Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Commodifying Coups

This week while turkeys nationwide meet their fate, we get to rectify a myth, because colonization was such a crap shoot, for once, the White Man had to listen to Native folks who knew how to grow food in a climate the colonizers found less than hospitable. It’s the right time to highlight what’s happening to indigenous people world over, and especially in Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, the U.S. and Canada, and Palestine.

In the US and Canada, indigenous people are in the frontlines of our planetary battle targeting climate change, something the coal industry knew about as early as 1966. As the US withdraws from the Paris Climate Accords, we keep warm in our memories the Sioux engaged in the New Indian  Wars at Standing Rock, being water cannoned in below freezing temperatures, so cold icicles formed along the rows of barbed wire the guardians of capital had raised.

And in Central and South America, Indians have been defending the democracy of the Bolivarian Revolution which has reduced poverty, stamped out illiteracy, provided housing, a more robust economy, and medical care for the most disadvantaged of the population, namely the Indian sector. Some call this brand of democracy socialism. 

In Bolivia especially, Evo Morales, the president legitimately elected by the Bolivian people, and forced to flee, represents the first-time elevation of an Indian leader in that nation’s history. This is especially galling to the white elite, as emblemized by puppet Jeanine Añez who referred to Indian culture as “satanic.”

Evo Morales against Mexico City background
“Some do not accept that the Indians govern,” said deposed president, Evo Morales. Bolivian native tribes number 41, of which the Aymara and Quechua are the most numerous. As they risk massacre before police firing squads, who have been given carte blanche by the de facto government of Añez, to fire indiscriminately without risk of prosecution, and members of the press have been shot and tear gassed, blockades have been set up throughout the country in a national strike which calls for the resignation of her US- sanctioned puppet government.

La Paz funeral of masssacre victim passses through police lines
The Bolivarian Revolution, with its emphasis on the Right to Vote, and the leveling out of the steep inequality which dominated the country in the past, has never been in the U.S. interest.  But Bolivian lithium for battery manufacture, and indium for liquid crystal displays needed for computers, smartphones, and TVs are, because Bolivia’s lithium and indium happen to be under their soils, not ours. And ours is the US imperative.

"Satanic:" Jeanine Áñez
Currently, through US imperial machinations, color revolutions have either been attempted or occurred in Venezuela, and Bolivia respectively, and to this list we might add Ecuador, Nicaragua, and now Colombia.

But from the perspective of the US voter, the issue has nothing to do with whether or not we “like” Morales, or whether we “like” Maduro (of Venezuela); it pertains to constant, unrelenting US interference in the legitimate policies and activities of other countries. (what the US-government likes to call “regime change.”)

The US itself does not exactly lag behind harboring its own criminal leaders. It may be time once again to stop exporting coups, and import the coup home to roost.

Sign  Code Pink’s invitation for a UN presence in Bolivia at

Sanctions kill, too: Sign to denounce US imposed sanctions at

Don’t get pushed into the oven of climate change: Join XR at the S.F. Opera House, 391 Van Ness in S.F. at 1:30 PM Saturday Nov. 30, and Sunday, Dec. 1 at 1:30 PM at

Join Extinction Rebellion Thanksgiving Hunger Strike and climate emergency rallies at House Speaker Pelosi’s office and home
Wednesday, Nov. 27, 12-1:30 90 7th st. to deliver demand letter.
Thursday, Nov. 28, 11 AM-3 PM Pelosi mansion: 2640 Bway @Scott ST., S.F.

Demand Congress pass the Climate Equity Act to address environmental racism at: 

Demand Rep. Eliot Engel hold a Defund Occupation of Palestine now at

Remove racist Stephen Miller from office at:

Block Keystone XL Pipeline at

In Bay Area, Join Women in Black Friday Nov. 19, at 11:45 at Powell BART, march to Union Square at


