Sunday, October 2, 2016


Clumpton, an octannual form of popular entertainment, replaced football last Monday night, allowing Americans to wallow in yet another orgy of their favorite once-every-eight-years bear baiting contest.

Clumpton is a corporate-designed “look at the birdie” program calculated to shield the people behind the scenes while they rob us blind: Of our lives in the streets of Charlottesviille, Ferguson, and Staten Island; of our homes on the steps of the Alameda County Court house where the Oakland homes of black and brown people are being repossessed, people who the banks sold down the river with subprime rate mortgages and who are becoming homeless, harassed and shot by America’s finest men in blue; of our schools being privatized, by our soils and waters being killed by fracking, pipelines, and presidents; and of our air by the entire apparatus scheming to put “free” trade agreements and fossil fuel in place while mountains in Alaska crumble, and slime coats the surface of our seas.

But never mind, we will have our trashy million-dollar make-America-great corporate circus on Monday nights, an even glitzier display than football!

Here’s the bottom line: While folks were leering, beering, cheering, and popcorning before the screen, all the triumphant yahooisms of racism, misogyny, homophobia, patriarchy, and packing (gun carrying) are crawling out of the woodwork where they have been waiting for their triumphant trump moment from before the civil war. Harriet Martineau, first woman sociologist and America-observer rivaling Tocqueville writing about Americans in 1834 the year she visited the U.S. had this to say: “they are self-congratulating and wedded to their own ignorance and there is no way of changing them.”

Things have not improved very much since then.

November 8 this “selection” season will finally grind to a screeching halt: the privately-held “debate” “commission,” the media, the pre-determined slate, and the Republican-owned voting machines will do their guaranteed dirty tricks to make voting in this US of A a travesty, gaming whatever shreds of democracy may remain to us. The rich will get richer, and the poor will sleep under bridges, and the planet will suffer more death blows. Drones will splat children and adults indiscriminately all in the interests of corporate profit, and someone or other will move into the Whitewash House. Who or whatever it is will emblemize everything the U.S. loves and worships: money, murder, international chaos, and global suicide. It will NOT represent the  planet or the people.

And nothing much will have changed EXCEPT, the yahoos have been let loose, and this time they mean business,  AND THEY ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

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