Wednesday, June 11, 2014


(If your concern is as deep as mine, please share this blog with as many of your friends who still have voices and know how to use them.)

In an article by Michael Collins, titled “Ukraine President Once Agent for U.S. State Department,” today’s Information Clearing House ( reveals that in several 2006 confidential messages from the U.S. Embassy, “elected” (with part of Ukraine unable to vote) “President” Poroshenko is referred to as “our Ukraine insider.” In another mention of Poroshenko, the State Department “made it clear that [it] saw the future value of Poroshenko’s insider role.” In a recent meeting with President Putin of Russia, although both leaders agreed to an end to military actions and set a meeting date, with the bombing of Slavyansk, Poroshenko’s subsequent actions belie his promises. And they are actions that in all probability are designed and will actually succeed in forcing Putin’s hand.