Monday, January 6, 2020

Emergency: Changing a Horses’s Ass In Midstream

Saturday, I joined a crowd of thousands massing at the Powell-Market cable car intersection where Answer in coalition with Code Pink, and many other groups called for an emergency protest of #45’s latest folly.  Regardless of what the royal adviser Pompeo might think, you don’t tangle—ever—with folks who are clever, and armed to the teeth. Not unless you want a full scale war. Apparently, judging from the turnout in 90 American cities, even Americans, not exactly famous for their pacifism, don’t want war anymore, although as usual the lame-stream media says to the contrary as it beats the tired old drums for war.

Saturday's S.F. demonstration. credit: Ruthie Sackheim
Zaiqi Ye, a stringer working for Xinhua News, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China, interviewed me and a few of my cohort. Because the loudspeakers were turned up full tilt, I could barely think  and speak only briefly. This is what I said: "I am here for peace, and I have worked for peace all my life (a very long life by now with lots of wrinkles in it).

"This decision by #45 was undertaken for a number of reasons, but the most prominent  two  seem self evident: Qassem Suleimani was a very effective adversary against ISIS and Daesh, both of them not-so-secret U.S. proxy armies. If you need to make huge profits off your main industry, munitions, you need perpetual wars. You need plenty of fake adversaries to de-stabilize a region as large and densely populated as the Middle East, and you need plenty of proxy mercenaries if you wish to put some muscle into your portfolio.

And two, Americans have an iconic saying: “You Don’t  Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream” by which they mean that, once an incumbent makes war, declared or undeclared, it guarantees election results."

I could have referred to #45’s racist hatred of his black predecessor as another motivating factor, but I tend to be a person of few words, and I let it go at apocalypse.

Meantime, massive resignations have been reported under Pompeo’s watch and lawmakers and experts tell #45 he can’t declare war by tweet. But the Persians are not known for their bashfulness. They iconized Suleimani. Assassinating him might be the equivalent of taking out one of our own foremost killers, McChrystal, say, or Petraeus. We can expect retaliation by ruse and by stealth, cyberattacks that shred our economy, ground our air lines, paralyze our electric grid, bring our banking to a standstill. There will be no exceptionalism this time to save us.

As with all wars, declared or undeclared, the people are the ones who pay.

Please sign Win Without  War petition at

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Be there January 25!
And please call Congress at 202 224-3121 and ask your Rep and Senators to
•Use the War Powers Act to block #45 attacks on Iran
•Cut the Pentagon off at the purse strings to end any funding for such attacks.
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Actions in 90 cities as new anti-war movement bursts onto the scene.

Pelosi announces war powers resolution as #45 tries to bypass Congress to start war with Iran.

Iraqi parliament to votes to expel all American troops.

This is what eating crow looks like: “U.S. troops leaving Iraq," according to U.S. general. (statement later backwalked by the Pentagon).

Exodus of top “defense” officials as 5 senior Pentagon officials, and Secy Mark Esper’s chief of staff, and former Army intelligence Eric Chewning resign.

Majority of U.S. vets and public both say wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not worth fighting.
Bolton (“the Mustaache’) agrees to testify before Senate IF subpoenaed.

In New York thousands march in unity against anti-Semitism and recent attacks.

Bolivian electoral court rejects attempt to annul Evo Morales party  from participating in elections.

Venezuela foils total of five coups in 2019.

Venezuela’s opposition reject Juan Gaidó’s leadership by ousting him as National Assembly chief.

EPA’s Trump-appointed board scolds it for actions ignoring science. 

Pennsylvania delivers on election security as stat es  become tip of 2020 spear.

Michiganians demand earned credits for prisoners at criminal justice reform town hall.

Climate advocate call for fossil fuel companies to foot Australia fires bill.

Australian grandma leaps from car to save burning koala.

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