Sunday, March 25, 2018


Where hast thou been sister?
Killing swine.
Sister, where thou?
A sailor’s sister had chestnuts in her lap…
Her husband’s to Aleppo gone, master of the “Tiger:”
Though his bark cannot be lost,
Yet it shall be tempest-tost.

                         Macbeth, Act I, Scene III


News of the week in Review: With the twitterization of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, the administration advanced two new nominations, and one appointment: Mike Pompeo, close buddy of  the Kochs, and torture architect, as the new Secretary of State, Gina Haspel, George Bush’s torture queen, to head the CIA, and out-of-control war hawk, John Bolton’s appointment as National Security Adviser, displacing Gen. McMaster. Wrote Abigail Tracy in Vanity Fair “It’s the perfect storm.”

Hell Hole Syria, killing ground of proxy war
These nominations must be unconditionally opposed. If any doubt remains as to where this administration is headed, this trifecta witches' brew leaves no doubt. In that light, every one of the world’s hot spots, places like Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, and eventually Iran, can expect to get lots hotter. You can bet—if we learned anything from the "sudden" invasion of Afghanistan, the Pentagon has a sheaf of war plans on the drawing board ready to go: Korea? check. Iran? check. Russia? check. China? check. To help stir up the brew, Cambridge Analytica, the social engineering media company, has apparently received millions of dollars to militarize the minds of Americans.  According to Chris Hedges, our political landscape now sees the naked erection of an iron wall in such areas as social media, just one example of the incremental changes that threaten to silence everyone. The cause du jour this week is “March for Our Lives.” Whose lives? Black lives? How about the lives of all the kids the U.S. wantonly kills in Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and wherever it lands its drones? How about a manifesto against the killing of the world’s kids?  This is a connection that needs to be made now. Not next year.

Earthjustice announced it wins judgment against the administration's opening of drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans

Nevada campaign to recall three Democratic state Senators  soundly defeated thanks to the NDRC.

Congolese mother & child reunited as a result of ACLU lawsuit. ACLU files class action on behalf 426 other families separated by ICE under the Trumpistration.

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