Saturday, October 27, 2018

Election Whoopee in a Banana Republic!

Item: GOPs Brian Kemp purges over half a million voters.

Item: Georgia Secretary of State running for Gov. says he’s ‘concerned’ if everybody exercises their right to vote.


So is it 53,000 voter registrations that have been tossed in the proud State of Georgia as those e-announcements shrill? or 340,134?

Greg Palast says it’s 340,134 and he’s got their names. Now why would  a nice man like Brian Kemp ever think of doing such a nasty thing? When he was elected Secretary of State—that’s the proud State of Georgia—didn’t he swear he would uphold the Constitution? Well yes, he did. But the constitution he pledged to uphold was his own robust constitution, and not the state’s. And it must be pretty robust ‘cause he tossed 1 in 10 Georgia voters off the rolls, especially those who might cotton to his opponent, Stacy Abrams, Georgia’s first black woman candidate, for Governor.

Now if you knew you would lose, and lose to a black woman, wouldn’t you try to whitewash a few names off the rolls, say maybe 10,000, or why not a little more, say, maybe 50,000, and while you’re at it, why not go whole hog at 340,134?  Who’s counting anyway, and if anyone actually tries to question you, why it’s simple, old buddy:  you say they just moved.  Moved?  Well, yes, they didn’t answer my nice glossy junk mailer I sent them, so they must’ve moved.  And who’s this Greg Palast anyway? Some Yankee smart ass, meddling where he has no bidness.  And anyway, as Secretary of the proud State of Georgia, you got every right to ask for a recount anyway, so if you don’t off them coming, you get to off them going.

Republicans annonce the elephant as their symbol has outlived its usefulness. It's headed out the door to be replaced by the noble condom.
(Is there any other kind?)

RNC chairman, Reince Priebus explained that the condom more clearly reflects the Party's current stance because the condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Join rally at a court house near you to support the children’s trial Juliana vs. the U.S. which knowingly violated their constitutional rights by contributing to climate change. In San Francisco, 3 to 6 PM, 95 7th Street Monday, October 29.

Act Blue Express donate:


Youth plaintiffs file response with Supreme Court which turned down their case, pointing to the government’s serious mischaracterization of Juliana v. the United States.

15-year old Swedish climate activist urges all kids worldwide to walk out of school for a few weeks as she did while doling out educational leaflets to passersby outside the Swedish Parliament. “We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to change.”

Five climate activists shut down Enbridge, Inc., the equivalent of 15% of U.S. oil.

Water protectors lock-down Dallas mansion of CEO of Energy Transfer Partners.

Coal-mining country of Wales pledges to leave its remaining coal in the ground.

New York attorney general Barbara Underwood files suit against Exxon-Mobil for defrauding investors by downplaying the  financial threat of regulations to mitigate human-caused global warming.

In a victory for indigenous rights in Ecuador, the Kofan people win legal battle defending Ecuador’s largest river nullifying 62 gold mining concessions.

Peace flotilla protests pollution, waste of taxpayer money, and  militarism at Bay Area Blue Angels airshow.

Greg Palast sues Georgia’s Brian Kemp for purging 340,000 from voter rolls.

Federal judge rules that Georgia election officials must stop tossing out absentee ballots and applications due to signature mismatches without first giving voters an opportunity to fix or dispute any alleged errors.

NAACP wins lawsuit against Shelby County, TN election commission in a ruling ordering it to send notices to all voters who submit incomplete voter registration forms.

Federal judge rules that the border is not a right-free zone.

The Center for Constitutional Rights announces the release from detention and reunification of father and two year old son.

Mexican  President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speaks up for rights of Honduran Migrants Caravan.

PJ, a Cambodian immigrant, receives recommendation for a pardon. Please sign the petition to Gov. Brown.

Oregon volunteers welcome newly released asylum seekers with rides and legal assistance.

LGBTQ stages a massive rally outside White House to reaffirm that trans people will not be erased. 

New Hampshire court strikes down GOP’s law aimed at suppressing Dem-leaning college student voters.

Louisiana district court rules that non-unanimous jury verdict based on racism is unconstitutional.

Overwhelming majority in the European Parliament votes to strengthen EU’s plan to cut plastic pollution.

Army tries and fails to prove GOP claims that antifascist protestors are national security threat.

Marshall Island victims of U.S. bomb tests seek justice in the form of adequate health care.

Black liberation activist, Mike Africa Sr. of Move, as been released on parole after 40 years.

UN rights expert, Baskut Tuncak, urges Japan to halt returns to heavily contaminated Fukushima.

Tohoku Electric Power announces plans to scrap reactor at Onagawa plant.

U.S. announces plans to sue radiation-contaminated Hunters Point shipyard contractors, among them Tetra Tech for fraud.

Emergent political movement, People Power, led by musician politician Bobi Wine, alters landscape of Ugandan politics.

Mass demonstrations take to the streets denouncing the corrupt government of Haitian president Jovenal Moise. 

A Connecticut man who warned motorists about “cops ahead” with a hand-drawn sign brings a federal complaint protesting his arrest and demanding punitive damages. 

New York Attorney General, Barbara Underwood, subpoenas industry groups and lobbyists over fraudulent net neutrality comments.

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