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Secretary of State has said the CA Primary hasn't been fully counted and is NOT certified until 7/15/16!!!!!!! To date, they have approx. 3.5 million votes counted out of 18 million registrants!

We recommend that provisional voters and ALL Voters do NOT switch party affiliation until they've proven their vote was counted or else ... lawsuits & civil action will prove that election fraud did occur in CA and across the nation in other states as well.

There are hundreds of professionals battling this 2016 election fraud as we speak. Additionally, many Facebook users and groups across the Internet and elsewhere are urging voters to leave the DEM Party and switch affiliation now to show the Establishment we are finished with a broken system! Still, since Bernie has told us we are going to the DEMOCRATIC National Convention, we will support the #seeyouinphilly movement, online or in-person.

Once again...Counties are attempting to switch Dems and NPPs before provisional ballots are counted in CA!!! Switching Affiliations before the election is certified in order to make votes for Bernie void.

We need to be on top of our info! Please tell all of your CA friends to check the status of their provisional and mail-in ballots here: or here: pass informative and corroborated links on to their friends. If election officials cannot confirm ballot status by July 15th, report it here: and ask questions here


The only way Bernie can get the Democratic nomination is by way of superdelegates.  Many are already pledged to vote for Hillary, but they are allowed to change their vote at the convention in July.  This is how Obama received the nomination 8 years ago; many superdelegates changed their plan and voted for him.

The superdelegates from your state will listen to you. With the link above, one email will reach every Clinton superdelegate from your state. There is a space to put a message of your choice.   You can even write them every week, with a new message.  Urge your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Here is a sample letter- people are welcome to use part or all of it, or design their own.

Dear xx,

As you cast your vote at the Democratic Convention, please consider:

  • Bernie Sanders does better against Trump that Hillary Clinton in poll after poll, and is more likely to win the White House for the Democratic Party.
  • (If your state voted for Bernie)  The majority of voters in our state voted for Sanders; please heed their wishes and cast your vote accordingly.
  • (If your state – eg NY, AZ, CA- had evidence of voter suppression or fraud) Many Bernie supporters did not get their vote counted.  He might well have won if they did.  Do you really want to vote for a candidate who has won by unfair means?
  • Hillary Clinton represents the status quo.  We are in a time of extraordinary challenges, with multiple ecological catastrophes looming.  We need a whole new approach, which the political revolution of Bernie Sanders could provide.  He would open up possibilities of change, which is essential.
  • Bernie’s campaign is built on telling the truth about the hard economic and ecologic realities of our country.  We need a president who can face the truth and work with it.
  • Hillary Clinton is being investigated for using a private, nonsecure email server while Secretary of State.  She even gave the names and schedules of several CIA agents and of the ambassador to Libya, who was killed.
Her disregard for security while holding this key position bodes ill for her ability to make good decisions and safeguard US security if she is elected president.
  • She is also being investigated for racketeering, for using her office to extort money from contractors for the Clinton Foundation.  A person capable of such venality and corruption should not be president.
  • If either of these investigations results in formal charges being brought against Mrs. Clinton, her candidacy would lose credibility.
  • Donald Trump has shown himself to be a vicious campaigner, who goes for the jugular.  Due to the above investigations, Hillary Clinton is extremely vulnerable to his sort of attacks.
  • In contrast, Bernie Sanders has a clean record, with no hint of scandal.  He would be an honest president, who would work for the good of the country, not for his own pocketbook.
  • People under 45 are overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders.  They are looking at the future, and want a president who can lead the country toward “a future to believe in".   Their wishes should be heeded.  They are the future of the Democratic Party, and of our country.
Please feel free to use part or all of the above sample letter, or write your own. Please forward this newsletter to all your lists throughout the country.

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