them in 1863 by the Treaty of Ruby Valley.

The Project has received some interesting queries, notably will piñons, which normally thrive at elevations as high as 6,000 feet, thrive at Cactus Springs, NV. at elevations little higher than 3,000 feet. A controlled experiment involved two trees showing us that, if properly cared for, piñons thrive at such an altitude. The survivor tree is incontrovertible evidence.

The many generous donors who’ve already become a part of the project and who’ve already put it over the $2,000 mark, more than 20% of our initial budget, are to be thanked.

For people who haven’t already, please consider donating to the project to The Cecile Pineda Newsletter at our address of record, 2550 Dana Street #5-B, Berkeley CA  94704 and make sure to include your address so that we may send you a letter acknowledging your support.

Combating  global warming

On January 10th, this newsletter published “Waking Up to the Psychological Impacts of Our Climate Crisis,: and suddenly, within a matter of days, a rash of articles began appearing, one notably by Physicians for Social Responsibility, addressing the very same issue. Last week while we watched with increasing apprehension all the malfeasance afoot in D.C., few or us noticed that new reading of Earth’s atmosphere stands at 417 parts per million. The presumed “safe” threshold was set some years ago at 350 ppm.

What does 417 ppm mean exactly? It means a continent burning up (Australia) with some of its major cities threatened, with billions of dead animals, some now threatened with extinction, it means billions of trees dying of thirst in California, it means massive Midwest flooding, it means millions of climate refugees world wide fleeing drought in Africa, Central America and elsewhere. And it means that breathing our carbon-saturated air may be prompting some individuals to start displaying strange behaviors. And it means the Death of Oil. And Death to Militarism that burns more oil than 140 countries.

We live in a carbon culture, addicted to burning up fossil fuel and neither the human imagination, nor fire in the belly amongst the highly placed seems ready or willing to fully address it, let alone adopt de-growth as a life style. Some remarkable changes have occurred, notably the youth and XR rebellion movements, and under pressure from activists, Black Rock and other enterprises have agreed to cease capitalizing the oil industry.  But although Republican representatives propose planting a trillion trees by 2050, 3.3 million yearly, financial industry overviews continue to publish the barrel price of crude.

Sign to protect drone whistleblower Daniel Hale from prosecution at:

Sign on to protect MSNBC/Maddow at

Enacting FCC chairman Pai’s proposed changes to Lifeline makes it harder for millions of poor to have access to lifesaving phone and internet. Please sign at

End war on the poor: no cuts to SNAP food stamps at

Stop executing the poor at:
March 5: Nathanial Woods in Alabama at,

Carlos Trevino in Texas at

Stop eco-disaster border wall at

Support Congressional biefing on wireless radiation health risks at

UN rules that governments cannot return people to countries where their lives may be threatened by climate change.

UN publishes list of firms profiting from Israeli war crimes.

Assange out of solitary because the other prisoners were appalled by his treatment and took up action  on his behalf.

Council of Europe sides with Julian Assange.

Afghan troops say taliban are brothers and war is "not really our fight."

Revealed: creator of Bioweapons Act, Francis Boyle, says coronavirus is biological warfare weapon that, like AIDs has morphing capabilities—which is why the Chinese kept it secret for some time. (Measles blankets anyone?)

Exxon market value drops at $184 billion since 2014 peak.

Study shows Deepwater Horizon oil spill (hemorrhage) spread much farther than previously known.

State banks: one thing Mexico does well.

Massive Israeli data leak is treasure trove for Iran intelligence (see and

Fifty-eight years later, Cuba continues to resist U.S. blockade

Unisto’ten set fire to injunction on bridge, and solidarity actions shut down Canada.

Mistrial in Kafkaesque #45-biased prosecution of Venezuela Embassy Protectors a big win for sovereignty.

U.S. steelworkers show themselves in solidarity with Massachusetts indigenous agenda.

N.Y. Major de Blasio announces  N.Y.C. will ban all fossil fuel projects.

Researchers warn of bugpocalypse.

21 State AGs eject opiod companies settlement because offer to settle is “too low.”

West Point Prof pens blistering ptakedown of U.S. Military academics explaining why U.S. can never win a war (hint: too authoritarian.)

Chattanooga Times Free Press proves so-called ‘oil-Bible’ as a Pentacostal fraud and the oil as mineral oil coming from a  tractor style.

Churchman Rev. Kenneth Glasgow goes into Alabama jails to let prisoners know they are free to vote.

