Sunday, January 7, 2018


An extraordinary story in a decaying world, one without hope, in a landscape stripped of growth. A landscape that became a desert—like 33% of the planet now. But there is a lesson here: this dearest Mother Earth is no place for quitters. When he started, the landscape must have appeared as hopeless as the ones we inhabit today. For thirty-seven years he slugged on, quand meme. Meet Jadav Payeng.

Forest Man  - 16:34

Small Acts Make a Difference. 1.19 minutes.

 Like seeds, there are no instant people. Read about Jadav’s gestation: 

Read about Jadav’s Society. A Man Who Planted the Jungle:  38:05

Please consider making a New Year’s gift to one of the seven organizations reforesting the world as recommended by Dr. James Borrell:

Trees for the Future –
International Tree Foundation –
Tree Aid –
Plant A Billion –
Global Trees Campaign –
Trees for Change –
And if you want to hit a really worthwhile grass roots project…
Tetik’asa Mampody Savoka” (Madagascar) –

Other Roses This Week

While the U.S. wallows in matters of harassment, Iceland becomes first country to legislate equal pay for women and men.

Becerra winds case against trump administration depriving women of full access to the health care they need.

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