Brazil Federal Supreme Court trules inmates who’ve not exhausted their appeals should not be incarcerated, releasing Lula da Silva, and at least 5,000 more.
International Energy Agency annual report list, although decrying slow progress in transportation and equity, reported solar and offshore wind installation progress.
European Ivestment Bank to end fossil fuel financing within the next two years.
Protesters block Iraq port as general strikes take hold.
Ecuador lawmakers reject president’s proposed economic measures calculated to pay for  IMF $4.2 billon loan..
French yellow vest resisters celebrate first birthday with planned labor strikes.
Now that the UK government holds Assange. Sweden drops bogus sex charges against him.
Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority forces US Army jet to quit Pakistani airspace.
Chile: Human  Rights violations may lead to Piñera’s impeachment.
Youth shut down OAS Secy General Luis Almagro’s talk in Paraguay.
National Layers Guild condems military coup in Bolivia.
Israeli PM Netanyahoo indicted for bribery and fraud.
UN Security Council rebukes US stance on Israel’s illegal West Bank settlements.
31 US organizations denounce violent repression in Bolivia.
Triggered by President Duque’s labor reforms and cuts to pension system, hundreds of thousands people join national strike in Colombia.
In Brazil, lula vows to battle for democracy against Bolsonaro push to destroy progress in Brazil.
Sixty doctors demand immediate medical attention for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.
Pope calls for world without nuclear weapons claiming they are “an affront crying out to heaven.”


Feeding the hungry and slaking their thirst is not a crime: Scott Warren found not guilty of all charges rescuing people in the desert.
Bureau of Land Management temporarily suspends 130 oil and gas leases because it forgot to factors in climate change before leasing them.
Over 120K public comments on Keystone XL submitted to US State Department.
After recanvass, Ky Governor Matt Bevin concedes race to Democrat Andy Beshear.
Hunger strike by Extinction Rebellion continues in Speaker Pelosi D.C. office.
Conservationists intervene against effort to dam Little Colorado River half a mile from the Grand Canyon.
Harvard students walk out of Israel envoy talk.
Shouting “OK boomer,” hundreds of activists delay Harvard-Yale football game in climate protest.
Sanders fastest presidential candidate in history to reach 4 million donations.
Regardless of party affiliation, poll shows 66% of key early state voters support ending production of fossil fuels.
Nearly 100K petitions delivered to PBS backing call for prime time impeachment hearings.
Bernie calls it in Bolivia: “when the military intervenes” a coup pure and simple.
Massive Cricket Valley fracked gas plant shut down by NY protesters.
Tulsi Gabbard criticizes own party for fossilism during Democratic debate.
Atlanta rail line tied to Turkish State shut down in solidarity with Rojava Kurds.
Judge halts all scheduled federal executions, effectively freezing Trump effort to resume death penalty.
Billboards for World Children’s Day call for freedom of detained children in the US.
UN condemns US for world’s highest rate of children in detention.
Veteran Congresswoman Betty McCollum introduces legislation prohibiting US funding to any foreign military that detains children, including Israel.
Top Navy SEAL Rear Admiral Collin Green defies Donald Trump’s pardon of Eddie Gallagher for shooting Iraqi civilians.
Federal court rules that Trump administration was at fault failing to protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.
US journalists sue Trump DHS over “coordinated attack” on press freedom.
Citing white nationalist e-mails, over 100 Dem lawmakers sign letter demanding Stephen Miller resign.
Bill transitioning US to 100% clean energy by 2050 introduced in Congress.
BDS campaign targeting Portland Trailblazers partnership with Leupold & Stevens, manufacturers of rifle scopes used by Israeli occupying army wins.
Brookline, Mass. bans natural gas and oil in new home construction.
Court rules against “Secure Communities” dragnet fueled by ICE reliance on massive data collection.
Federal Court blocks Trump’s asylum ban
Shareholders urge 5 major banks to act now on climate.
26 health organizations, led by Physicians for Social responsibility, submit comments to EPA opposing rollback of new source performance standards for oil and natural gas industry.


Times Up! Extinction Rebellion occupies Pelosi office, launching global hunger strike for climate action at Thanksgiving.  
22 mayors want PG&E to become customer owner coop.
Gov. Newsome signs bill allowing California cities and towns to establish public banks.
Climate groups applaud Gov. Newsom’s temporary fracking ban.
Lawsuit launched against Trump EPA for failing to enforce smog rules in California.

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