Sunday, February 7, 2021


It’s not quite been a fortnight since Dana Milbank published her article in the Wapo about “the soul of the GOP,” surely an oxymoron for oxy-morons if there ever was. But just in case you missed it, I’m revisiting it this week.


In probably the best post mortem we will ever see following the events of January 6th when a bunch of jail-happy insurrectionists, aided and abetted by their fearless leader who cowered in his fortified quarters while they rampaged, Milbank provides the roster of GOP miscreants in the House and Senate who may have talked a good game in the rampage’s aftermath, but who made sure to switch their stories once the excitement died down:


McCarthy heads the House list.  Following recantation of his promise to introduce the censure resolution he described as ‘prudent,” he made news appointing QAnon anti Semite sweetie, Marjorie Taylor Greene of GA to sit on the House Education Committee,  and in search of a photo op, traveled to Mar-a-Lago headquarters to kiss the pontiff’s ….well you get the idea.


The  Senate’s chinless, spineless scourge, McConnell, although he may have initially  criticized #45’s role in the uprising, promptly blocked the impeachment trial from happening before #45 finally called the moving van, and by Jan. 26, along with 44 other GOP miscreants, in a handy 180 degree switcheroo, he voted to dismiss the trial altogether as “unconstitutional” on the grounds that #45 was already out of office! And he failed to purge #45 and his violent devotees from the party, exposing the five braver GOPers who voted to proceed with the trial to the death threats awaiting them.   


Follows a list of lesser miscreants, including Gaetz (R-Fla) Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham (S.C.), the AZ, HI and OR, GOP parties, the latter claiming that the events of Jan 6. were a mere “false flag” op.


Thirty-one members of Congress (one of them a Republican) have called on House leaders for more personal security for themselves and their families. The Dept of Homeland Security issued a warning that advocates of violet overthrow may target elected officials, and the FBI disclosed one such extremist, possibly targetting CA Governor Newsome, stockpiled pipe bombs, firearms, 15K rounds as well as bomb-making materials. Others threatened Fauci and his family, another expressed desire to assassinate AOC, and one arrestee threatened to put a bullet thru Pelosi’s head. By Jan. 29, federal authorities had already developed cases against 164 people.


Wrote Milbank, “Yet just three weeks after feebly trying to quit Trump, [Republican leaders] have relapsed. It’s as though Abraham Lincoln had offered the Union’s unconditional surrender after the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter.”


We may be shut of the day-to-day twitterings of a White-House-embedded fearless leader, but in retirement he becomes far more dangerous because his maneuvers and those of his devotees can’t easily be tracked.


Meantime today’s headlines read: GOP lawmakers call for Pelosi to be fined for not going through the metal detectors; Eleven Republicans vote to remove Greene from House Committees over incendiary social media posts; According to new poll, two-third Republicans say ‘Biden not legitimately elected’; and 64% GOP voters say they would join a Trump-led new party.



End Citizens United.


No on Vilsack for Secy Agriculture.


End all economic sanctions in face of global pandemic.


Urge Biden to commute all federal death penalty sentences.


Fire DeJoy.


Demand Congress pass HR 1 expanding voting rights, and getting money out of politics.



UN court rules UK has no sovereignty over Chagos Islands (Diego Garcia).


ICC clears way for war crimes probe of Israeli actions.


U.S. call for halting Israel settlement, demolition of Palestinian homes.


After Biden move, anti-war groups call on Boris Johnson to end UK support for Saudi assault on Yemen.


U.S., Russia extend last major arms control treaty.


EU warns Kosovo against opening Jerusalem embassy.


Italy blocks arm sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE over Yemen crimes.


Haiti begins general strike and intensifies struggle against President Jovenel Moise who refuses to step down.


Ecuador’s Left is back.


Court orders Quebec Government to exempt homeless people from curfew.


Canadian Govt. designates Proud Boys terrorist group.


Microsoft backs Australia’s proposed media laws targeting Facebook, Google.


Federal charges upgraded to conspiracy for Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.


SCOTUS grants Biden admin request to remove border wall, anti-asylum cases from calendar.


U.S. releasing hundreds of Central American families from increasingly busy custody.


US. to end deals sending asylum seekers back to Central America.


Biden wants better nuclear deal with Iran.


Majority of U.S. voters don’t want billons spent on Americas “Nuclear Sponge.”


Biden reverses Houthis terrorist designation.


Biden rolls back some of #45’s sanctions on Venezuela.


Biden to end U.S. support for Saudi-led war on Yemen which has caused vast humanitarian suffering.


Biden set to boost U.S. refugee admissions to 125,000 after #45 cut.


Biden’s order terminates private prison contracts.


Biden gives back of his hand to deficit trolls including Larry Summers, on covid relief.


110+ groups demand Buiden close Gitmo without delay.


Biden’s child tax credit plan could right historic wrong.


Senior Dems to unveil $3,000-per-child benefit as Biden stimulus gains steam.


After 14+  hours of votes, Senate approves covid relief resolution with zero GOP support.


After Senate all-nighter, Harris breaks tie to move forward on covid relief.


Federal mask cops to start targeting travelers Feb. 3.


New bill aims to scrap mandate forcing postal service to prefund retirement benefits years in advance.


Senators introduce bipartisan DREAM act putting DACA recipients on citizenship path.


100 lawmakers urge House leaders to include legalization for essential workers.


Congressional staffers implore Senators to convict #45 for sake of country.


DHS nominee to lead task force reunited separated families.


ICE cancels deportation flight to Africa after  claims of brutality.


Lawsuit filed over migrant deaths at U.S.-Mexico border.


Joining powerful finance committee, Warren vows to introduce wealth tax as first order of business.


Senators Whitehouse and Warren push Treasury Secy Yellen to rein in dark money groups.


120 Dems demand repeal of millionaire taxa cut buried in GOP former covid relief bill.


NLRB’s new top lawyer dumps #45-era changes to agency’s law enforcement, including several intensifying union policing.


Federal judge scraps #45 polluter-friendly ‘Censored Science’ rule.


Northrup to walk away from cluster bomb contract.


Black Alliance for Peace demands Biden administration abolish 1033 program.


Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.


Standing Rock Lakota youth call for Biden to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline.


Protesters call on Hopkins to drop nuclear research.


Students pressure Northwestern to abolish police.


UC Berkeley acquires FBI records of surveillance of Black leaders.


Oregon decriminalizes low-level possession of all drugs.


Virginia Senate votes to abolish death penalty, 23rd state to do so.


Austin uses police budget cuts for supportive housing.


Bronx produce workers 6-day strike inspires N.Y.


Oakland passes emergency ‘hazard pay’ ordinance mandating grocers to pay workers an extra $5.00 an hour.


Alabama workers fight to form first U.S. Amazon union.


Workers given go-ahead for union vote fingering Amazon in the eye.


Groups in South work to fix broken farm labor system


Amazon to pay $61.7 million to delivery drivers after withholding tips.


Marjorie Greene stripped of all committee assignments.



Pompeo pushes Nobel for #45.

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