Sunday, December 20, 2015

State of Rage, State of Mourning

Last week another Black man was lynched on the blood-stained Streets of San Francisco by a lawless enforcement posse of shooter cops who believe their office gives them license to run amok. Over 500 of such murders have taken lace this year in the United States. This time, the name to remember—which we must add to the thousands of names of those fallen, from Mamadou Diallo, felled by 49 New York City-purchased bullets to those of Sandra Bland, murdered in a Florida prison cell from not signaling before making a right turn, to Yvette Henderson murdered by AK 47—part of the “peace” keeping weapons expenditure by the City of Emeryville—is Mario Woods, a young man whose already prone body received a handy total of 21 bullets—all purchased at City of San Francisco expense.