California immigrant  rights advocates condemn #45’s militarized SWAT raids in sanctuary cities.

San Francisco Labor Council resolution abolishes U. S.-imposed economic sanctions.

Spooks’ top choice: Buttigieg recipient of donations from Dept. of Homeland Security, State Dept., Justice Department, and CIA agents. Gets 218 endorsements from foreign policy and national security professionals!

Democratic Party in line to receive a Special Oscar for top theatrical kabuki fooling black voters for decades!

Dems should do the really smart and sensible thing and nominate a moderate, rapacious psychopath.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Hellfire from Paradise Ranch

It takes a Basque, with an intact moral center to write Hellfire from Paradise Ranch: on the front lines of drone warfare.  It takes an unimpaired moral compass to confront those ethical accommodations to which two-party-system Americans have become Pavlovized with moral corrosion over more than two centuries of temporizing with that old bugbear, “the lesser of two evils.” This book is dynamite. It names names, the names of the good, godly, American shibboleths—people like Obama, McNamara, Westmoreland, and Albright—we have come to enshrine, whose cynicism has raised their fiats to levels of criminal atrocity.

Joseba Zulaika has been a frequent participant in anti drone demonstrations at Creech AFB in Nevada along with Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, the Nevada Desert Experience, local people from Las Vegas and Indian Springs, and other groups, all Americans of conscience. He has been arrested there, and spent time in that notorious horror pit, the Clark County Jail, (see Brian Terrell) where as he writes, “Compared to [the] truly jailed, the homeless and defenseless, the poor of Las Vegas, the wretched whose freedom is uncertain at best…our [incarceration] was ritual….”


Although Zulaika is now emeritus, his day job was as a respectable Professor of Anthropology at the U. of Nevada, Reno, where he also taught Basque in the only American University to recognize the key importance of a language which may very well derive from once-peaceful Europe’s original language, before the Kurgan conquest of (mas o menos) 3000 BC whose depredations made of the “Europeans” the imperialist killers they became. In fact 1492 may very well be the extension of that first invasion, when sailing ships made it technologically possible to spead it’s genocidal depredations into the New World.

Hellfire is a virtuoso performance both as ethnography and documentation of horror that nauseates; at the same time it’s a well documented text that seethes with the good, ethical Basque outrage of its author. It quotes a bloodied butcher-aproned Obama with a “Yes, we can.” With its glance at assassination porn, it encounters a level of atrocity the depth of which defies encounter. And Zulaika brings it off dressed in the words of great poets Garcia Lorca, and in a final coup de théatre, Homer himself. As Zulaika meets the horror of our epoch full square, at the same time he celebrates years of resistance at Creech and at the Nevada test site.


The narrative strategy of the Epilogue is quite astonishing. It takes an original mind to see the points of tangent in Obama‘s and Al-Awlaki’s lives, initially parallel, eventually vastly unconverging. The comparison raises the narrative to the level of Greek tragedy, implying that both killer and victim are blinded by delusion and their lack of clarity makes of the them the stuff of tragedy.

While Zulaika accepts unquestioningly the received narratives of 9-11 and the Boston marathon, he rejects that of the burial at sea of bin Laden, a  mythology it took the journalism of Seymour Hersh to explode. But these reservations become all but irrelevant in the larger scope of the narrative.

The major omission I find, although skirted in the Epilogue with discussion of ritual burial, would have addressed how drone warfare destroys a civilization, what Zulaika refers to as “what holds everything together,” the dailyness of planting crops, tending sheep, or weaving rugs, or going to school, or market, or to the well for water, or to celebrate a wedding, or bury a friend, or attend the Friday mosque—to observe the rituals of a society by which it describes itself.

Because the constant buzzing overhead implants fear in the heart, and inhibits the basic contact  and the very acts of human cohesion which allow us to remain alive; under the constant surveillance by drones, one by one, they die, paralyzed by fear.

This is genocide.

Zulaika has written a colossus of a book, and much as I found his earlier Bilbao Moon interesting for its multi-leveled narrative, this book clamps the heart in a vise.

Hellfire From Paradise Ranch: on the front lines of drone warfare. 2020, Oakland, CA,  University of California Press, 289 pages.

Read the article about drone resister Brandon Bryant published by the Independent, UK at
Please sign this appeal to east Bay Community Energy to shun nuclear energy powered by Diablo Canyon at:

In all probability, Arizona and Nevada are the key states that decide the next election because a million of their residents are being purged from the voter rolls. If you are a resident of one of those states, the time is now to canvass door to door, verifying that folks are registered to vote.

