Friday, October 12, 2012

Exception to the Coup

Why, why, has the American public been so very reluctant to view the events which led to indefinite detention; targeted assassination, suspension of the Right to Privacy, and war-without-end, namely the events of nine eleven as a military/industrial coup?

The evidence is there; it has been placed before the public from every conceivable angle: career airplane pilots; geologists; metallurgists; engineers; firemen; police men; the sources are legion and all converge.  They point to controlled demolition, to the signature pattern of buildings pancaking into their own footprints, and that includes building number seven which the “planes” that flew into the WTC somehow managed to overlook—but which collapsed anyway.  And what was housed in that building? An inquiry as to exactly what it housed yields interesting results, but that is not the subject of this outcry.

From history textbooks—all of which now need to be approved  by the Texas School Board which assures standards of the lowest common denominator to insure that generations of idiots are turned out in the “public” school assembly lines (schools which have long ceased to be public in the sense of serving the public interest) we learn that the United States is:

a shining beacon of democracy

a dispenser of good and largesse to the entire planet

an instrument of good against evil

a force for bringing democracy to every possible corner of the globe

and that it does so with over 1000 military installations throughout the world;
with a military budget that exceeds the combined military budgets of every other country on earth.

The history books don’t ask what the relationship might be between all that benevolence and that fulminating military budget.  Nor are they designed to promote critical thinking because critical thinking just might be real democracy’s secret weapon.

Americans are Exceptional: they are good people; they do good throughout the world, they spread their democracy and their Fulbright grants everywhere, and they do all these good things with absolute certitude of their goodness and their worthiness.

They are too good ever to include the dark stuff of dictatorships in their celestial landscape, things like political assassinations (they are so good they even have ballistic theories that defy the laws of physics). And they could never, never have such an ugly thing as a military coup.  Coups are for dirty  little countries like Guatemala (Rios Montt); El Salvador (Christiani) Honduras (Porfirio Lobo Sosa); Cuba (Fulgencio Batista); Chile (Augusto Pinochet);   But in the well-fed, well-housed, well-educated, well-medicated  Democracy that exists in the United States, ugly things like that could never happen.

Which is why the events of nine eleven were brought to you by a gang of crazed box-cutting –what? Iraqis? Afghanis? no?  well, Saudis. But anyway, they were not Royal Saudis, they were the wrong kind of Saudis because a real coup, a military coup (where all the scrambling jets stand down) could never happen to us.

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