Sunday, August 30, 2020

Best Advice I've Had All Week

Bracketing my life is a super irony, one I’d as likely exchange for another: involvement with the U.S. polls. My father, who could not vote,  exploited me and my teddy bear of the moment at the U.S. polls where he made me stand with him just past the line where “electioneering” was banned (and presidents didn’t order more trashing of high speed mail sorters to get elected) and insisted my teddy bear wear a sign: “Win with Wilkie.” I was 8 years old. 


This week, I have continued writing post cards to reluctant or intimidated voters urging them to vote early “to avoid long lines on Election Day.” I’m on my 4th batch of 100.  So far, nationwide, some 15,000,000 post cards have already made their way, thanks to our relentlessly hard working post people, to swing states.