Saturday, May 10, 2014


With a nod to the Bangladeshi garment industry, President Obama parlayed his surprise visit to the Bangladeshi Protectorate by giving a surprise address today at Rana Plaza, the site where 1,129 workers were singed at their Singers including their children in the building’s nursery facilities when the Savar building collapsed in 2013.

The president spoke to a packed audience of appreciative listeners selected from  Business International Incorporated, the newly reconstituted Nugan Hand Bank, and business leaders from several international clothing manufacturing corporations including Walmart, Joe Fresh, and the Children’s Place.

“We need to unite to lift our struggling economies by finding new ways to outsource more labor, to guarantee subsistence wages, to improve conditions in worker compounds and dormitories, to insure that pregnant women have all the abortion help our forward looking health programs provide. We need to provide more work sites that are safe enough to operate 24/7, guaranteeing a full day off on Independence Day to commemorate worker independence.

“My fellow plutocrats and billionaires, I am here today to guarantee that conditions of operations remain untainted by any government controls, that your workers enjoy the same standard of living they have always enjoyed, and that your facilities  remain as safe as they have always been.

“We have no time to lose. Propaganda the world over makes it harder for people of good will like yourselves to pursue successful commercial operations. We must defeat the forces of Evil, and work everyday to guarantee the continued benefit of a healthy bottom line.”


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