Wednesday, February 5, 2020


cacerolazo (n.) – earsplitting demonstration where millions bang on their pots and pans. Used by intelligent people who don’t attend the super bowl, and know fascism when they see it raise its ugly horns.


fascism (n.) – "right wing" (Barbara Lee), "mistruths" (Nancy Pelosi), "cover-up" (Robert Reich).
Try the F word.  

F-A-C-S-I-S-M. Say it. Say it so your mouth gets used to saying it. Form the syllables one by one to make it easier. Try.

FA  FA  FA  FA  That’s right.  Try again Fascism.

FA  SH  SH  SH SH (like in Shut up). Say it. (don’t shut up)


FA – SH –I (soft i) i. i. as in itchy.
FA-SH-i- ZM(as in zoom without the oo’s because it comes on quickly when you’re not looking.)

No. Not FASCIzoom. Fascism. Try again.  It’s not hard.

Except fascism is a bitch: kids in cages, Muslims banned, LGBTQ hit upon relentlessly, women trashed, high crimes and misdemeanors in high places, asylum seekers excluded, correctional plantations, Iranian citizens assassinated (by drone), American citizens assassinated (by drone). Tents for the housing crisis. Troops deployed to the Russian border (not  “humanitarian aid”).

If you feel like a f(asicst) hydrant, get out there with your pots and pans. And your ear plugs, but not your head in the sand.

You’ve nothing left to lose but your chains.

 (Slovanian newspaper)

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