Tuesday, May 5, 2020


This week for the first time, one of the internet newsletters I read regularly brought up population control with this headline: #45 Nazification of the GOP is why there’s serious discussion of killing off the ‘unfit.’ I consider this a significant event because it’s the first time I read such a headline on a relatively trusted, mainstream internet site. But by no means is it a subject that has not appeared elsewhere, and particularly in the context of the pandemic now upon us, which, in a number of ways, reminds me of 9/11 in that it raises the uneasy question: did “they” know and let it happen because it fit the Project for the New American Century agenda (no link: it’s been scrubbed from the internet), or did “they” take an active part in making it happen?  (or a little of both).

Propagandized TP caddy
The American public is being relentlessly propagandized by the media to imagine that China did it. China is being groomed by the current government as the new and convenient enemy because American tradition just can’t seem to kick its waraholism.  That this corona virus may have been bioengineered or not, although two authorites, Francis Boyle, an American human rights lawyer and drafter of the Bioweapons Act and Dr. Luc Montagnier, sequencer of the AIDs virus (along with Dr. Gallo) give reasons why they think it has been, the question deflects a more important one.

The even bigger picture has to do with Agenda ID2020 brought to you last year at Davos by the rich and infamous who pull the global strings. For the stalwart of heart, read about The Big Roll here. And for an article putting the longer view in deeper perspective go here.

Meantime, the reported U.S. mortality rate continues to climb, U.S. federal, and state prisons, local jails, and ICE continue to keep incarcerated people under lock and key, denying them masks, soap. social distancing, etc. and ICE continues a policy of deportations to Central America in particular, insuring the spread of disease south of the border. And although frequent hand washing with soap ranks high in preventive hygiene, nationwide many local communities (not just Flint) including homeless communities lack clean water.

So-called “essential” workers continue not to receive hazard pay, to be denied hygienic protection, fired for speaking up, and generally viewed as expendable. Begging the question: if they are so essential why are they expendable? and if they are so expendable, what makes them especially essential? Why are doctors performing unapproved procedures being threatened with prison when some of these procedures address emergency conditions? And why are hospitals being paid to inflate mortality numbers? And who is paying them ?
To allege that response to this pandemic continues to be toweringly mismanaged by the United States is an understatement.  Does such apparent bungling support an ID2020 agenda?  Although that assumption might be ascribing entirely too much intelligence to this particular government, to the elites of Davos, the Rich and Infamous, population control, and economic and monetary manipulation is entirely thinkable. And, more to the point, it’s plannable. And that perhaps is where archetypic Evil rears its head.

Two problems bedevil most Americans. They seem incapable of imagining, let alone actively confronting the purely Criminal. Evil is a term so frequently used it seems to have lost all meaning.  Its proper place is on the level of philosophical discourse, particularly in the context of Ethics, and it implies that nothing can be done about it. When they debase the word Evil, what most people mean is Criminal, because they are talking (or writing) on the level of Civics and they are evading responsibility. Civics is the theater where action becomes possible.

The second problem most Americans might want to confront is their Romance With Toilet paper. I monitor my local neighborhood (some 17,000 households) on “Nextdoor.” When the pandemic began to break, the site carried hundreds of frantic posts about America’s Big Romance: Where was it?  Who had it? Where was it to be found? I myself entered a grocery not too long ago to see one shelf labeled “only one to a customer”—and the shelf was bare. I began to suspect that when push came to shove most Americans were scared shitless of taking action.

As a National Shibboleth toilet paper deeply troubled my sense of priorities. I began to imagine TP might substitute for Liberty’s torch. That’s where a bit of foreign travel could act as a Cultural Correction. Many cultures do not use toilet paper. Cultures as disparate as those of North Africa, or Cuba which use water spigots. Or Japan which makes use of unabashed fanny shpritzers. Or Europe which once used newspaper. (The Big Advantage there was that you couldn’t read any headlines imprinted where the sun never shines.)

What would their Great Country look like, I wondered, if Americans went cold turkey on their Big Romance? This may appear not to be such a trivial question after all. In the March/April 2020 issue of Sierra Magazine, on page 40, “Slash & Burn” describes how across the West the Bureau of Land Mismanagement is clearing vast swaths of piñon and juniper forests. Deliberately destroying the lungs that let the planet breathe. The article quotes Chief Johnny Bobb of the Western Shoshone (full disclosure, I am friends with the Chief). Chief Johnny goes on walkabout over the vast Shoshone reserve. He walks to commemorate the disappeared of his people.  He is quoted: “One day you go out, and the forest is gone.  It’s just gone.”

How must that feel?  How must that shatter the soul of a people whose landscape this once was? But is it as the magazine alleges to make room for cows and the meat industry which is one of the great harms to the planet?

Or is it to make toilet paper?

There are better ways. Imagine if 331,000,000 Americans stopped using toilet paper? Whatever was wrong with a simple washcloth, and soap and water. You’d come up smelling roses like never before.

Sign to prevent pony express mail at

Frontline workers deserve protection at

Unplug water shut offs at

Support closure of Indian Point nuke and transition to 100% renewables at 

Your signature: tell DNC Chair Tom Perez to strip N. Y. State of its convention delegates unless they reinstate the Democratic presidential primary slated to occur later this year at

Shi Zengli provides proof SARS COV-2 was not an accidental release from Wuhan lab.

