Friday, May 21, 2021

When is a Ceasefire Not a Ceasefire?

Brokered by Egypt to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine, a ceasefire was announced to the world to go into full force and effect at 2 AM May 21st. To celebrate, Israel attacked the worshippers in this Friday’s mosque at Al Aqsa, one of Islam’s holiest places, using stun grenades and gas bombs, wounding at least 20 worshippers.


More sophistry than ceasefire, this Have-Your-Cake-and-Eat-It kind of dodge is one of Israel’s favorite gambits.


Every year Israel receives $3.8 billion from the U.S. in military aid. Additionally Biden has asked for $735 million more, allowing Israel to purchase weapons with the money the U.S. gives them. (Does this sound to you like a touch of onanism?)


Let’s see what your tax dollars bought in this latest war (which the media whitewashes as “clashes”):


World Press, Aljazeera  and Associated Press multi story al-Jalaa building in Gaza completely destroyed.


•Some 243 Palestinians slaughtered, including at least 66 children in just 11 days..


Wounding at least 6,300 Palestinians.


•74 Government buildings, 3 mosques, 66 schools, 16,800 housing units destroyed, displacing more than 120,000 Palestinians who are now homeless.


•Eviction of 13 long established families from Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood., who are now homeless.


It’s a lot of bang for your buck (what Netanyahoo hails as “exceptional success”):


News building goes down in flames


Gaza house destroyed, people displaced


Gaza housing units destroyed

6-year-old-child rescued from collapsing building

If you share my views, you might prefer your tax dollars go to more life-sustaining line items such as schools, hospitals, after-school playgrounds, the arts such as music, dance, theater, visual art, etc. healthcare, housing for the homeless., and other benefits that restore meaning and dignity to human life.



BLOCK military aid to Israel.


RESPECT Palestinian Human Rights.


BAR all military aid that enables human rights abuses.


DEMAND Biden hold Israel’s apartheid govt. responsible.


BEND your congresspersons’ ears to cut off all aid to Israel.


DONATE to provide food, hygiene kits to Gaza..




Canadian activists pour ‘river of blood’ on Israeli Consulate Steps to symbolize devastation across Palestine.


U.S.-made bombs (only product U.S. still makes) are devastating Gaza’: Sanders resolution aims to block $735 million weapons sale to Israel.


Arab Resource and Organizing Center cheers at turning Zim ship away from Oakland Port.


Italian dockers stop arms shipment to Israel in solidarity with Palestine.


Committee to Protect Journalists accuses Israel of ‘shutting down’ Gaza coverage  by bombing media outlets.


Ocasio-Cortez unveils resolution to block $735 million U.S. weapons sale to Israel.


Tlaib confront Biden over ‘unconditional support’ for Israel amid Gaza atrocities.


Markey’s office calls on Israel to seek an immediate cease fire in response to Israel’s plans to deploy ground troops.


Sanders: U.S. must take a hard look at nearly $4 billion in annual military aid to Israel.


Coalition pressures key Dem Gregory Meeks to back resolution blocking arms sale to Israel.


Amnesty calls on Biden to end ‘outrageous’ U.S. weapons sales to Colombia amid police repression.


100+ groups condemn Israel violence in East Jerusalem and Gaza.


State Department spokesperson under fire for ‘spineless’ refusal to condemn Israel’s killing of children in Gaza.


These are not ‘clashes’: Media slammed for coverage amid deadly IDF attacks on Gaza.


Protests across Israel signal growing Palestinian solidarity.


Since Truman first backed Israel, U.S. Jews have proved they are not a monolith.


Dems citing ‘thuggish and Orwellian abuses of power’ demand DOJ end practice of spying on journalists.


Thanks to Dems, administration announces monthly checks to parent to start July 15,


Splintering the right,  Chilean voters elect progressive alliance to re-write Pinochet-era constitution.


Aussie youth target PM Morrison at Climate Strikes because ‘he only serves the fossil fuels industry. 


Lawmakers push Biden to end public financing for ