Sunday, May 30, 2021


Despite my lack of training as an ethicist, I know complicity when I see it, to wit: $735 million additional dollars in U.S. weaponry aid given to Israel, a nation-by-fiat, that is in fact a settler colony with a genocidal instinct baked into it as it aims to clear more and more land for settlement, regardless of who else might happen to live there.


Despite massive demonstrations around the world, both in major cities in the U.S. and abroad in solidarity with Palestinians living in occupied Israeli territory, the Biden administration quietly managed to transfer $735 million of military aid, in addition to the $3.8 billion ponied up yearly by U.S. taxpayers which beleaguered Israeli PM, Netanyahoo immediately crowed was the U.S. endorsement of that country's apartheid regime.


Netanyahoo happens to be under fire, facing trial for corruption and an election season where he faces defeat after twelve years of his murderous  administration. That he may have ordered this latest Nakba as a distraction may be disputed, but certainly he has benefitted from its smokescreen.


People who live in this country, some of whom still care deeply about what happens to other people, many of whom do not resemble them, know the Biden administration could have ended this Nakba the day it began. Instead, it has brought us the gift of nausea with which we are forced to live day by day. We are complicit as long as we tolerate an administration that walks in the footsteps of all our warmongering, foreign-dictator-propping administrations before it.



We are also at dire risk of seeing those dictator-chickens come home to roost. They may not necessarily wear rows of medals on elaborate uniforms; dictators are also known to favor pin striped suits.



DEMAND Biden hold Israel’s apartheid government accountable        


SIGN ON to Boycott & Divest


DONATE to deliver essential supplies to Palestinian elders in Gaza and West Bank.



UN opens Israeli war crimes probe following war on Gaza, calls for embargo.


China to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Palestine.


Outrage over Israel’s human rights violations fuels global BDS movement.


Bennett receives support from party to join govt. that will oust Netanyahoo.


Chile is reborn: a political earthquake emerges from the streets.


Mexican Supreme Court rules in favor of Humún Mayan community.


Ireland supports landmark motion to condemn Israel ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine.


In UK activists shut down second Israeli arms factory in a week.


200,000 protest against Israel in London.


Despite massive losses, Palestinians have altered the course of history.


In Netherlands court rules shell must cut CO2 emissions 45% by 2030.


Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Founder Satyarthi, a Nobel winner urges world leaders to waive vaccine patents.


Across India, protestors mark six months historic farmers’ agitation.


Welsh court rules Government has a duty to protect the young from the harms of climate change.


Qatar sends rare disease drug to Iran amid U.S. sanctions.


Workers at Canada’s steel giant ArcelorMittal go on strike.


Canada’s Trudeau orders flags lowered for indigenous childrens’ remains found at site of residential school in British Columbia.


UK university students demand end to university complicity with Israeli Apartheid.


UK animal rights group blockades McDonalds.


Hundreds of musicians in UK and U.S. sign onto BDS letter.


CPJ calls for immediate release of seriously ill Egyptian journalist Gamal Al-Gamal.


Environmentalists warn Biden not to abandon climate plans to appease GOP.


Dockworkers boycott Israeli ships until total liberation of Palestine.


Activists delay Israeli ship Volans trying to dock in Port of Oakland.


U.S. Jews increasingly breaking with Israel to support Palestinian liberation.


Sanders calls for ‘hard look’ at billions in annual U.S. military air to Israel.


Not fast enough department: As frustration grows over GOP obstruction, progressives intensify demands to kill filibuster,


500+ former Biden campaign staffers urge president to denounce Israeli violence.


Biden EPA reverses #45 ‘secret science’ rule.


Climate activists want $10 trillion for infrastructure.


Bill saying #NoMuslimBanEver passes the House.


Senate Finance Committee advances clear energy for America Act with $12,000 electric vehicle credit.


Tech workers at Google, Apple and show solidarity with Palestinians.


Tech corporations Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s parent Company Alphabet face rising pressure from shareholder activists.


In ’seismic shift for big oil’ activist investors score surprise win with ExxonMobil board seats.


Kristen Clark confirmed.


Dems reintroduce SANE Act to slash $73 billion from ‘insane’ spending on nuclear arsenal.


Fed up with GOP games, Dems say they’re ready to move ahead on legislation.


Warren bill would nearly triple IRS budget to go after wealthy tax cheats.


Warren and progressives mount major push to break up Facebook and Amazon.


Warren slams Jamie Dimon over overdraft fees amid pandemic/

Sanders says no way to $10 billion taxpayer handout to Bezos’ space company.


‘Stop monopoly madness’: Biden urged to block Amazon’s $8.5 billion purchase of MGM.


DC AG sues Amazon for alleged monopolistic price-fixing.


Rashida Tlaib demands social media companies stop censoring Palestinians.


Advocates hail ruling striking down ‘unconstitutional’ Georgia anti-BDS law.


San Francisco teachers union endorses BDS mission.


Growing International movement calls for a “people’s vaccine.”


Advocates applaud state AG’s call for review of proposed ‘cancer alley’ petrochemical plant.


Human Rights Watch categorizes Israel as an apartheid state guilty of ‘crimes against humanity.’


New York State legislature introduces “Dignity Not Detention Act” to end ICE detention.


Washington Spectator major exposé reveals how state health authority downplayed Wi-Fi health risks to school kids and omitted scientific research showing harm.


Marijuana legalization profits boom for state governments.


Georgia-based disability rights groups join fight against Georgia’s anti-voter law S.B. 202.


DA drops charge against N. Carolina reporter arrested wile covering march to polls.


Decrying ‘catastrophic harm’ ACLU files challenge against Arkansas transgender healthcare ban.


Economic study shows why ‘saving the planet’ is not a jobs killer.


Paterson N.J. activists push to invest in community, not police.


Restaurant workers say they won’t return to work without a living wage.


Snowden hails court ruling as progress on acknowledging ‘devastation’ of mass surveillance.


Both fishing and environmental groups join Winnemem Wintu tribe opposing Shasta Dam raise.

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