Saturday, October 13, 2018

Streets for Sale

This week responding to what Washington throws our way requires the lightning quick swordplay of the samurai. On the nuclear catastrophe front San Onofre was the site of a near miss nuclear accident when a storage cask fell 18 inches, six inches more than its warrantee allows, and on the vote suppression and  vote  integrity front, while a Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp, purges the voting rolls of black folks because his chief opponent happens to be a black woman, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis publish an article pointing up Democrats for failing to focus on how all those nice blue wave votes can be and inevitably will be stolen (

Connie at the White House-longest lasting protest in U,S. History

 We speed past these so very critical issues to focus on the stealth program initiated by the National Park Service to chop the head off protest of any kind. The Park Service wants to demand bucks for protest. They want to declare those White house sidewalks off limits. They want to keep organizers guessing till the day before knowing very well that any large protest, of say 100,000 or more takes months of planning and strategizing to folks out. Whose streets? you my ask.  Pay-to-play’s streets., that’s whose.


The Park Service is but one branch of an octopus that’s spreading its many tentacles around us to make sure we can’t even utter a whimper. How can we send them a message that they’re hopelessly out of line? That the streets have always been the venue of citizen assemblies?  That we are not succumbing to compassion fatigue, that we are not wasted by protest fatigue. Hell, no!


The deadline for this stealth initiative is this coming Monday.  If you care at all, please submit your comments by then (See our Action section where you can do so easily.) Let them know loud and clear that you have no intention of going home and shutting the door behind you. You are in this for the duration, and you don’t mean to follow uncivil regulations anymore than you itch to join a monastery.  Hell, no!

or at:

Deadline October 15, this Monday: Follow this link to the National Park Service Comment page. Let National Park Service k now how these changes matter to you.
or go to:

or go to:

ACLU fights back at the Park Service’s “Stealth Proposal” to limit public’s right to protest outside White House.

District Court Judge Robert Tiffany acquitted defendants of all charges in Clearwater County “Valve Turner” case.

Military families speak out against the Afghanistan 17-year-long war as veteran of 8
tours there dies.

In Maine, 4 Bantu Somali refugees raise crops on shared land at New Roots Coop Farm, growing regional and Somali produce, one of a number of coop farms operating in the North East.

The City of Oakland, along with Alameda County, formally halted its use of Roundup on Sept. 1, according to Public Works Department notice.

According to the NYT, a new wave of Democrats is testing the party’s lockstep support for Israel.

Fox reported Bret Baier reports U.S. Supreme John Roberts refers allegations of judicial misconduct against Kavanaugh to Tenth Circuit to investigate his ethics.

Petitions to impeach Kavanaugh surge as organizers insist not even Supreme Court judges are ‘above the law.’

Protesting, N.Y.C. law students stage walkout protesting Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation to end harmful use of drift gillnets.

Federal Judge permanently bars Administration from withholding policing grants from California, San Francisco, and other so-called sanctuary jurisdictions across the nation.

Re-discovered grand jury records of Georgia’s “last” lynching persuades federal Georgia judge to order them unsealed, declaring the testimony to be of broad public interest.

Congress passes broad water infrastructure legislation providing for more natural coastal infrastructure, delivering key victories for the Everglades and Long Island Sound.

Israel’s Mishab Housing and Construction has been fined by Israel for discriminating against Arab home buyers.

Citing arbitrary use and racial bias, Washington State abolishes state’s death penalty.

Amid massive public outcry, 12-year-old-Tamir Rice’s killer won’t be hired as a cop
byK another police jurisdiction.

NYT reports that Democratic states suing the government rack up substantial wins.

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick cites newly unsealed video, ordering that a lawsuit by Mario Woods, shot by S.F. rogue cops,  mother can proceed to trial.

Google’s “Waze” expands carpooling service throughout the U.S.

ACLU sues San Francisco for targeting African-American in drug arrests.

Postal workers unite nationwide against administration’s “privatization” plan.

Fourth circuit court vacates Mountain Valley Pipeline permit.

World Nuclear Industry Status Report confirms nuclear power decline.

Coalition of civil rights group sues George’s Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp for voter suppression of upwards of 50,000 voters favoring his opponent.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs the Fair and Just Sentencing Reform Act (SB 1393) allowing judges to use their discretion instead of being forced to stick to unjust mandatory minimums in deciding sentences.

Representative Ro Khanna calls for congressional hearing into journalist Khashoggi’s disappearance. 

For the price of a smart phone small homes can now be powered by a small energy-saving windmill.


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