Morales and Arce bid to outperform right-wing forces and undo regime change in Bolivia.

Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns, and why can’t we?

Korea ramps up anti-Japan propaganda ahead of nuclear Japanese Olympics.

Cross-Canada passenger and freight trains shut own by Mohawks  in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en  land defenders.

Venezuela accuses U.S. of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

Senate passes war powers resolution to stop #45 from launching attack on Iran.

Ilhan Omar unveils bold proposal for U.S. foreign policy deeply rooted in justince.

Nevada State Democratic party officials say they’ll abandon the use of two different apps from  the same vendor that failed in Iowa, and are looking to revert to paper-based voting and counting process.

Polling shows Sanders extending lead among Hispanics ahead of Nevada caucuses.

Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses show medicare for all and climate crisis top all other issues for Democratic voters in 2020.

Federal Appeals Court strikes down #45 “work-or-die" Medicaid requirements in Arkansas.

Facing skyrocketing rents, Sta. Cruz CA students go on strike.

Turning up heat for integration, N.Y.C. students plan  city-wide school boycott.

Sanders and Warren join writing letter to AG Barr to resign immediately over Roger Stone case.

Nine Senate Dems call on Barr to resign over violation of duty.

Rank and file teachers’ movement takes on asbestos and lead in schools.

Progressive  DC candidate Jessica Cisneros picks up union endorsements.

Civil rights groups file federal free speech lawsuit against State of Georgia’s unconstitutional Israel boycott law.

Rising Tide reports local Boca Raton organizers and allies shut down the GEO group private prisons headquarters.

North Dakota’s GOP settles voter ID lawsuit in huge victory for Native American voting rights.

Georgia to stop discriminating against Puerto Rican U.S. citizens apply for licenses.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


cacerolazo (n.) – earsplitting demonstration where millions bang on their pots and pans. Used by intelligent people who don’t attend the super bowl, and know fascism when they see it raise its ugly horns.


fascism (n.) – "right wing" (Barbara Lee), "mistruths" (Nancy Pelosi), "cover-up" (Robert Reich).
Try the F word.  

F-A-C-S-I-S-M. Say it. Say it so your mouth gets used to saying it. Form the syllables one by one to make it easier. Try.

FA  FA  FA  FA  That’s right.  Try again Fascism.

FA  SH  SH  SH SH (like in Shut up). Say it. (don’t shut up)


FA – SH –I (soft i) i. i. as in itchy.
FA-SH-i- ZM(as in zoom without the oo’s because it comes on quickly when you’re not looking.)

No. Not FASCIzoom. Fascism. Try again.  It’s not hard.

Except fascism is a bitch: kids in cages, Muslims banned, LGBTQ hit upon relentlessly, women trashed, high crimes and misdemeanors in high places, asylum seekers excluded, correctional plantations, Iranian citizens assassinated (by drone), American citizens assassinated (by drone). Tents for the housing crisis. Troops deployed to the Russian border (not  “humanitarian aid”).

If you feel like a f(asicst) hydrant, get out there with your pots and pans. And your ear plugs, but not your head in the sand.

You’ve nothing left to lose but your chains.

 (Slovanian newspaper)

READ: (for comic relief): today’s Information Clearing House at

READ: “What Happens When a Society Can’t Speak the Unspeakable? (and it’s not the F word you think) at



Sunday, February 2, 2020

Bibi’s “peace deal” is a blueprint for America’s apartheid

The US press has it wrong: The Trump’/Kushner peace deal is not so much Israel’s apartheid blueprint; it’s the other way round. Here in the U.S., brainwashed by the corporate state organ press, we still imagine Israel to be our colony. The reverse is the case: the U.S. is a colony of Israel.

Gaza City under 2017 Israeli bombardment

It’s even hypothesized that that trillion or so still unaccounted for at the Pentagon (the books were kept in the Pentagon section that sustained all that unfortunate damage from an  airplane crashing into it without burning up the outside lawn) went directly to Israel to defend itself against the bad reputation it’s getting for shooting to blind, kneecap, or kill all those uppity Palestinians who still think that Palestine belongs to them. 

I used to suspect (silly me) that Israel was blackmailing the US over 9/11 because it knew too much (like why Building 7 collapsed even though no plane managed to hit it) but lately I have come to understand that a luxury mansion in New York’s East 70s with hidden cameras in every room, fueled by the Lolita Express, are much more powerful forms of blackmail than an insignificant event like 9/11 ever could be, because boys just love their toys, especially when they are underage and nubile, and two of those boys just happen to be Presidents of the U.S. (Other world figures like Prince Andrew rate fewer points.)

