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Re-Funding the Peace

Re-funding the peace is the question I hope to address this week because it’s an important one with national implications.  Remember the time (some 70-80 years ago) when cops were called “peace officers?” There were stories of people who’d worked as peace officers who set up after school rec programs for kids, those kids we now call “at risk.”  I met one of those, driving a New York cab.  After his tour in Viet Nam that’s the work he did—until  he got “laid off” and now he was driving a cab.  He got laid off because at that point (the 80s) the peace keeping culture in the police academy had begun to change as law enforcement bent more and more toward militarization. My cabbie had come home from the My Lai massacre, and he told me about that too, where the order to “waste ‘’em” had come from the Colin Powell High Command. 


My Lai massacre

For decades, U.S. wars had targeted civilians. At home, such people had always been considered fair game. Whereas prior warfare against minorities, workers, and slaves had been massaged in the usual law enforcement hypocrisy, a more violent form of warfare became the militarized practice we have come to know today. Adding fuel to the fire came not much later, when municipal police began training with the IDF, both here, and in apartheid Israel. This information is now internet blocked prompting me to copy/paste the link here:

But already in the ‘70s, there were cries of resistance. One of them is exemplified in a letter written by Tom Glen, a 21-year old soldier assigned to the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who described an ongoing and routine brutality against Vietnamese civilians. It’s important enough to quote:

            It would indeed be terrible to find it necessary to believe that an American soldier that harbors such racial intolerance and disregard for justice and human feeling is a prototype of all American national character; yet the frequency of such soldiers lends credulity to such beliefs….What has been outlined here I have seen not only in my own unit, but also in others we have worked with, and I fear it is universal. If this is indeed the case, it is a problem which cannot be overlooked, but can through a more firm implementation of the codes of MACV (Military Assistance Command Vietnam) and the Geneva Conventions, perhaps be eradicated.”

Fast forward to the Oscar Grant, Travon Martin, Michael Brown era when finally with the murder of George Floyd, what had been a sporadic eruption of demonstrations became a full fledged nation-wide conflagration of revulsion. A conflagration where the nightly demonstrations in Portland became the rehearsal for militarized police-civilian warfare and for the insurgency of Jan. 6th in D.C.


No caption can put a  name on this

As is often the case, Oakland led with the APTP (Anti-Police-Terror Project) which began almost as soon as  BLM came to the fore The umbrella of APTP at that time was already wide enough to include people of all colors, and was headed usually by a white and black facilitator; that black facilitator was usually Cat Brooks who rose to prominence when she ran for Oakland mayor in 2018, opposing Libby Schaaf. A good speaker, she bore the facial expression of someone who’s had enuf, with a drawn “Can’t Take It Anymore” expression on her time-worn face. Even then, the organization had a rapid response arm, organized to come to the aid of families whose sons or daughters had been the victims of police violence and who needed support and counseling.


Some five years ago, the APTP birthed the Defund Police movement, creating the current coalition of 12 community BIPOC organizations, centered around Refunding, Restoring and Reimagining Public Safety in Oakland, Ca.  The Coalition pressed the City Council to form a Task Force to redirect police funding by 50% to support programs more closely aligned with public safety.  According to APTP (See report):  “The task force was created in direct response to significant local demand to redirect monies from the Oakland Police Department to programs, support services, and resources that take a holistic view of public safety and focus on addressing the root causes of so-called “crime” rather than relying on militarized policing and a violent and cyclical carceral state.”


None of this would have gotten off the ground without the step by step process underlying its advancement. The City Council, responding to the APTP-headed coalition’s demands, agreed to consider alternatives to traditional policing. It appointed a Task Force and assembled Advisory Boards (ABs) of several hundred volunteers to help advise it. The ABs researched issues focused on alternatives to the current function and structure of Oakland Police Department (OPD), including OPD services and their costs. Among specific topics researched were an analysis of 911 calls as well as the effects of de-criminalizing what is currently criminalized.


Based on their months-long research efforts, the ABs recommended a list of services better handled outside of OPD that would increase Public Safety for all Oaklanders.  Recommendations included: A Mental Health Hotline and Mental health services, providing housing, food security, medical care, education, decriminalization of drug and sex work, youth and transitional age services, instituting reparative justice in place of punishment, and more. The recent unanimous vote of the Oakland City Council to introduce a new model for mental health emergency response known as MACRO shifting 911 response away from the police department is an early outcome of this effort.


