Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Open Veins of Latin America

“Three things…seem to provoke the ornery United States into overthrowing…a foreign government, no matter how many innocent civilians… die in the process. (If enough die...,perpetrators [like Kissinger] get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.) If your country has one of these things, the U.S. might screw with you. If your country has two of these things, the U.S. will definitely screw with you. If your country has three of these things, then look behind you, because the U.S. is currently screwing you:” —Popular Resistance, 2.21.19

These things are: oil and gold (Venezuela has them).
A socialist government (Venezuela forms part of the Bolivarian Revolution), 
and like Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Iran before it, Venezuela dropped the dollar.

Viareggio  hot air balloon
And of course there is a fourth thing, not mentioned above. If your country is composed primarily of people of color, white supremacists are sure to think you’re a push over. Venezuela has a majority of brown to black people. (There is a controlled experiment underfoot: Norway has lots of oil, but inconveniently the population there is almost entirely blonde, blue eyed and Protestant.)

U.S. Humanitarian Aid
Venezuela needs humanitarian aid about as much as Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Chile, Honduras, Haiti, Somalia, Libya, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, needed the kind of humanitarian aid that leaves hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of people dead.  It does not need mass murderer Elliot Abrams, to oversee the coup  to aid this country in what Bolton admitted last week was a grab for Venezuelan oil. (And incidentally, while the Siberian  mountain meadows turn liquid as the permafrost melts, the planet does not need more oil, especially of the Venezuelan variety which like the tar sands, is one of the dirtiest of the fossils.) Two weeks ago, even the Red Cross of Colombia refused to deliver so-called “humanitarian aid,” saying that the “gift” did not conform to their guidelines because it did not come from disinterested hands.

Belicose Bolton
Despite the mainstream co-called media (FOX, MSNBC, NPR, Bill Maher) blovating lockstep with the likes of Bolton, Abrams, and #45, to their credit, NPR suspended State Department dictation long enough to admit that “humanitarian aid" is actually meant to soften ‘em up by creating regime change. (One is reminded of the saying “The cross before the sword” to describe the Nakba of Latin America at European hands.)

Which is why lots of people plan on turning out Saturday, the 23rd of this month in cities throughout the United States to let our fascist powers-that-be understand once for all, we are not buying any of their claptrap.

and please wear red under your gilet jaune in solidarity with Venezuela which is suffering from food, medicine, and other shortages because of the brutal U.S. economic war, otherwise veneered as “sanctions.”

Call Sen. Feinstein at 415 393 0707 or 202 224-3841. Demand she sponsor the Green New Deal Resolution.

Join rally outside Feinstein’s S.F. office at Montgomery and Post Streets on Friday, Feb. 22 at 8:30 – 10:30 A.M.

Revoke national emergency declaration at:

Tell Your Senator: Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia at:
Revoke #45’s Nuclear Authority at:
Demand DA Krasner turn the page on Mumia Abu-Jamal case at:

Tell EPA not to weaken carbon pollution limits on new power plants at:

Foreign Affairs

Venezuela expels hard-right Spanish Popular Party EU diplomats amid reports of talks with Washington.

Venezuela advances investigation against self-proclaimed “president” Guaido who’s unknown to 81% of Venezuelans.

S.F. Labor Council passes resolution opposing U.S. intervention in Venezuela and attempted U.S. coup.

Colombia Red Cross points out U.S. action in Venezuela is not disinterested, and refuses to cross the border delivering so-called “humanitarian aid.”

Domestic lawmakers say U.S. military action in Venezuela is not an option.

In spectacular show of solidarity, envoys from Beijing, Havana, Moscow, Tehran, Pyongyang, Damascus, Managua and Caracas with numerous other states declare determination to protect UN charter and hold  sovereignty of all states inviolable.

UK lawmakers call out Facebook Execs as gangsters, while New Zealand moves to tax tech giants.

In Act 14 of gilet jaunes, 41,000 demonstrators march across France despite police roughing up protesters.

70,000 Mexican workers strike in Matamoros threatening to shut down U.S. auto industry by withholding 550 auto plant parts.


Cocoa farmers in Cameroon transform their community.

Tri-Valley Cares sounds alarm on plutonium expansion in D.C. meetings and Senate bomb “pit” briefing.

Green New Deal calls for national high speed rail.

Recent analysis claims massive restoration of world’s forests would cancel out a decade of CO2 emissions.

Judge upholds California’s endangered species protection for wolves (unless they cross state lines).

In the face of public pressure, world’s largest food, beverage, and consumer good companies partner with recycling giant TerraCycle to tackle single-use waste.

Nestlé, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Unilever team up with recyling group to change their packaging.

Crop of cooperatives sprang up after Superstorm Sandy.

Florida utilities start embracing solar technology for economic reasons.

Only laboratory-efficient so far, carbon-eating leaves are ten times more efficient than natural leaves at capturing carbon dioxide.

Nine governors commit to 100% clean energy.

Racketeering lawsuit against activists and enviro groups dismissed.

Rev. Wm. Barber and Al Gore back Virginia’s fight against pipelines and compressor stations stealing land through eminent domain and polluting air and water. 

Activists, among them Hollywood stars, demand Governor Newsom #TestDiablo nukes.

Environmental coalition files objections resisting Holtec International/Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance proposal for interim storage facility for 173,600 metric tons of irradiated nuclear fuel in southeastern New Mexico.


After declaring his candidacy, Bernie Sanders raises $4 million in first 12 hours of his campaign.

In less than a day after, #45’s emergency declaration got itself sued by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, the ACLU, and 16, states including New York and California to block #45 from unilaterally stealing taxpayers funds, not to mention that the 90 lawsuits by landlords opposing federal property seizure in South Texas remain open from as far back as 2008.

230 nationwide rallies denounce fake border emergency at  Not-My-Presidents Day protests.

Public pressure results in sponsorship by 95 legislators backing AOC-Markey Green New Deal Resolution. 

Senate passes sweeping public lands package creating over 1 million acres of wilderness and three national park units, and expand eight others.

Supreme Court rules 9–0 against high fines and civil asset forfeiture.

Government admits terrorist watch list widely shared with private sector.

Case of Mississippi prosecutor who routinely kicked black people off juries headed to Supreme Court.

North Carolina’s Board of Elections to decide fate of Congressional race.

Michigan governor blocks sale of former prison to private immigrant detention company.

“I will never say no”: D.C. restaurant confirms 5-year tradition of feeding the homeless.

Colorado legislature passes National Popular Vote and sends bill to Governor Polis.

Judge’s order stops ICE’s force-feeding of detainees.

American Muslims put on No-Fly list have standing to sue FBI for damages.

Nearly 3,000 Oakland teachers go out on strike demanding a 12% raise over three years.

Illinois is fifth state to win $15 an hour, affecting one in five workers.

After 4 years of litigation, Montana’s sweeping campaign finance reforms are upheld by Supreme Court.

CCR announces  federal judge dismisses Energy Transfer Partners lawsuit against Krystal Two Bulls.

West Virginia teachers flood state capitol to save public education from privatization scheme, forcing State House to table the bill.

Elizabeth Warren advances plan to use ultra-rich tax to fund universal childcare plan!!!!!

Justice LA and other activist organizations fill the chambers as LA supervisors reject Mira Loma Women’s jail outright and shift the mental health jail plan to build a mental health treatment facility instead.

New Jersey signs paid family leave into law.

Civil rights complaint filed for Florida student who sits out pledge of allegiance.

Raul has finally been freed after 2 years of detention, setting important precedent for ICE’s illegal practice of indefinite detention.

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