Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Last week, the desert around Indian Springs, Nevada received a surprise visit from a contingent of Code Pink and Veterans for Peace drone resisters who show up in the desert way northwest of Las Vegas twice a year.

photo credit: Michael Kerr

photo: Michael Kerr
Already before dawn, we are out on the highway with our banners and our winter gear against the night temperatures. We stay there way past sun-up, until the last contingent of mostly single drivers coming all the way from Las Vegas, more than 46 miles away, get past the main gate.

photo credit: Michael Kerr
The same thousands of cars take over two hours to exit the gate at quitting time (when we are back on the highway in summer gear to make sure they see our signs).

This October saw the arrests of ten of our contingent, five men and five women—whom Las Vegas “muni” (municipal police) hauled off in handcuffs to the Clark County jail to teach them a lesson about staying in lock step. This year the jail has a new “enhancement:” a full body scanner, an enrich-Michael-Chertoff device, with which three of the women arrestees refused to comply. Their “intransigence” resulted in an additional five or so hours of confinement in a separate cell so as to insure they would not “contaminate” (the cop’s word) any of the poor, disproportionately black souls who make up the population of Clark County jail.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Do the “pilots” sitting on the base in their trailers with their joy sticks pulling up likely civilian victims to kill on their computer screens get arrested for murder? Don’t be silly. Drones make good money for the corporations (and stockholders) that manufacture them. They just need the poverty draft to make sure they’ve got enough people willing to operate their machinery. But although it was not part of the original plan, drone pilots succumb to PTSD and as they drop out, the air force is having more and more trouble replacing them.

Global climate collapse?

Think nothing of it. Creech AFB is part of the fossil industry machine: adding pollution from thousands of cars to the highway every single day but weekends. And that’s just the local effort.

photo credit: Michael Kerr
Greta tells us we have no time to waste.  But will the military apparatus take note? Will it care? Will it turn around with so many people in its employ requiring the “good” if temporary, life of cars, a house, a wife or significant other, 2.3 children, 1.8 dogs, and razzle dazzle entertainment in vacuous Las Vegas, cultural emblem of the United States?


Sign to end support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen in the NDAA now at

Proposed Swedish constitutional amendment would enshrine rights of Nature.

‘Money is not speech and corporations are not people’: Sanders unveils plan to get corporate $$ out of politics.

Beverly Hills City Council discusses potential health hazards of 5G wireless networks.

Erin Brokovich firm join citizens 5G lawsuit brought by People’s Initiative Foundation.

How to resist: The EPA fired some air pollution scientists who meet anyway.

Eight countries join INSTEX, ending U.S. dollar domination.

GEO Group (immigrant incarceration and family separation) runs out of banks as 100% of banking partners say ‘No’ to private prison sector.

Huge victory: California’s Gov. Newsom signs the Public Banking Act into law.

Victory as noDAPL depositions unsealed, wiping clean the charges against Chase Iron Eyes of Standing Rock.

GM backs down on cutting off healthcare for its striking workers.

Raging granny locks herself to equipment at Mountain Valley Pipeline Site.

Judge blocks the administration from circumventing Flores Agreement & prolonging the detention of migrant children.

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