Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Perfect Trifecta Teaches Vital Lessons

Why is this flu unlike any other flu? That was the Passover-resonating question one writer recently raised. The pandemic in which we find ourselves has some aspects worth separating out if we are to reach some kind of clarity: a braid of the medical, the political, and the wildly successful media- and government-engineered psy-ops, or the psychological dimension of fear, which has most people grounded, frightened, and paralyzed into political inaction.

This flu may be different because its remediation is still under discussion, although from what we have learned from Cuba starting in 1959, where bio warfare introduced dengue fever, it appears that Heberon , or Interferon Alfa 2b, a therapeutic manufactured in Cuba, not a vaccine, has been used to statistically good effect.

From my wide readings, from what world authority epidemiologists are saying, the U.S. approach is the wrong one. To lick a virus, global immunity is the goal. Children ought to be kept in school, because they are the least susceptible to it. The so-called curve may be flattened in order to spare a woefully inadequate oxymoronic U.S.  healthcare system, but that strategy will most likely lengthen it, assuring a second wave of infection, if we are to judge from the three waves of the 1918 pandemic, and that is exactly what we can expect.

What’s playing out in the theater of U.S. administrative politics during this time?  Power is being swiftly consolidated.  Huge bribes are embedded in so-called “stimulus” packages (I am reminded of ants stroking the backs of aphids). These are bribes to various corporations and financial sectors which, through the good offices of “Citizens Disunited” have the leverage to sway the next election. Vote-by-mail is the only avenue assuring democracy in any shape or form during a pandemic. The postal service is being deliberately starved. President Ubu’s announcement that the office of the President supercedes all other imperatives and that he’s planning to adjourn Congress to ram his political appointments through is not to be taken lightly. Nor is the criminalization of dissent  and the divide-and- conquer attempt to deny medicare to the disabled anything but a sign of things to come.

But what really needs to be carefully examined is the psychological manipulation that has society paralyzed.  That is not the virus.  That is fear, and fear that has been very deliberately engineered to keep us safely in our place. Social separation ipso facto denies our right of assembly, and our duty to sue the government for grievance. It may spare a catastrophically underprepared medical system, yes, but it must be weighed against the cost of totalitarian government, and the lifelong installation of President Ubu, the Lord of Misrule, in a permanent Saturnalia. 

Saturn teaching his children how to walk: La Habana, Bellas Artes
If we intend to prevent eternal Saturnalia, we must vote, and risk our lives to vote.  If the vote is denied us, we must drop all pretense at pretense, and hit the streets en masse.

This week produced some good news from Wisconsin: It’s not the first time by any means people have upheld the vote by risking their lives.  Ask any black person in the South, or any one who went South to register voters during the Mississippi summer. An Ubu dictatorship can be defeated, but voters may have to risk their lives to do it.

Manipulators Are Not Your Friends

Fear is as powerful a force as the tides or as an earthquake. It can accomplish what no other force can.  For example: if our societal manipulators had marshaled fear to force us to recognize what a threat to the planet the entire nuclear industry really is, we would have shut down all reactors, and ceased producing plutonium pits or silo-ing nuclear bombs long ago; if our manipulators had brought fear to bear to reveal to us now devastating climate collapse would be to our present and all future generations, we would have kicked the fossil fuel habit decades ago. A discussion of why they didn’t might point to the very obvious: they didn’t BECAUSE IT WASN’T PROFITABLE TO THEM. Societal manipulators are quite happy to socialize our lives, as long as the lives they privatize are their own.

As the planet continues its death spiral, we can expect many more pandemics, far more severe than COVID-19 can ever be because the melting arctic and antarctic ice will release many pathogens which have not plagued this planet for millennia.  And if we tend not to thrive as a species burrowed down like rats, it may be that we will seize this magnificent opportunity to LEARN LESSONS we desperately need to learn.


My new book comes out officially November 15 From U. Georgia Press. It maps a part of my life work against an immigrant background that denied my authentic roots.

PLEASE MAKE TIME TO call your Congress person.
The number toll free is 866-220-0044. (In NorCal Feinstein, 415-393-0707, Harris, 415 981-9369, Lee in Oakland, 510-763-0370, and  Pelosi in SF, 415-556-4862.)
Emphasize your deep concern about three issues:

Do not eliminate the payroll tax deduction.  Protect social security.
Guarantee the vote by protecting our postal services. Provide the needed funding so it can continue serving the public.
Automatically fund  $1200 to SSI, VA, and other low-income beneficiaries so they
can receive their C-19 bribery without needing to file a tax return.



READ Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria by Charles Rotter at

As coronavirus spreads, IMF cancels 6 months debt for poorest countries.

Spain moves to establish permanent basic income.

In times of pandemic, peasants of Eldorado de las Carajás  are united to feed the people.

In Brazil, landless workers challenge unequal land distribution and corporate agribusiness.

From AIDS, Dengue and Ebola, Cuba offers palliative for corona: Heberon, or Interferon Alpha-b-2.

As coronavirus sickens growing members of Saudi royals, rulers of Kingdom call off assault on Yemen.

Colombians rejects role as U.S. client state.

In UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria, anti-5G movement prompts vandalism against mobile masts. 

Outrage forces USAA to reverse course, guaranteeing it will not seize coronavirus payment from Vets.

Navy considers reinstating falsely fired Capt. Crozier to his command aboard SS Theodore Roosevelt.

Even  Republicans support $2,000 a month payments during coronavirus crisis.

Enviro groups applaud legislation introduced by Reps. Garcia and Porter to increase oversight of major financial institutions.

Over 30% of US renters didn’t pay April apartment rent.

Tough and angry badger Wisconsin voters defeat Trump agenda.

More than 100 lawmakers demand moratorium of utility shutoffs to ensure access to services ‘essential to survive’ during pandemic.

GE workers protest, demand to make ventilators.

Workers file sex harassment class-action suit against Golden Arches.

As rents soar in Oregon, democratic socialist candidates gain traction with progressive housing agendas.

Virginia Dems enact huge range of voting reforms, including automatic registration.

ICE releases 4 medically vulnerable detainees from Cal facilities following ACLU lawsuit.

Pandemic reason for no March school shooting episodes in US schools.

Michel Che pays rent for everyone in the high rise building his grandmother lived before dying of coronavirus.




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