Saturday, August 31, 2019

The War Against Nature

This week as nearly 3,000,000 fire alerts sounded world wide, as the EPA ended its protections from coal plant release of methane gas, and as Bolsonaro and Morales of Brazil and Bolivia respectively encouraged “development” of indigenous lands in the Amazon to GMO soya farming and hamburger raising, Greta Thunberg landed in New York’s Coney Island declaring “We must end the War against Nature.”


The war against nature has been a long one, dating from before history from about 3,000 B .C. when Europe’s peaceful, agrarian hunter-gathering people were invaded by marauding Kurgan stockmen from the Russian steppe (probably from part of what we now call Kazakhstan) who overran Europe over the next thousand year period. They brought with them weapons, warfare, hierarchy, patriarchy, worship of sky gods, and worst of all, their language, proto-indo-European, from which almost all our Western languages (and thinking) derive. Their invasion continues to this day, delayed by a lack of maritime technology between 2,000. B.. C. and 1492, when Europeans arrived in the New (and undespoiled) World to wreak their centuries of genocide and decimation of landscape and forest, a movement that continues to this day.  Driving them is the Judeo-Christian ideology which holds dominion of men over the forces of nature, a notion amplified by the so-called Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

As a war with deep cultural roots, it is a formidable opponent for our latest children’s crusade to take on. But despite its long and pernicious history, it is a war all of this planet’s inhabitants must take on now if we are determined not to lose our home. And it is the wild card, perhaps the only one we have, with the potential of rocking the bleak political forecast for 2020 of another four years of #45's planetary depredations. It is a war whose climax will occur with the Sept 20 climate strike and the shutting down of Washington, D.C. to any continued business as usual.

Corporatists, and people still of the voiced opinion that human activity has nothing to do with melting glaciers, rising seas, burning forests, or with millions of migrants world wide fleeing drought and the political unrest drought foments, might do well to remember the work of James Lovelock who first proposed the concept which he called Gaia.  While the U.S. government allocated billions of dollars to determin whether Mars might be able to sustain life, Lovelock proved that the Earth’s atmosphere was tempered and regulated cumulatively by the work of billions of micro-organisms whose activities had produced an atmosphere friendly to the evolution of larger animals and eventually man.

If infinitesimally tiny organisms could create a benevolent atmosphere capable of sustaining of life, what in effect is Earth’s amniotic sac, then by the same token, any bio-organism has the power to modify that atmosphere.  Even homo sapiens.

While crowds welcomed Greta in New York,  Sonia Guajajara former VP candidate of Brazil and national coordinator of Brazil’s Indigenous People’s Articulation (PIB), speaking for the all indigenous people’s march in Brasilia had this to say: "Our fight is so urgent that we must all get together right now. The fight for Mother Earth is the mother of all fights.” Although Greta may have come lately to the struggle, it is a struggle indigenous women of the Amazon have been fighting for decades, warning about the dangers to the Amazon from extractive economic models including the demands of fossil fuel, mining, and agricultural companies, all of them emboldened most recently by the Bolsonaro and Morales administrations. 

In the Amazon fires we see the egregious abuses that result from unchecked capitalism, colonization, racism, and patriarchy — all of which are based upon the same systems and ideologies that promote power over nature, and exploitation of women, indigenous peoples, people of color and the land originating with the Kurgan invasion of 3,000 B.C.  These events and the multiplicity of actions detrimental to indigenous peoples and their cultures are just a few examples of the long-term systemic efforts of governments and corporations worldwide to enact genocidal policies that harm indigenous peoples and their territories, and that char the lungs that sequester 20% of the Earth’s carbon emissions.

This year will likely be remembered as the time when the U.S. and global grassroots finally began  acknowledging the terminal crisis posed by global warming. The indigenous people of Brazil have been declaring an end to the war against nature for decades, and now in a world consumed by wild fire, Greta’s arrival echoes that same declaration for the northern hemisphere.

“If environment were a bank,” says Sanders, “it would have been saved already.”

In the San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area, Wednesday from 6 to 9 Pm a Strike for Climate Organizing Meeting has been called at Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave (near 47th AV at Telegraph) in Oakland.

In San Francisco, a march has been called Thursday, Sept. 5 for the Global Day of Action for the Amazon from noon to 2 Pm at the Brazilian Consulate, 300 Montgomery Street in San Francisco to the Headquarters of BlackRock extractive corporation at 400 Howard Street.

Activities are called for nationwide the week of Sept. 20-27 with a call to shut down D.C. on the 23th, and in the S.F.-Bay Area a call join the youth-led Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20 at 10 AM at the S.F. Federal Bldg at 7th and Mission for a march and rally led by Youth vs. Apocalypse; on Sept. 23, from 7 to 10 AM at Union Square, a traffic disruption and outreach; and Wednesday, Sept. 25, non-violent direct action at 7 AM at Montgomery & Market St. in downtown San Francisco.

Demand #45 take action on climate change after UN declares climate change threatens the world’s food supply at

Donate funds to to pull off the biggest climate action yet at

Pressure Bolsonaro to stop the plunder of the Amazon at

Rein in Pentagon spending and end the militarism that’s contributing to Global Warming at

Defund deforestation in the Amazon at

Sign on to elect a more progressive, more pro peace Congress at

Extinction Rebellion organizes massive protest outside London’s Brazilian Embassy on short notice.

Thunberg calls or global climate strike.

Declaring “No Business as Usual” activists plan day of mass civil disobedience to #ShutDownDC

Ben & Jerry’s, Lush, and Patagonia among companies pledging to support global climate strike.

Open letter from college professors urges educators world wide cancel class to join global climate strike.

Thunberg joins climate strike outside UN Headquarters, urging “Don’t just watch, Join us.”

Protesters prevent Mountain Valley Pipeline drilling.

National class action lawsuit against ICE and DHS for failure to ensure detained immigrants receive appropriate medical and mental health care and violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Community defense brigades to defend neighbors against ICE threats in Mississippi.

Over 1,100 congregations agree to provide sanctuary to migrants.

Former border agent Jason McGilvray resigns after pleading guilty to charges of assaulting an undocumented person in U.S. custody.

Border Agent Matthew Bowen's crime of running down a fleeing migrant with his truck as his assault weapon finally ends his violent career. 

California leads multistate lawsuit against administration for lifting court-granted protections for young migrant detainees.

Nineteen states file lawsuit to block indefinite detention of migrant families.

Bill introduced in the Massachusetts state legislature requiring state’s pension funds to divest from nuclear manufacturers.

House intelligence committee and House Financial Services committee have subpoenaed Trump family financial records and tax returns from Deutsche bank investigating Russian money laundering and potential influence on #45.

Grassroots disabled activists stop American Medical Assn., in its tracks, swerving it to support #MedicareForAll.

Sanders endorses Public Banking Act.

JusticeLA and other organizations and groups stop LA County’s $3.5 billion dollar jail plan.

Saudi Arabia acknowledge defeat in Yemen and starts to sue for peace.

Hydro-Quebec ends collaboration with Israel power firm.

Class-action lawsuit against Apple and Samsung acknowledges the cellphone makers “intentionally misrepresented” the “safety” of the devices, citing a Chicago Tribune investigation that tested popular smartphones for radiofrequency radiation and found some results over the federal exposure limit.

California public banking bill AB 857 passes final committee hurdle.

T-Mobile cancells 5-G upgrades and new builds nationwide, possibly crippling some contractors.

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