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In an article by Michael Collins, titled “Ukraine President Once Agent for U.S. State Department,” today’s Information Clearing House ( reveals that in several 2006 confidential messages from the U.S. Embassy, “elected” (with part of Ukraine unable to vote) “President” Poroshenko is referred to as “our Ukraine insider.” In another mention of Poroshenko, the State Department “made it clear that [it] saw the future value of Poroshenko’s insider role.” In a recent meeting with President Putin of Russia, although both leaders agreed to an end to military actions and set a meeting date, with the bombing of Slavyansk, Poroshenko’s subsequent actions belie his promises. And they are actions that in all probability are designed and will actually succeed in forcing Putin’s hand.

What I fear is not that the United States is embarked on a course of no return with the Ukraine as a pawn, but that it has planned a first-strike nuclear attack on Russia with “intent of destroying every Russian bomber base, submarine, and ICBM,” (Foreign Affairs quoted in Global Research for some time, and that such an attack will involve nuclear weapons (both countries, the U.S. and Russia, are nuclear-armed to the teeth and on hair-trigger alert) and will result in ending the planet as we know it. It will reduce the northern hemisphere to radioactive rubble, and darken the southern hemisphere in nuclear winter, causing catastrophic famine. Whereas the North will die the agonizing death first pioneered in the Hiroshima/Nagasaki experiment of 1945, the South will die the slow agonizing death of continents-wide starvation of which the famines of Sudan and Darfur are but isolated, insignificant examples by comparison.

Such a course has the potential to kill close to the entire Earth’s population now of 7 billion, not to mention all life forms from plankton, prokaryotes (viruses and other un-nucleated organisms) and eukaryotes from bacteria on up. Such life forms are required to break down soil-promoting organic matter.  Without them, there is no means of growing food. In heavily nuclear-contaminated Chernobyl now, the decay of forests has slowed to an alarming rate.

Plans for total US world domination have been in the works probably even longer than the strategies laid out by the Project for the New American Century, a document developed and signed in 1997 by neo-con, proto-Nazi powers-behind-the-throne. For a full list of these worthies, go to Of these, nineteen crawled out of the behind-the-scenes woodwork to join the Bush administration. And not unsurprisingly, Victoria Nuland, the new Czarina of the Ukraine, has become one of them. But try Googling New American Century. On every link we read: This account has been suspended. Now that PNAC is in full force and effect, the sites seem to have disappeared. But the original document states that 1) America should demonstrate to the world that it is willing to attack anyone anywhere whom it, at its sole discretion, determines to be a problem at some later time; 2) America should demonstrate to the world that it can
fight two full-scale wars in totally different arenas at the same time; and that items (1) and (2) could not be  realized without (3), namely, an event of the magnitude (and horror) of  “a new Pearl Harbor.” (For Big Picture Perspective, I urge folks to go to:

What we feared in Germany of 1938 can be shown to have been a mere trial run of what we are about to experience. (When I say ‘we.’ I speak for the human race—the non-pathological part of it). We, as the privileged of the Earth (by that I refer to those who have never experienced hunger or homelessness—I consider homelessness to include living in concentration camps and displacement camps) have little idea of what war is like. For people in the United States whose last continental war was fought in 1861-65, even the poorest of us have absolutely no way of beginning to imagine it. The only exception is our returning veterans, more of whom die by their own hand than ever became casualties of war. They are now committing suicide, one suicide for almost every hour of the day and night. (Please remember that as you hear the clock strike.) What horrors have they witnessed that makes living no longer possible?

The devil hides in the details. From a blogger on the Ukrainian front, see  I quote:

“12. Reports of heavy fighting developing outskirts of Slavyansk City proper 18:45 local Ukraine time. [Note: for some reason item #13 seems to be missing.]

14. Personal conversation by phone mid day today with person living near Krasni Liman. Person states right sector is looting shops, confiscating cars, trucks and buses. A few civilian men shot down in local streets. Some young women have been outraged [a euphemism for rape]. Person says no food allowed in to their living area location. Person states person and children eating porridge made from stored cattle food using water from local stream. Porridge is not cooked, barley soaked in water until soft, eaten cold. Water and electric cut off. Right sector going door to door checking documents and confiscating computers and cell phones. If no one answers door right sector breaks door down. If anyone in house or flat they are beaten and sometimes shot. Citizens with Russian passports are arrested and taken away. Fate unknown. Could hear screams and shouts at not great distance from cell phone, person stopped phone in mid sentence. I did not call back for fear of endangering person.”

But what I fear most is that MILLIONS OF US ARE NOT YET IN THE STREETS, are not on general strike, are not clamoring HALT to this schizophrenic move to destabilize Ukraine by the U.S. current “administration” and its psychopathic dogs of war.

Are my terms too harsh? This June 13 article by David Swanson describes the Charlottesville conference featuring effective technologies for large-scale killing: And this report came in June 9: the U.S. has sent 2 B-2 stealth bombers to Europe in anticipation of “military exercises” in the region, preceded by three B-52 stratofortresses, All five aircraft are capable of delivering nuclear weapons (see

Are we too mesmerized by out plasma TVs, our i-Phones, our laptops, our Facebook, and Twitter sites, too decadent to even realize how morally bankrupt we are? Is this the final narcolepsy before Götterdämmerung overtakes us all?

Cecile Pineda
June 10, 2014
1,186 days following the catastrophic nuclear accident at Fukushima-Daiichi

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