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“Writers, readers, teachers, and creative writing classes, take note: Cecile Pineda is an American original, a literary treasure.... Her prodigiously inventive and important work ... deserves a place in the forefront of  American Literature.

                                                            —Jeff Biggers in Bloomsbury Review

“Cecile Pineda has the nerve to ask the one simple question that eludes our public posturing: What is it, at the root of our culture, that sets us against the rest of creation.”

                                          —Joanna Macy, author of Coming Back to Life

I’ll be launching my new book, Three Tides: Writingat the Edge of Being starting this month, with more appearances scheduled in October and November as follows:

Saturday, Sept  24,  2 - 3:30 PM         Berkeley Public Library
                                                                                      2090 Kittredge Street

Saturday, Oct 8, 3 - 4:15 PM               San Rafael Litquake    
                                                                    Downtown Fourth St. 

Three Tides, Writing at the Edge of Being (my ninth) was born a twin in disguise. It addresses displacement, personal, environmental, and cultural (one of the sweeping themes of the anthropocene) to talk about the writing process, geared to folks who like to read, who want to write right now, or some time in the future.

In many ways we are displaced, from our homes, from our streets, from our jobs, from our right to health care and education, from our bombed out countries, from our wombs with the neocon antiabortion agenda; from our bodies by militarized police, from our DNA by the use of plutonium tipped (DU) weapons, from our landscape through arctic melt, and fire, drought and deluge and fracking, and from our truth by media, by surveillance and by incarceration in the prison/labor complex.

In Three Tides, Writing at the Edge of Being a theater work, oral histories, and personal memoir tell the story of humanity at the edge, dispossessed of its culture (Japan); and of its environment (Katrina).

You’re invited to be part of the Three Tides discussion at the book launch September 24 at the Berkeley Public Library.  Come! Enjoy! Ask questions! Meet new friends!

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