Anatomy of a peace deal

But why dwell on the camouflage of scandal? Such distraction obscures the more important facts such as:

•The so-called peace plan was cobbled together by Jared Kushner without any consultation with Abbas, or any Palestinian input.
•It conveniently puts an end to the International Criminal Court’s investigation into alleged war crimes committed against Palestinians in the  Occupied Territories.
•The Palestinians will be granted limited autonomy within a Palestinian homeland that consists of multiple non-contiguous enclaves scattered throughout the West Bank and Gaza, which have been compared to the apartheid South African system of Bantustans.

What Palestinians think of Bibi 's peace

•The government of Israel will retain security control over the Palestinian enclaves and will continue to control Palestinian borders, immigration, security, airspace, aquifers, maritime waters, and the electromagnetic spectrum. 
•Israel will be allowed to annex vast stretches of the Palestinian West Bank (which has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967) into Israel, including all of the illegal Jewish-only settlements in areas colonized by Israeli settlers as well as Arab East Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley.
•The Palestinians will be allowed to select the leaders of their new homeland but will have no political rights in Israel, the state that actually rules over them.

Meanwhile back at the (colonized) ranch:

At the same time, the Israeli-owned corporation, Elbit Systems , a defense contractor, has been hired by the U.S. government to turn the Tohono O’odham reservation  (4,460 square miles) into a total surveillance prison camp. They tout their products are “field proven” on Palestinian people.
And municipal police of countless American Cities, among them D.C.,  go to Israel for “law enforcement” training, or Israel sends their “law enforcement” IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) experts, whose skills-to-kill have been honed in the practice shooting ranges of Gaza and the West Bank, to the U.S. to train them in population control.

Condemn the Netanyahoo/Trump/Kushner/ “peace is war” plan which paves the way for even more apartheid and land theft at

The U.S. Senate (and Judge Roberts) is an insult to the democracy we never had: If you agree, please sign at

Signatures needed: We refuse to live in  police state under the “Patriot” Act at

Pass the Asylum Seeker Protection Act. Now at

Please sign the NO War petition  at

Tell the IEA: Big Oil companies belong in court, not around International policy-making tables at

Editor’s note: If you are asked to donate to Act Blue, please make sure you verify that if you do not intend to click on the “make it monthly” button, your credit card statement does not show mistaken deductions.

Another word from your editor: We have entered the everything’s up for grabs no-exit zone where the “Commander in Chief’ can do as he likes, because full fascism is for the benefit of your country, like it or not.

Please don’t let the “Roses this Week” section lull you into a false sense of security.

Even if there are a few roses to count, our bed is made of nails.

Press blackout: Protesters swarm DC demanding end to GOP cover up and demanding witnesses.

Global Move the Nuclear Weapons Money campaign promotes nuclear weapons divestment.

Because it loves to eat, and eat well,  France becomes first country to ban all 5 pesticides linked to bee death.

Canada erupts in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

Republics of Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados reject Pompeo Jamaican visit.

Brazil Petrobras workers call indefinite strike after it fires 396 fertilizer plant workers.

Venezuela Embassy Protectors’ pretrial hearing adjourned as Judge Beryl Howell takes relevant ideas under advisement.

Activists plan boycott of U.S. companies backing India’s anti-Muslim policies.

Marine vet lawmaker tells military to question the orders they are given.

New bill would take needed steps toward curbing mass surveillance.

House requires congressional OK for using force against Iran, and votes to repeal 2002 Iraq AUMF used  by #45 to justify Soleimani’s murder. 

Detroit-area bishop calls for Catholics to refuse to participate in U.S. wars.

Amnesty International USA and partners to brief press on #45 administration’s Muslim Ban expansion.

Pelosi says House Dems will take up legislation reversing #45’s Muslim ban.

Sanders takes aim at corporate polluters with bill cleaning up toxic “forever chemicals” from drinking water.

Democrats finally grapple with Bernie surge in Iowa “Oh, my God, Sanders can win!”

Plan would scale back U.S. military budget by just 3% to end world starvation.

Over 40 press freedom and civil liberties groups denounce Brazil’s charges against Glenn Greenwald.

#WeWantWitnesses trends as protesters demand fair trial and end to GOP cover up.

