Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Todays news carries the report that after an 8-hour sit-down at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway, 102 “Flood Wall Street” protestors were arrested and one polar bear. The arrest was carried on livestream feed throughout the world.

Now it has never struck this writer that the New York Police Department was particularly graced with a fine sense of discrimination, although there may be a (very) few shining exceptions, but arresting a polar bear shows a total absence of good PR sense.

Throughout the climate struggles in this country and abroad, statistics show that people everywhere are inclined to sympathize with animals far more than with people.

Just watch the outrage. In the coming days think of the howls of protest we can anticipate from such animal rights organizations as Oceana, or the NRDC, or any other of the chimpanzee-experiment, rescue-seals, save-elephants, protect-whales, and other such organizations when they glom on to the arrest, by the New York Police Department of a polar bear.

We can already anticipate the pleas for donations:  Polar Bear Endangered by the New York Police Department. Give, and Give Generously to Overturn Police Violence. Donate to Transform Police Insensitivity. Scrape the Bottom of Your Unemployment Budget to Fund Our Law Enforcement Re-education Workshops.

Watch how the entire animal rights movement will take on the Ferguson cop-on-black youth murder issue.  You can bet on it.

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