Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why We Need 329,700.7 Members of Congress

“The median net worth of  a member of the 2013 congress was $1,029,505, eighteen times the worth of an average American home.”

American history is studded with precedents for disproportionality.  Our most stunning example comes directly from our very own Sacred Constitution’s Thirteenth Amendment identifying a black person as three-fifths of a white person.

Now we have another new and shining example: on average each member of congress (the legislative branch of our government) is worth eighteen times what each American home is worth. The average American home consists of 3.8 people (if the home is identified as white) 6.7 people (if the home is identified as black) and 8.3 people (if the home is identified as “other.”) Allowing for proportionality in the population at large, we conclude with some difficulty, that the average American home consists of 5.4 people. So doing the math is a bit of a challenge, but if we multiply by eighteen (are you following this?) we get 97.2—which means that each member of congress represents—pretty roughly—eighteen American homes, or 97.2 persons.

There are 535 members of congress (100 in the senate, 435 in the house). Therefore (are you still with me?) our duly elected representatives represent exactly 51,002 people. However, the total number of citizens of the United States today (January, 2015) number exactly 320,000,000 individuals. If we take away the 51,002 individuals now represented by congress (you’re still following me?), that leaves exactly 319,948,998 (three hundred nineteen million, nine hundred forty eight thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight) individuals in the United States not represented by any member of congress whatsoever, not even Mitch McConnell, or Rand Paul.

This is by no means a happy state of affairs for the democratic dictatorship of the United States. But the conclusion does have its bright side. If each member of congress (as things now stand) represents only 97.2 persons, and if the number of unrepresented persons numbers 319,948,998 persons, and if we divide that figure by 97.2, we discover that we need exactly 329,165.7 more members of congress (that’s three hundred twenty-nine thousand, one hundred sixty-five point 7 more Mitch McConnells, John McCains, Diane Feinsteins, Paul Rands, and Nancy Pelosis and other unfortunates) to represent the rest of us for a total of 329,700.7 members of congress of the democratic dictatorship of the United States!

Allow me to point out the HUGE ADVANTAGE here: all 329,700 members of congress could occupy themselves stoning each other to death, and leave the rest of us alone! That would leave only the point 7 member who would have avoided all that legislative unpleasantness by napping underneath his/her congressional desk.

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