Sunday, September 9, 2018

There IS no Planet B


Full of exuberance and ingenuity, yesterday's San Francisco’s Market Street was the site of a giant stream of people marching for the climate. The day was punctuated by a 2.8 quake as some 30,000 climate marchers, lead by a contingent of indigenous people from such far flung places as the Brazilian Amazon and Exxon-befouled Ecuador, underscoring how First Nations People are spearheading the movement for recognizing and respecting the rights of Mother Earth because the very survival of their cultures is at stake. Later this week, they will participate in the Climate Summit. The crowds converged at Civic Center where all surrounding streets were painted in circular mandalas in clay, and water based non-toxic paint.


The street was a place where, amidst the noise and chaos, people got to embrace one another, disseminate information, and exchange ideas and addresses. Contingents from labor, the sanctuary movement, the anti-nuclear movement (led by Women’s League for Peace and Freedom, and Western States Legal Foundation) Code Pink, Refuse Fascism, and many other organizations took part. Some signs mimicked solar panels; some mimicked white dove-like wind turbines. And one solitary man cupped a papier maché Earth nested in the petals of a giant paper sunflower, balancing it precariously. 


But the Market Street on which we marched is a palimpsest of the historical record of a people existing at the limit: recently, green-painted bike lanes to acknowledge that the time for riding vs. driving has come at last, cratered sidewalks attesting to—as Chris Hedges puts it—of a country being hollowed out from the top.

Where are the government regulations that issue license plates allowing driving only on alternate days? Or which ban cars in the inner cities? or subsidize public transportation, or better yet, offer it “free” to all inner cities riders? If other countries can issue such regulations, why can’t the United States? And if the U.S. government can’t do it, why can’t the people of this country set up the parallel government needed to this country get organized?

Without such regulations backing them, at best, climate marches such as yesterday’s are feel good rituals lacking backbones.

You know what to do.  Now it’s up to you.


California passes a historic bill for 100% clean energy by 2045. 

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs a pair of bills that would effectively prevent new drilling projects off the state’s coasts.

DHUMA, a Peruvian cultural and human rights organization, forces the Peruvian government to withdraw the Bear Creek permit to mine in their area.

South Africa’s Energy Minister announces his government will drop plans to boost electricity supply from nukes in favor of increasing renewable energy as ZA reduces its reliance on coal.

Ugandan farmers emerge victorious after monthlong occupation of UN office.

Formerly polluted town, Vaxjo, Sweden is recognized by the EU as the greenest city in Europe.

California bans drift gillnets.

Maine South Portland’s tar sands ban upheld in a 'david vs. goliath' pipeline battle.

New Caledonia votes to protect coral reef.

New York City takes Historic Step Toward Cutting Its Top Source of Climate Pollution in big buildings.

Thirty-eight environmental, public-health and community groups called on the Senate to reject a bill provision that would lift the ban on civilian supersonic flight over U.S. soil.

Fracking makes the Colorado ballot.

California State Senate passes AJR-30 and -33, which now go to Governor, Jerry Brown for his signature. When signed and passed on to Washington, California will go on record as a supporter of nuclear disarmament and against first strike use of nuclear weapons

A California bill that would have created a new organization to run electricity grids across the West dies in the legislature as Sacramento lawmakers fear sharing control with coal-dependent states.

Politics Not as Usual

DNC strips superdelegates of first-ballot votes on presidential candidates, meaning that the grassroots CAN win.

Senator Hirono cancels Kavanaugh nominee meeting citing Trump as ‘unindicted co-conspirator.’

Center for Constitution Rights joins 78 other civil rights, environmental, labor, government reform, and other advocacy organizations in signing a letter urging 20 of the largest corporate funders of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to cut ties with the organization.

January Contreras win Arizona primary, bringing her one step closer to flipping  attorney general seat blue. 

Ayanna wins the Democratic ticket for Massachusetts’ 7th District unseating 20-year Democratic incumbent, Mike Capuano.

Former combat veteran Martha McSally defeats Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio in Tuesday’s Republican primary in Arizona,

Working Families Party-endorsed David Garcia is declared the winner of his Democratic primary for governor in Arizona.

A federal court again sides with the Common Cause v. Rucho lawsuit, striking down North Carolina’s blatantly gerrymandered congressional map as unconstitutional.

Raquel Teran wins bid for Arizona State Representative.


Ninth Circuit affirms right of homeless persons to sleep in public.

Florida court rules as constitutionally protected the Ft. Lauderdale activists who feed the homeless.

A waffling Obama now says he favors “medicare for all.”

Denver’s equity specialists, deal-makers, and policy folks equity specialists, created a first-of-its-kind initiative with $1.2 million in city funding brings hundreds of 21,000 brand-new, vacant apartment units within financial reach of severely rent-burdened families..

Student loan watchdog resigns after rebuking Trump Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for only serving the nation’s most powerful financial companies.

San Francisco erases $32 million in criminal fees for 21,000 people.

Criminal Law

Crowd blocks San Francisco Hall Of Justice to protest police brutality.

California Legislature passes major police transparency measures on internal investigations, body cameras.

Texas police officer Roy Oliver was sentenced for murdering 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, breaking a 45-year paradigm in Dallas County, which has not seen a conviction against an officer in a police-perpetrated shooting death since 1973.

Abused Asylum-Seekers Launch Legal Battle Against ICE And Its “Concentration Camp” Prisons

Federal judge orders Trump to restore DACA.

Engineers say "no thanks" to silicon valley recruiters, citing ethical concerns over immigration.

Federal judge in Seattle grants a nationwide injunction against the Trump Administration, blocking efforts to give felons, domestic violence abusers, and terrorists access to undetectable, 3-D-printed guns. The injunction is in place as long as the case is ongoing.

NAACP wins victory in  landmark lawsuit alongside Fight for $15 activists in Alabama, where fast-food workers filed a case after the state legislature blocked the City of Birmingham from implementing a law to increase the city’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. 

Alarmed over school privatization, educators in Los Angeles, the second largest school district in the country, voted 98 percent to 2 percent to authorize their first strike in nearly 30 years.

Farm Workers Union signs contract with D’Arrigo Bros.


California’s state Assembly approves bill that would not just restore the net neutrality protections enacted under President Obama, but go beyond them, potentially creating the strictest rules in the country. 


FANG shuts down ICE, continues campaign of escalation

Angry French farmers sow Chinese-owned field in investor protest.

Peace activists in St. Charles, Missouri block the entrance to a weapons facility run by arms manufacturer Boeing to protest of the joint US-Saudi war on Yemen.


California State Senate passes AJR-30 and -33, which now go to Governor, Jerry Brown for his signature. When signed and passed on to Washington, California will go on record as a supporter of nuclear disarmament and against first strike use of nuclear weapons

Democratic lawmakers announce new effort to revoke American support for the "catastrophic" Yemen conflict that has produced the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

International Court of Justice (ICJ) hears Iran lawsuit to have U.S. sanctions lifted.

Spain cancels  $10.6 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

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