Demand Justice ads target Chief “Justice” John  Roberts failure to see to a fair impeachment trial. (The millions banging pots and pans are watching the Superb Bowl.)

DC billboard slams Snake McConnell’s “Total Coordination with #45.”

DC cops to stop handcuffing!!!! children 12 and under after incidents involving innocent boys.

Hundreds of activists descend on Senators’ offices in home states to call for “fair” impeachment “trial.”

Key part of 2017 GOP tax scam, the “Opportunity Zone” program, is being investigated by Treasury’s internal watchdog group.

Defending Rights and Dissent teams up with Institute for Policy Studies for a people’s briefing on FBI abuse.

Blocking trains and removing coal, climate activists fight to close one of New England’s largest power plants.

Watershed moment as Guardian is applauded for banning fossil fuel company ads.

After court defeat, climate justice lawsuit youth vow to keep fighting.

Black farmers embrace climate-resilient farming.

EWG applauds Kellogg for pledge to end pre-harvest use of weed killer glyphosate

Energy Justice Program fights for “electricity future that words for people and planet.

New Harvard study shows even those with private insurance can’t afford care: Medicare for All is what patients need.

ICE contractor finally fires captain who posed on neo-Nazi site and tried to start hate group.

LA City Council unanimously passes temporary ban  on private detention facilities.

Migrant teens abused at detention facility gain powerful allies in ongoing litigation.

Utah finally bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth, but is only the 19th state to do so.

Ellen DeGeneres rewards Texas teen after school penalizes him for wearing long dreads.

Group calls on citizens to blow the whistle on  Motorola cell-phone “safety” studies.

California AG Becerra wins $344 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson for deceptive marketing targeting women, a first-in-the-nation ruling.

Of especial relevance to race-based mass incarceration Alaska becomes first state to allow marijuana public use establishments.

Chesa Boudin, just elected in S.F., eliminates cash bail.

Virginia and Colorado legislatures restricting state executions clear significant hurdles.

Volunteering for salary men: public polled on what Senators should ask in last 8 hours of impeachment Q & A.

Commerce Secy. Wilbur Ross opines coronavirus could be boon to American Business bringing much needed jobs to workers (when they’re dead?)

In the face of climate disaster, Australian PM, who once carried lump of coal into Parliament shilling for the coal lobby, plans to open coal mine.

‘Nobody can build like I can  build” sez #45 as gale opposes wall. 

Wind storm in Mexicali

Sunday, January 26, 2020

RACISM: Anatomy of a Nation

This week I was going to focus on one of our many illnesses and on  some of its headlines such as Operation Relentless Pursuit , which escalates “law enforcement” (code for racial profiling) in seven cities, Albuquerque, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and Milwaukee. Or how local  politics critically shape the “criminal justice system” in a theater near you, highlighting the roles of public defenders, district attorneys, sheriffs, and other officials. And how a bill introduced in Kentucky will make it harder for formerly incarcerated people to vote.  And Analysis shows unarmed black men are 13 times more likely to be victims of police shootings. And how the current “administration“ just opened a new immigrant prison in Michigan.  In the present day, although the U.S. holds 4% of the world’s population, it incarcerates 22% of that population, disproportionally people of color.

Thankfully, a bunch of uppity women turned me on to the state organ, the good “grey” lady, The New York Times series titled 1619: America Wasn’t a Democracy,  Until Black Americans Made It One.  I read “Our Democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written, Black Americans have fought to make them true” by Nikole Hannah-Jones, which pins down the moment in 1619 when Dr. Frankenstein began to create the entity we now call the United States.

“American slavery is necessarily imprinted on the DNA of American capitalism,” write the historians Sven Beckert and Seth Rockman. The Times series amplifies this idea further as it chronicles Southern Senator John C. Calhoun’s advocacy of the theory of nullification, whereby he argued the state can do as it pleases even defying Federal statutes.

But ultimately, we have blow back from the election of Barry Obama (as he was known when he lived in Hawaii) for our present state of affairs, where the current White House resident waited till last Friday to nullify the Clean Water Act. The present regime is the ultimate expression of the deeply structural racism alive and well at the heart of many of this nation‘s voters.

Focused on incarceration, I first turned to Bryan Stevenson’s Times' series contribution headlined “Slavery gave America a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment. Both still define our prison system.”

There Stevenson refers to his firm’s work exonerating Black folks, many of them minors when they were incarcerated for life for minor or non-existent offenses, and whom his firm works to free.

