Sunday, November 26, 2017

Planetary Abuse II

Skywriting Dicks: Pentagon Climate Crimes Are No Joke
reprinted with permission from Went2theBridge 11.16.17

U.S. warplanes have been menacing the people of Afghanistan for more than 16 years now
As a thought experiment, I decided to imagine that I lived under the threat of bombs raining down on my family from U.S. airplanes. Say, In Somalia. I could live in any one of dozens of countries for this to be my reality. Not Canada, though, which borders Washington State and was treated to this expensive, polluting  display of sophomoric scrawl by U.S. Navy warplanes [last] week:

            The most monumental thing to happen in Omak. A penis in the sky  Anahi Torres (@anahitorres_) November 16,  2017

In my thought experiment I tried to imagine how a grandmother in Somalia or Afghanistan might view this picture of boys just having fun….

Corporate media works hard to avoid meaningful context, simply reprinting the bland lies of the Pentagons PR department. Most ran the news with a headlines referencing “obscene” images. But what is the real obscenity hiding in plain sight here?

Media outlet SF Gate’s coverage of the prank included footage of the Blue Angels stunt team practicing over San Francisco in advance of the upcoming air show there.

The Blue Angels are a carbon belching nightmare. (At our expense. As we learned from the Panama and now the Paradise Papers, rich people don’t pay taxes. As a public school teacher my tax rate is around 30%)

Here in Maine, they literally burn napalm as part of the “entertainment”. Those watching do so no doubt in the context of having watched thousands of fires kindled in cinema for their viewing pleasure. (Hollywood has a pretty gruesome carbon footprint, too.)

The thing is, you may be able to evade taxation, but the cost of climate chaos falls upon rich and poor alike [although] climate justice organizers know that low income communities suffer more from the toxicity of late sage capitalism.

"Pentagon Planet" by Anthony Freda
But we’re all here on the same planet, buffeted by hurricanes, and scorched by forest fires.


Whether skywriting or scoping out their next civilian bombing targets, the U.S. military is filling the atmosphere with more greenhouse gas than any organization in the world. But if you search for information about the Pentagon and air pollution. what Google will let you find are articles about planning for the impact of climate change on coastal military bases. Or about the U.S. Navy greening itself, which is a bigger joke than a dick in  the sky for sure.

Our corporate masters can manage information and cheat inquiring minds of the truth, but ultimately they can’t fool Mother Nature.

Multi (Democrat) Roses Amongst This Week's Thorns

From all indicators, Michael Flynn seems to have gone rogue, cooperating the Mueller investigation.

Special Counsel Mueller probes Kushner’s contacts with foreign leaders.

Manafort flight records reveal possible deeper Kremlin ties.

Democrats seize control of governor’s offices in New Jersey and Virginia

Changing ratings seem to indicate that Democrats may enjoy up to four dozen electoral possibilities., with Dou Jones poised to win 48-44% the Alabama seat which would marrow the GOP majority to 51-49.

Larry Krasner won the Philadelphia race for district attorney.

Tim Keller won the Albuquerque mayor’s race with a publicly financed campaign and a progressive platform.

RNC shying away from backing Judge Moore.

U.S. district Judge Marvin Garbis put Trumpissimo’s ban on transgender people in the military on hold.

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick permanently blocked Trumpissimo’s EO cutting funding for sanctuary cities.

German main center-left party willing to talk about forming a government with Chancellor Merkel.

U.S. District Court judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly announced that Trumpissimo’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has been put on hold.

Best of all: Miriam Martinez-Lemus, mother of childhood diabetes afflicted daughter, is no longer in danger of deportation thanks to thousands who signed MoveOn’s petition.

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