The final list of AB recommendations were presented to the City Council appointed Task Force. The Task Force studied them, discussed and modified some of them with public and AB input, and voted on a final list to present to the Oakland City Council for discussion and approval. The process by which the City Council will move forward with the Task Force’s list of recommendations is yet unknown. as is role OPD will play in this process. Regardless of the outcomes of this process in Oakland, the move towards increasing public safety through Defunding Police and Refunding and Re-Investing in Communities will  have a lasting and positive impact locally and nationally.


We recommend reading the full report to see the specific recommendations, the research supporting them, and their expected impact on increasing Public Safety.

The Medium is The Message 


Can we trust the APTP report? Unlike so many initiatives of this kind, where most are developed while completely overlooking or excluding the populations they are intended to serve., the very people the recommendations are designed to impact served in the initial committees. Committees focused on specific areas of concern, For example, there were committees comprised of or led by Oaklanders who have been unhoused, school dropouts, formerly incarcerated, unemployed/ under- employed, and victims of violence. Some were populated by solely by youth. Members also cut across the economic and educational spectrum. Importantly, members of ABs were a true reflection of the black, brown, yellow, white, mixed race, multi-ethnic, gender, and ability diverse communities in Oakland, a stunning example of true Democracy at work.


My colleague and companion in arms who worked as one member of such a committee described the process as very moving. “I have to say I am humbled by the process. Although I worked on part of  [it], months of collecting information, analyzing it, synthesizing it, and writing about it with my working group cohorts, the scope of this effort and its impact is amazing. This work will replace policing not reform it; it eliminates the need for historically punitive regulations. In its place will grow services communities need to become healthy and safe places for their members.”


 “[It] will be another step towards ending the endless war on communities at home that have targeted BIPOC for so long.…It will further link the anti war movement, with its historic focus on wars abroad, to domestic struggles [at home] which are no different …. We use weapons of mass destruction abroad; policing and imprisonment at home. Both at home and abroad we destroy, devastate, displace and kill; we attack those who rebel. These wars are about subjugation, dominance, accumulation of wealth and power, humiliation, and furtherance of racist, ethnocentric, anti-gender, and anti-able policies and practices.”


Oakland’s initiative has legs.  It has the potential of reviving life in our dying cities as well as in ignored rural areas. It can be applied nationwide if they will only make use of its far-reaching insights, and applied to their own circumstances.


REALLOCATE Pentagon budget.

ADD  your name to abolish nuclear weapons.

URGE world’s major development bank to kick fossil addiction.



G 7 Supports emergency funds for developing country COVID relief.

Organizations petition High Court of justice demanding vaccines for Palestinians.

Venezuela sues the U.S. at the WHO.

Protecting public health, environment and human rights, people of over 13 nations including U.S. oppose 5-G installment of a planetary surveillance grid.

Brazil’s Lula urges Biden to call emergency G 20 summit to promote global vaccine equality.

Japanese court orders government,BIDEN TEPCO to pay more for Fukushima disaster damage.

March 27, 110,000 people demonstrated all over Frances demanding a “real” climate law.

Argentina withdraws from Lima Group of countries established to push for regime change in Venezuela.

New global alliance including Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Laos, Nicaragua. Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Syria, Venezuela, and Palestine Russia, and China, defends UN charter.

Parisians march against systemic racism and police brutality in France and for a climate change law with teeth.


"For a real climate law": Stop the blahblahblah

Beijing has donated vaccines to over 50 low-income nations.

UK Uber drivers to get minimum wage and paid vacation after big court win.

Julian Assange wins 2020 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award.

Assange’s father, John Shipton on the home run tour for Julian.

MI-5 whistleblowers Annie Machon winds 2021 Sam Adams Award.

Texas utility behind huge electricity bills seeks bankruptcy

Biden signs American rescue plan providing $1.9 trillion for COVID relief, lifting millions out of poverty.

Biden admin ends policy that made migrant kids’ potential sponsors vulnerableto ICE.

Biden admin reportedly reverses decision to reopen Homestead prison camp for migrant kids.

Biden reinstates Obama-era program allowing Central American kids to join parents in U.S. Would reunite families split up by deportation.

Biden admin calls for federal volunteers to help get asylum-seeking children out of U.S. custody.

‘Jim Crow in 21st century’: Biden rebukes Georgia’s new voter suppression law.

Church joins lawsuit against ICE with religious discrimination claims.

U. S. Rep Jayapal and Dongell with 112 co-sponsors to introduce the Medicare for All Act of 2021.

Sanders bill would hike taxes on big corporations that pay CEOs over 50 times more than median worker.