But this series' seminal history lesson is best summarized in the words of Nikole Hannah-Jones who takes us back to the origin of the structural problem lying at the root of this nation’s (and now the world’s) woes:

“Conveniently left out of our founding mythology is the fact that one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery….The wealth and prominence that allowed…the…founding fathers to believe they could successfully break off from one of the mightiest empires in the world came from the dizzying profits generated by chattel slavery.”

And that imperative lies at the heart of our governing Constitution which describes the Black man as 3/5 of a person, and which still sanctions slavery (in the 14th amendment) for incarcerated persons.

The Times has made an invaluable contribution towards correcting this sad nation‘s history. But there is one serious omission. Nowhere is there acknowledgement of the delight Black culture contributes to our lives (except perhaps when Wesley Morris reveals why white musicians like to steal ideas from Black music), nor to its joy, nor to its grace, nor to its bottomless ability to forgive. The Black world is one of the few surviving islands of sanity still managing to lend this American life some meaning.

In the 1897 words of W.E.B . Du Bois: “Will America be poorer if she replace her brutal, dyspeptic blundering with the light-hearted but determined Negro humility; or her coarse, cruel wit with loving, jovial good humor; or her Annie Rooney with Steal Away?”

Demand Department of Justice investigate Mississippi prison conditions at,

Support clemency request for Nick Sutton threatened with execution at

Free wrongfully incarcerated Rosa Jimenez and drop all charges at

Help Navajo and Apache tribal members work with new technology to deny #45 Arizona’s 11 electoral votes at

Stop supporting climate chaos with taxpayer money at

Write your Senators: No War with Iran at

Tell Congress: Defund #45’s border wall at

Tell EPA to strengthen rules protecting farm workers against pesticide drift at


Thunberg demands Davos swells immediately halt all fossil fuel investments. “Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour. We are still telling you to panic, and to act as if you loved your children above all else.” 

In response to Oxfam inequality report, Sanders calls for global movement to counter “greed of billionaire class.”

CNN poll shows Sanders surging into first as B…n continues to drop.

World wide: 2019 protests toppled two long-serving presidents, Sudan’s Omar al Bashir, and Algeria’s Abdul Aziz Bouteflika.

“Iraq for Iraqis” as one million flood Baghdad streets to demand US military leave country.

Workers shut down the Louvre as French labor strike enters its second year.

Two hundred forty events planned in 36 countries for first-ever 5G Global Protest Day

Global precedent set as UN rules climate refugees cannot be sent back to life-threatening conditions.

After Spain declares climate emergency, activists demand concrete and immediate action.

Scottish National Investment Bank Bill passes this week, formally establishing in law a new public bank in  Scotland.

Iran could win strong war-crimes case against #45 over Soleimani’s murder.

Belgium debates phase-out of US nuclear weapons on its soil.

In India, students stand against the far-right.

House votes to protect students, block DeVos.

In historic shift, US second-largest physician group endorses Medicare for All.

Thanks to Obamacare, racial and ethnic disparities in access to care have narrowed.

New Jersey governor signs bill making it first state in country to guarantee severance pay in the wake of mass layoff.

Black Alliance for Peace, Baltimore, demands end to police “surge.”

In Philadelphia MOVE 9 member freed and welcomed home.

Homeless moms win in flight for Oakland house they were thrown out of whose owner agrees to negotiate with the Oakland Community Land Trust.

Volunteers build unapproved tiny home development in Oakland median.

Southern peace activists help soldiers become conscientious objectors.

Fifty years after Congress passed ERA, amendment meets constitutional threshold.

If worker pay kept pace with productivity gains since 1968, today’s minimum wage would be $24 an hour.

Indigenous youth occupy office of Canadian Minister Of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources.

Louisiana tribes file complaint with UN over US inaction on climate change.

Vermont legislators propose bill, becoming first state to give universal free meals in public school.

Group of parents deported without their kids by #45 administration  return to US following court ruling.

55% US voting-age women prefer socialism to capitalism.

Navajo and Apache tribal members work with new GPS technology to systematically deny #45 Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.

Midwestern farm network leads way to chemical-free, sustainable regenerative farming system able to feed everyone. 


Bank calls police on Black man trying to deposit check from racial discrimination settlement.  

Trump team alerts GOP Senators: "Vote against #45 and your head gets
displayed on a pike."

How do you blow the whistle on a society that's joined the mafia?

Ninth circuit dismisses youth climate suit while lamenting government policy is destroying the planet.