Sunday, February 5, 2017


California threatens to stop paying taxes to the Federal Govt. if funding for sanctuary cities is withdrawn. California takes in .73 cents for every dollar it disburses to the Federal Government.

Judge blocks Presidential ban to exclude immigrants nationwide.

Senators Collins & Murkowski will vote against DeVos  for Education BECAUSE OF PUBLIC PRESSURE.

Republicans back off giveaway of public land bill BECAUSE OF PUBLIC PRESSURE.

Defense of planet ruled no crime as activists are found not guilty.

and for what it’s worth


•Had it with DC? Calexit movement grows. Sign petition.

Groundgame: super example of tool for organizing nationwide

List of key words that trigger NSA’s prying eyes


The  termites and the ship worms have bored into government riding Mr. Cheeto’s coattails. The Nazi playbook is to exhaust protest through shock and awe, and once the opposition calls it quits, move in for keeps.

HOW YOU CAN RIVAL THE NSA: keeping our eyes open

Monitoring the coup-masters’ strategy.

Regulatory freeze pending review, Office of Mgmt & Budget, page 8346

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