Tuesday, December 24, 2019


It’s never foolish to hold out some hope for peace because there’s precedent. On Christmas eve, World War I trenches disgorged their soldiers as both sides met in "no man's land" to exchange greetings and carols. Maybe they understood in that moment that they’d been sent to defend interests other than their own, and that the people that needed to be there in their place were the bankers, and corporation heads and company directors, and all the heads of state who profit off war without risking their lives.  

2019 has been a year of hand wringing for this newsletter, and for the world (excluding the .0001 precedent). But we’re not neutral. We advocate, and will always advocate for PEACE and PLANET and remind our readers the two are linked. How? Because the U.S. military consumes more fossil fuel than any country on the globe. If PEACE reigned, we’d slow down global warming.

After 8 years of publishing, for the first time this newsletter is launching a project for PEACE and PLANET. We are planting trees. Last Fall, just before we left for Creech AFB in Nevada, news sources carried the story of 200 piñon nut harvesters in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, many of them children and adolescents, hired by a local farmer to bring in the crop. A U.S. drone strike killed 30, wounded 40, with many not unaccounted for.

Piñon nut harvesters - photo credit Reuters
We want to plant 30 piñon pine saplings in Cactus Springs to commemorate those murdered harvesters. This monument and our fund-raising campaign is a tangible way to “Re-Earth” by planting trees for the planet, and for our children’s future and future generations. We are also committing an act of non-violent civil disobedience by commemorating these 30 victims and all victims of U.S. wars. We are keeping our hope alive, and joy has got to be a big part of that.

If any of our 1,000 readers would like to join us by contributing, we'd be delighted of you could help us make this happen. 

Please mail us a check to our listed address 2550 Dana Street, 5-B, Berkeley, Ca. 94704. And please be sure to include your name and address so that we can acknowledge your gift.

And please consider forwarding this newsletter to others who may want to become part of our support. Peace and planet thank you.

Stop big oil from destroying the Arctic at

Tell Congress: Our House is in Fire: stop wasting time and money on Nuclear Energy at

Everyone has a right to safe, accessible and affordable housing. Sign petition at

40% elementary Fresno children are without housing. End child poverty in California at

Tell U.S.D.A. stop attacks on food assistance programs for hungry Americans at

South Korea gets uppity, refuses to pay U.S. military  “protection service’ fee.

Xi issues warning to U.S. not to meddle in  China’s affairs.

Italy’s ‘sardines’ climate youth movement is a wakeup call for the left.

Assange gives evidence in Spanish case against security contractor who spied on him in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Colombians launch national cacerolazo against tax ‘reform’ that would lower duties on businesses.

‘Cutting social security’ is murder: flood of public outrage greets Trump proposal to slash lifesaving disability benefits for hundreds of thousands.

City of Los Altos Council denies Verizon, and AT&T cell node appeals.

Resisting 5 G technology, City of Berkeley’s Wired flies cease and desist order.

With federal minimum stuck at $7.25 for more than a decade, 32 jurisdictions across the U .S. will raise wages to or above $15 in 2020.

After Obama tells Progressives ”go slower,” one of his insiders confirms former president ready to back whoever wins 2020 nomination—even—horror of horrors—Bernie Sanders.


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