Monday, October 26, 2020


Name the nine conditions that define an occupied country. What about them?


1. The  population of an occupied country is generally angry and resentful.  Its occupiers are fearful and wary of that anger, but try never to show fear, secretly surveiling that population while displaying overt militarized shows of power.



2. Political appointments tend to be controlled by packing various posts with either known mediocrities, or appointees whose policies are inclined to work against the aims of the very agencies they purport to staff.


3, Its economy has generally been taken over to produce gains for the occupiers at the expense of the population. This applies to monetary policy as well as to all other market sectors such as banks, real estate, industrial and manufacturing concerns, marketing, resource extraction, and services such as commerce, transportation, food delivery systems and so forth.


4. Its natural resources are generally exported for the benefit of the occupiers to the detriment of the people who no longer benefit. This may apply equally to crop production, to minerals, naval stores, industrial production, and to jobs.


5. Its educational system and its media systems are controlled to the exclusion of attempts to espouse true history in favor of  propagandizing mythologies; its traditions, whether of language or expressive culture such for example as its literature or theater are discouraged. This can be accomplished by censorship, by simple denial of funding, and promotion of the occupiers cultural production to the exclusion of all else.


6. Its infrastructure, such as housing, it’s roadways, its bridges, its railroads, bus systems, and airports are controlled to serve the interests of the occupier at the expense of the population’s general daily traffic and commerce. Roadblocks are set up, fences built, check points established, with a reinforcement system of jails and prisons established to limit mobility.


7. Its healthcare system declines, becoming victim to erosion of service, as seen in limited accessibility, hospital closures, reduction of supplies, and a decline of quality of such treatment as remains available.


8. Its judicial apparatus consists of a system of courts established by the occupiers to enforce the interpretation of the laws always in the occupiers favor.


9. The benchmark of an occupied society can be measured in its mounting death rate. The cause of death tends to shift away from the chronic degenerative diseases expected of natural decline and old age, toward an increasing number of homicides, suicides, deaths by starvation, and fatal use of opiates.








OPPOSE Supreme Court monkeying with  vote suppression.


URGE military refuse illegal orders from #45 on election.


OPPOSE any Republican effort to rush election results.




Nobel peace prize awarded to UN world food programme highlighting that war and conflict can cause food insecurity.


Citing human health protection, Greek citizens petition  their government to stop 5 G spectrum auction


China, the pandemic’s center has had 4,634 deaths, less than a fortieth of the US’s.


Iran arms embargo expires despite US opposition.


Socialist Luis Arce declares victory in Bolivia election one year after right-wing coup against Evo Morales.


Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at the UN goes into binding full force and effect as Honduras becomes 50th nation to ratify it.


Hopes rise of extension of new START arms control treaty as Russia offers to freeze the number of its nuclear warheads.


In Colombia, national strike joins the Minga, the social and  indigenous group, as mobilization grows.


In Scotland, a boat blockade blocks gates to Ineos oil refinery.


Indigenous women to financial CEOs: stop abetting climate-wrecking tar sands or expect more resistance.


Solidarity forever: In Nigeria, a police killing sparks nationwide movement.


Mountain Valley pipeline project remains stalled in legal limbo.


Exiled since 2013, NSA whistleblower Snowden granted permanent residency rights in Russia.


In face of pandemic, Welsh government nationalizes rail service.


ACLU unable to find parents of 535 children separated from families by #45


AOC, Omar, Presley and Tlaib call for UN probe into alleged DHS human rights abuses.


Monsanto loses case against French farmer Paul Francois who was poisoned by weed-killer Lasso.


Greenoeace warns of potential damage to human DNA with Japan plan  to dump Fukushima water into Pacific.


Study finds universal mask wearing would save nearly 130,000 lives by Spring, 2021.


Student group rallies in front of former Japanese embassy in Seoul protesting Japan plan to dump radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific.


Constitutional law exerts endorse Demo bill to create 18-year term limits for Supreme justices.


Citing unlawful abuse of power, NYC,  Seattle and Portland sue DOJ over anarchist designation.


Cost of doing business?: Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in $8 billion opioid settlement and pleads guilty to 3 criminal charges including touching off an opioid epidemic. 


Judge slaps down @#45 plan to deprive 700,00 people of food stamps during pandemic.


USPS ordered to reassemble sorting machines for election mail after states sue.


Repubs in disarray as Mnuchin and Pelosi inch closer to COVID relief deal.


N.Y.  Post reporter refuses to allow his byline on flawed Hunter Biden story.


Disclosure: National Guard spy plan monitored racial justice protest in Sacto suburb where commander lives.


According to  Goldman- Sachs, benefits of blue wave plus $2.5 trillion stimulus outweigh Wall St. concerns over tax hike on the rich.


Analysis finds investing $2 trillion in US clean energy could create millions of good jobs.


Study shows US switch to 100% renewables would save hundreds of billions each year.


Advocate welcome ocean-based climate solutions as exactly what America needs right now.


Coalition of advocacy and business groups call on election officials to uphold sacred responsibility to Democratic principles.


Justice Department sues Google in antitrust case.


Supreme Court blocks GOP effort to curb ballot deadline in Pennsylvania. The ruling of a lower court stays in effect allowing those mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day to be counted.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules mail-in ballot signatures don’t need to match registration rolls.


California joins New York in vowing to independently review coronavirus vaccines.


East Pittsburgh community stops fracking well.


Indigenous knowledge revives ancient clam garden practices.



Their rights restored, 67,000 former felons set to vote in Florida amid record early turnout.


Student group registers over 100,000 voters.


Tulsi Gabbard introduces bill t o drop charges against Assange.


Teachers union urges parents to boycott school reopening.


Shipt workers demand better pay and treatment.


Local advocates demand that Nestle Waters North America revert its claimed rights  back to public trust and stop stealing White Pine Springs water.


On-duty Miami cop busted for intimidating early voters at government polling center.


Work starts on East Bay Public Bank.


Counting chickens: Progressives hopeful at prospect of lifelong worker champion Bernie Sanders being named Labor Secy.


New Hampshire’s union leader endorses Dem candidate first time in over 100 years.


San Francisco Arts Festival defeats cease and desist injunction in court.


Riquezas del Campo Farm in Mass, now in second season is a worker-owned coop with a four-fold increase in customers since its founding in 2019.


Prison newsletters, since blocked, advise prisoners how to apply for $1.200 economic stimulus checks that have been awarded the by a federal judge.


Missourians do end-run around legislature to expand Medicaid.

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