Monday, November 30, 2020

America's Founding Conundrum

The U.S. boasts the most byzantine electoral system of any country claiming to be a “democracy.” The map below shows the numbers of electoral college votes assigned to each state based on the census. What if the census is skewed or corrupted? The census is the first glitch point in the U.S. electoral “system”. This year, the current White House occupant tried to halt the census prematurely.


Is there such a thing as an “indirect” popular election (or why is as raven like a writing desk)?  Still now, and for the past 231 years, the U.S. system presumes there is. But if the vote is popular, how can it be “indirect”, and if it’s “indirect”, how can it be popular? The conundrum is a holdover from the days of slavery when white slave-owners, fearful that their way of life, might be challenged, wrote its markers into the U.S. Constitution. Since 1789 when they instituted  the electoral college, that question seems not to have been of much concern for most Americans. Not until 2016.


A quick look at the wheel of fortune tells the tale:



In most American election cycles, it’s mostly the least populated “swing” states that wind up making the call, making all the millions of other votes moot. This year, most folks think Biden took the prize with a margin of over 60 million votes. In fact, the electoral college votes of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, totaling 21,847 votes, determined the outcome  of the presidential race. They represent the margin that determined Biden’s win. Had he not won them, a tie would have been forced on the electoral college, and we’d have four more years of chaos and destruction of planet, people, and country because the House would have determined the outcome on a one–state-one vote basis.


Now stack this determinant number against Biden’s 60,000,000 popular vote majority, and you get a sense of how well the electoral college might fit in with a democratic universe a la Lewis Carroll, and what percentage of democracy the American people actually enjoy (.0000367%). Otherwise put, that’s a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 1%.


Which leads to the obvious conclusion: we must abolish the electoral college nationwide, and until we do, we are not serious about democracy and never were. So far, 15 states and the District of Columbia totaling 196 electoral votes, have voted to abolish it, shedding this holdover from slavery. When enough states totaling 74 more votes join the effort to reach 270 electoral votes, the past bills from all the states voting yes will kick in and guarantee that the candidate with the most votes will become president but only in those states. If the remaining states (342 votes) vote yes, only then will the law become nation-wide. Until then, the change will apply only in those states that have effectively signed up.

Then, to guarantee a working as opposed to a museum quality Democracy, we will have to start the clock all over to replace the two party system that still booby traps voters with the lesser of two (corporate/war industry) evils, to establish a Parliamentary government representative of all Americans whenever they hit the polls.



Many actions this week either to push Biden to do the right (vs.  corporate/war economy) thing or to stop further damage by #45. Please sign and share:


Biden must rejoin Paris Accords.

Biden must put working people first.

Biden must confirm stability of Social Security and reverse #45 rule changes.

Oppose Biden corporate cabinet choices.

Block Biden’s anti-Medicare/Social Security candidate.

Block #45 last-minute $23 billion UAE arms sale.

Not one more handout to Fox “news”.


Donate to Jon Ossoff’s campaign to flip the Senate.

Donate to Rev. Raphael Warnock’s campaign to flip the Senate.



China announces eradication of extreme poverty. If they can, why can’t we?


Colombia’s national strike accuses President Duque of terrorism.


Massive protests in Guatemala against both president and congress.


Bolivia issues arrest warrants for Añez regime’s top officials.


Brazilian justice extends investigation  against Bolsonaro


Rallies world wide mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


Canada’s housing co-ops find success despite COVID setbacks. Why can’t we?


In Canada, First Nations people shut down Vancouver port, calling attention  to destructive projects like Trans Mountain Pipeline.


Israel frees Maher Al-Akhras after 103-day hunger strike.


China and India  to disengage troops in eastern Ladakh.


In Paris demonstrators rally against French security bill


Israel arraigns Hallel Rabin, a conscientious objector.


UK court orders Guiadó to pay over $500,000 in legal fees for trying to legally claim Venezuela’s $1.2 billion of gold from Bank of England.


Venezuela convicts 6 CITGO former execs of corruption.


Tens of thousands of Greek public sector workers go on 24-hour strike while millions across India hold anti-government demonstrations.


Progressive coalition stages worldwide Black Friday protests to “make Amazon pay.”


Demanding reversal f #45 cruelty, immigrants rights groups welcome Biden pick of Mayorkas for DHS secy.


Alaska voters adopt instant runoff voting via primary measure.


Following outcry, U.S. government halts deportation of women alleging medical abuse in ICE detention.


Watchdog launches investigation into ICE abuse of Black immigrants.


Trump defeat more official than ever as Michigan board certifies election results, awarding Biden 16 electoral votes. .


GM withdraws support for #45 administration’s clean  cars rollback.


GM commits to all-electric car future.


California Judge rules that LA County’s civilian oversight commission has the power to subpoena the sheriff.


40 Democratic senators introduce bill blocking #45 Schedule F executive order.


GSA administrator, Emily Murphy informs Biden the administration is ready to begin the transition process.


#45 endorses move by GSA to begin US presidential transition process.


#45 endorses release of funs to begin transition to Biden administration. (I wrote: could it be he’s planning a bombing run  on Iran?, but no, it involved rubber stamping another assassination.)


Demonstrators deliver 800 failing report cards to Iowa governor as coronavirus cases increase.


S.F. DA Boudin charges fired SFPD officer with manslaughter over fatal shooting.


Indigenous people’s victory as four tribes work together with enviro groups to remove largest dam in the world and take on two of the world’s wealthiest men: Buffett and Gates.


Indigenous Shinnecock activists occupy the Hamptons through Thanksgiving. 


Iowa tribe creates national park of 44 acres overlooking Missouri River.


Pebble Mine denied permit in victory for tribes, waterways and planet.


Sanders throws support behind union drive of Amazon workers in  Alabama.


As retails giants enjoy soaring profits, workers demand hazard pay amidst soaring pandemic.


As Feinstein steps down as top judiciary Democrat, Sunrise demands she resign.


Biden urged to honor indigenous sovereignty and halt fossil fuel pipelines.


Protesters objecting to Biden’s inclusion of Garcetti in his cabinet descend on Garcetti’s house for 6th straight day.


Water protector locks to Enbridge Pipe yard gate on Black Friday.


Minnesota tells pipeline company not to run counterinsurgency against protesters.


California court strikes down limits on fighting dirty power plants.


Poll shows 68% Americans want senators to block any corporate Biden nominees.


100+ public health and justice leaders call on Biden to reject global vaccine apartheid and ensure doses free and available to all.


EPA finds glyphosate likely to injure or kill 93% of endangered species.


San Antonio., America’s most segregated city, puts power-shut offs on hold.


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