Lebanese protests return to streets

Virus effectively eliminated in New Zealand following comprehensive approach of Jacinda Ardern’s government.

In Chile teachers reject resuming school year over COVID.

In Brazil’s Javari Valley, evangelist missionaries barred from uncontacted tribes’ land.

Residents in Choloma Honduras, a sweatshop center for U.S. brands, blocked the highway setting fire to tires.

In UK, Oxford University passes resolution banning investment in fossil fuels.

In Cuba policy of not denying anyone assistance during COVID.

Communist Indian State of Kerala shows working class power fighting COVID.

Two weeks after Nova Scotia massacre, Canada bans assault weapons.

Saudi government announces end of flogging and execution of minors forms of punishment.

N. Y. Indian Point Reactor 2 shuts down April 30.

Unit 1 nuclear reactor vessel leaves San Onofre.

Oil market plunge to O a barrel indicative no one is consuming energy at former rates.

Developers put Ohio plastics plant on indefinite hold citing pandemic.

In huge internet win, ICANN announces sale to a private equity firm
of the .org domain has been blocked.

FCC ordered to release data from fake net neutrality comments.

American University announces full financial divestment from fossil fuel stocks.

New Cascadilla solar farm powers 20% Cornell U’s annual electricity usage.

Two Pennsylvania colleges hit carbon neutrality goals.

In big PSR win, lawsuit overturns EPA limit on scientific Advisory boards.

Judge Terry Halter orders ICE to begin releasing detainees at California’s Adelanto detention center.

U.S. Judge Dolly Gee rules administration has been violating decades-long court agreements that would  release kids from ICE detention in family jails all across U.S.

Judge orders ICE detainee release from Florida facilities.

Federal judge recommends release of 13 Louisiana ICE detainees amid pandemic.

Strange bedfellows: ICE facility with worst outbreak among detainees hit with another lawsuit, this time from guards.

Democratic primary Ohio voters give boot to sheriff who collaborated with ICE agents.

Doctors demonstrate support for targeted health department director.

Some 400 doctors and 900 health workers sign open letter to administration urging extreme caution rolling out by Proximus of 5 G.

Scientists announce effective COVID treatment drug, experimental remdesivir.

Bernie’s army redeploys to support frontline COVID frontline workers.

As millions striped of healthcare coverage resulting from COVID, House Dems unveil bill for emergency expansion of Medicare and Medicaid.

DeVos sued for garnishing wages during pandemic of nearly 300,000 student loan borrowers.

As COVID shoots US unemployment to great Depression levels, Europe’s worker safety net stems massive layoffs.

Philly unions call for citywide essential worker bill of rights.

Nearly a quarter of businesses requiring employees be on site such as hospitals and grocers are offering extra pay.

Imokalee workers win major COVID victories in Florida.

Undocumented essential workers lead car protests in 9 cities.

On May Day, hardcore anti-Trump leftists along with flag waving patriots occupy N.Y. C. City Hall Park.

Defying #45 order, Nebraska meatpackers strike.

Amazon, Walmart, FedEx workers strike on May Day.

Tech workers join Amazon workers in warehouse protests.

Citing ‘vein of toxicity’ and firing of whistleblowers, Amazon VP resigns in disgust.

“Protect Amazon workers” mural painted outside CEO Bezos’ Home.

Hundreds of tenants, unhoused residents, workers  and families join forces  may Day demanding local, state, and federal representatives use their power to cancel rent, mortgage and utility payments.

Nursing home workers authorize May 8 strike at 40 facilities.

April 25 sees national day of car rent strike protests in 40 cities.

Oregon governor thanks sister province of Fujian China for 50,000 mask donation.

Maine’s darling Susan Collins sinks 4 points under Sara Gideon’s onslaught.

Races in Colorado and New Hampshire have tilted towards Democrat victories.

Clean air over Los Angeles and Berkeley reminds us what blue sky looks like when cars keep off the road.

Native American Alaska tribes win lawsuit laying sole claim to COVID relief money.

Five major banks refuse to fund Arctic Refuge oil drilling.

Under pressure, JP Morgan Chase demotes former Exxon CEO.

Apalachian collective launches it own green stimulus.

Monuments removed as Southern states continue honoring Confederate holidays.

With world on lockdown, 5.5% emissions reduction in carbon dioxide emissions largest yearly change on record.

In environmentally just move, N.Y.C. will open 100 miles of street to pedestrian traffic as social distancing enters warmer months.

Growing COVID cases in Wisconsin fuel national demands for vote-by-mail.

Bayer shareholder meeting draws protests, and pleas from cancer patients who want Bayer to make amends for the crimes of Monsanto which Bayer bought two years ago.

Senator Feinstein (who dumped stock pre-Covid) responding to your message:

Dear Miss Pineda,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the financial holdings of Members of Congress… and I welcome the responsibility to respond….Like you, I strongly oppose insider trading etc. etc. etc.

Israel may ask for double its usual $3.8 billion from the U.S. this year.

Effective in reopening the economy: Bleach Waterboarding brought to you by Dick Cheney and President Ubu.


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