Tlaib unveils bill to provide monthly payments to everyone in U.S. funded by minting trillion-dollar coins.

After months of pressure from advocates, detained immigrants in California now eligible for vaccine.

Amnesty International USA applauds Virginia for abolishing the death penalty.

Party for Socialism & Liberation dropped a banner at the San Isidro border crossing.

50+ House Dems urge Biden to fire Postal Board for complicity in Dejoy’s sabotage.

House Dems introduce legislation to block Dejoy’s Postal Service sabotage.

Biden submits Postal Service Board nominations, starting countdown to Dejoy’s departure.

Tammy Duckworth demands postal board fire Dejoy over pathetic 10-year plan to weaken USPS.

Defund Police Department: 50 House Dems demand Biden slash Pentagon budget to invest in public health, common good.

Progressives pressure Biden over COVID vaccine patent waiver.

Coalition calls on Biden to use U.S.-owned patent to share COVID vaccine with the world.

From space to F-35s congress given specific path to cut Pentagon budget by $0 billion.

Senate Dems employ obscure law to reverse #45 rollback of methane emissions standards.

Dems call for $1 billion shift from weapons of mass destruction to ‘vaccine of mass prevention.’

New calls, records. allegations swirl around #45 attempts to extort Georgia officials.

In unprecedented move,  EPA to conduct ‘public accounting of #45’s political attacks on science.

With McConnell out of the way, Dems reintroduce plan for affordable internet access nationwide.

House votes in favor of Farm Workers Modernization Act.

In huge progressive victory following years of grassroots organizing, a late of progressive candidates sweeps the elections for the Nevada Dem Party’s five leadership positions.

Earth Justice applauds bipartisan water infrastructure bill.

Actvists block rail line near General Dynamics over arms sales.

Minnesota  activists fight to stop new pipelines to go under water sources.

Water protectors lock to Gate and ascend equipment to stop Enbridge Line 3 in St. Louis County.

Activists organize a Defund  demo on Golden Gate Bridge.

Tribal Nations Fight Proposed gold mine near Death Valley.

Caravan disrupts Line 3 construction routes.

Backing push for public ownership, Tlaib to join virtual rally to reclaim Nestlé’s stolen waters.

Activists demand Georgia-based corporations like  end complicity in GOP assault on voting.

Activist investor urges Exxon shareholders to vote against directors.

“A moral imperative”: business leaders demand death penalty abolition worldwide.

Public Citizen congratulates Katherine Tal on her confirmation as U.S. trade rep.

A resolve, led by a 501(c)(4) non profit, the Maine Health Care Action, will have to collect nearly 65,000 valid signatures for Maine voters to put it on on ’22 ballot.

Jury acquits Iowa journalist for arrest while covering BLM protests.

The minimum $15 wage fight is not over.

Migrant worker women submit first petition against the U.S. under USMCA

“My mom was very angry,”: Rite Aid apologizes for denying undocumented mom COVID vaccine.

Garment workers win $22 billions in historic victory against wage theft.

Colectivo could become the largest unionized coffee chain.

Bernie Sanders rallies with Amazon workers in Alabama.

Wisconsin teamsters spend seven years fighting not to see their pensions cut in half.

“We can cancel all $1.8 trillion,” say activists as Cardona announces full debt relief for scammed students.

76 year old Asian grandmother attacked, sends assailant to hospital, and gives the 900,000 raised thru a Go Fund Me to the AAPI community: “This is bigger than me.”

Michigan man sues Hertz for not turning over receipt that proves his innocence in murder case.

NYC Council approved measure to curb “qualified immunity,” cop’s get out of jail free.

Members of Oakland’s City Council vote unanimously to introduce a model for mental health emergency support known as MACRO that does not lead with law enforvement.

Boston elevates its first woman and first person of color to city’s top job.

Illinois City becomes 1st in U.S. to offer reparations for lingering effects of slavery.

Philadelphia skyline to go dim in favor of migrating birds.

California regulator praised for landmark proposal to life ‘forever chemical’ as carcinogen.

Oregon considers universal suffrage.

Monarch Act introduced to ensure pollinator is around for future generations.

Sightings of rare wildlife add to case for main g permanent the temporary halt on wall construction.

Plant-based diets help save planet.


Ever Given crisis on-going. Make sure you're not short on toilet paper.

Financial press fears Brazilians will elect presidents of their choice.

With a sticker price of $100 million, Air Force admits the F-35 is a bust.

Kentucky lawmakers advance bill to crimnalize insulting police.


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