Friday, April 19, 2013

Hugo Chavez Unreported Attempt to Decertify the Elections of 2000

A little known episode from Hugo Chavez’ undercover life has emerged, the result of a Freedom of Information Act Request.  In 2000, during the time that the Bush-Gore election was still in play, when Bush filed a suit before the U.S. Supreme Court claiming personal injury should the election not be decided in his favor, Hugo Chavez was working feverishly behind the scenes to disqualify the American election.  He had received secret information that the electronic voting machines had been gamed by the very corporations, which owned them.  He also learned that the people in suits who descended on the Election Board in the State of Florida forcing a halt to the vote recount had been flown to Florida at the expense of Halliburton in which Dick Cheney held a sizeable stake.   “We think there ought to be a recount,” announced Mr. Chavez, “although, knowing the Americans, it’s probably not going to happen. But, obviously, if there are huge irregularities, we are going to have pretty serious questions about the viability of that government."

Outraged by Chavez unconscionable intervention in the affairs of a sovereign nation, Cheney determined to quash the Chavez’ investigation in the bud. Unfortunately, there is no surviving record of the speech which he gave before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to that effect because, although it was covered by all major news outlets, all of them were subsequently pressured not to run any of the vice-president-to-be’s remarks.   Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information release, we know exactly what Cheney said on that occasion. This is a verbatim transcript:  “It is obscene the Venezuelan intervention in the internal affairs of the United States.  Take your eyes off the United States, Hugo Chavez. Get out of here.  Enough interventionism. We don’t give a fuck about your recognition, we have decided we are free, and will continue being free and independent with or without you.”

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April 1, 2013
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