Friday, July 6, 2018

The Deal of the Art

So let’s say you have one hell of a building, 41 stories, occupies a whole city block in a major city where real estate is going through the roof.  But you had the very very bad taste of acquiring it for much too much down, and your rents are covering only 65% of the monthly mortgage payments.  In other words you are leveraged up the wazoo. What is to be done? Either you go bankrupt, or if you’re smart, you look around for more money, maybe even partners.  Where do you go?  Other underwriters, foreign sovereign banks, even Mid-East countries.  Not to worry: if they don’t pony up, you have friends in high places (for the moment) who can always call out a blockade on them, meanwhile you can look around for other underwriters. 

So what if your underwriter happens to be the bank where’s your buddy was once employed. In fact, screw the bank (and screw your buddy, too, but that comes later.) And anyway, your dad, who’s BIG IN BUSINESS, knows you’re buds with the Justice’s son who’s loaned him a billion dollars, and who extended the terms of your own loan.  “Nice boy,” your DAD remarks to the Judge of the High Court, because see, we’re all friends here (for a time). And the Judge is gonna retire soon because your DAD made a deal with him which goes: “Trust Me.” (as “In God We Trust”) so it’s a good deal, because DAD wants to fire a Special Prosecutor who’s getting out of hand, but if he does that, it’s checkmate because DAD knows he’d become impeachable material, but if he gets his man on the bench in time, especially a BIG COAL MAN, he can even pardon himself, and it’s all Constitutional because the Court can be trusted to say it’s so (that’s where “Trust Me” comes in.)

Sound complicated? A lot less fun than a hot game of pool? Well, it’s the same principle really: you hit a ball so it will strike another ball and so on, except the stakes are higher. Because your son gets to keep the property and you get a whole new and improved top court in your pocket.

BAM goes the Gavel.  Women? Screw ‘em. That’s all they’re good for anyway. And that goes for gays and LGBTs, too.

BAM goes the Gavel. Immigrants? Who the hell cares? They tend to  vote Democratic and they’re brown anyway.

BAM goes the Gavel. Minimum wage. It sure’s gonna stay minimal. We’ll see to that!

BAM goes the Gavel: Death is a pre-existing condition! You’re eligible for healthcare only if you’re immortal.

BAM goes the Gavel: Gerrymandering? We sure like to boogey! Keeps the folks in line, too. That goes for felons and ex-felons, too.

BAM goes the Gavel: Human rights? These people are animals.

BAM goes the Gavel: Science? It’s for dummies.

BAM goes the Gavel: The Planet? You gotta be kidding! It’s just a rock.

BAM goes the gavel: Voting rights? They’re for Just-Us.

BAM goes the Gavel: Deregulation? Corporate welfare? Don’t be silly.
It’s the art of the deal.

Read Daily Kos: Voting Rights Roundup: Five reasons why Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is a catastrophe for democracy. 

Read Alternet: Here’s the Corrupt Financial Web that links the Trump and the Kennedy families.

Read what the media isn’t talking about.


Tell McConnell he has to follow his own rule, and wait until the midterm elections are over to push a Supreme Court nominee! 

Urge Congress to ratify no Supreme Court nominations until the Russia investigation is complete.

Oppose the nomination of the next Supreme Court judge while Trump is under investigation.

And for laughs, please read Went 2 the Bridge: Which Side Would Lady Liberty be in the #SecondCivilWar?



Women send coat hangers in bulk to demand Susan Collins, Maine Republican, defend abortion rights.

70% Democrats and 67% Republicans want Supreme Court to overturn “Citizens United.”


Hundreds in San Diego protest operation “Streamline” and call for ICE to be abolished.

Occupations of ICE headquarters have been cropping up across the country in such cities as Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and Louisville, KY.

U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg grants a preliminary injunction preventing the federal government from denying parole to any asylum seekers travelling to the U.S., ending their indefinite detention.

Some 14,000 immigrants become citizens July 5th.

Therese Patricia Okoumou scales the Statue of Liberty to protest detention of immigrant children at the U.S. border. Two additional protests shut down the monument July 4th.

In Mike Pence’s home state, a church detains “The Holy Family” in condemnation of family separation.

Dreamer Marco Villada wins fight against Trump administration allowing him to return back home to the U.S.

In Atlanta,  a boy of 6 raises $13,000 for separated migrant families—by selling lemonade.

Voting Rights

Nashville Federal Judge Aleta A, Trauger ruled that taking away drivers’ licenses for failure to pay court costs is unconstitutional.

Progressive leaders are applauding the wave of left-wing victories (like Ocasio-Cortez’) in a number of Democratic primaries, and warning centrist Democrats that who dismiss the nation-wide enthusiasm for candidates refusing corporate money and supporting bold proposals like Medicare for all, do so at the own peril.

The NAACP is suing Connecticut in federal court for “prison gerrymandering,” the widespread practice of counting inmates at their prison instead of their last address.

Federal district court panel strikes down a dozen of Virginia’s state house districts on the grounds that Republicans violated the Constitution by infringing the rights of black voters.

In heavily restrictive Delaware, the Democratic-controlled state house passes two bills that finally allow early voting and permit voters to register and cast ballots at the same time, including Election Day.

Massachusetts Democratic-controlled State House passes automatic voter registration.

For the second time, a federal court ordered the Trump administration to hand over documents from its bogus voter suppression commission to Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, who was one of the token Democrats on the commission suing over the GOP’s attempt to hide their activities.


On July 3, 12 activists launched an aerial blockade at the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in  Vancouver to stop an oil tanker from leaving Kinder Morgans’ terminal.

Scott Pruitt resigns from the EPA.  Coal lobbyist Wheeler now becomes the acting head.

The Guardian reports on protests erupting around ‘tar sands’ Pipeline 3 on the U.S. Canada border.

Vertical Gardens are cleaning the air in Mexico City (and they look gorgeous, too.)

Protest at D.C.’s FERC headquarters disrupts the work day by erecting huge fracking well derricks outside their offices.

In Puerto Rico, a judge blocks FEMA from ending housing program for hurricane-displaced people.

Applauded by Greenpeace, and in a watershed moment for climate liability, Rhode Island becomes the first state to file a lawsuit against 21 oil companies, seeking damages for climate change.


A current ICAN poll finds that Europeans reject U.S. nuclear weapons on their own soil. 


Just as demolition bulldozers were about to roll into Khan al Ahmar, the High Court of Israel issued a last-minute injunction against demolition, requiring g the State of Israel to respond to the village’s own master plan of July 11th.


EU votes down ‘disastrous’ copyright proposal, including a link tax, and aimed at transforming the internet into a virtual ‘censorship machine.’


Minimum wage workers receive a raise in two states, D.C., and 15 cities or counties.


Progressive candidate Lopez Obrador wins presidential election in Mexico.

Mexico City elects its first female mayor.


Nicki Minaj, one of the world’s famous rappers, just paid off 37 college students’ tuitions.

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