Monday, August 26, 2019

The U.S. fiddles while Rome burns

by Roger Herried and Cecile Pineda

Now that the world is burning, Trump gave the G-7 Summit the cold shoulder, and the DNC has killed a resolution allowing a multi-candidate climate forum, it’s past time to wake up. And with all the drama coming out of D.C. this past week, the media is every bit as culpable as our very own Nero with its failure to alert the US public to the alarming growth of global wildfires.

Amazon burns
South America is burning before our eyes, yet we have no memory of the Siberian or Canadian fires that came just weeks ago. Not to mention California, which had its worst fire season ever last year with impacts going far beyond poor air quality or PG&E bankruptcy. 

Everyone needs to wake up that the growing climate crisis could collapse the global economy and soon. The 4 maps below are current this year, with the last 10 days showing massive wildfires in Brazil (113,000) and Africa with over 300,000 (but Africa seems not to be on any European or U.S. maps) with nearly 3 million wildfires reported globally. The bottom chart shows the dramatic increase in annual wildfires around the world.

A Guardian piece published Aug. 22, which included a devastating image of all current fires world-wide, terrified Europe's leaders. But no matter: the U.S. has dramatically increased i fossil fuel production on a scale that outstrips the rest of the world! and this week Trump tried to buy Greenland.

But, as Popular Resistance points out, Amazonian fires are as much a product of runaway global warming, including drought and intense storms, as they are of unfettered exploitation for profit under Bolsonaro’s program of “development” for the Amazon: farming and especially cattle ranching. What it comes to essentially is that the fire in the barbecue under that “burgher” that you simply must have has now spread to encircle the globe.

The choice is ours: more meat, more fires, more driving, more fires, more flying, more fires, and more wars and more agribusiness, more fires. What checks to U.S. hegemony and what inconveniencies are we prepared to accept if we want to remain inhabitants of our charred, once blue/green planet?



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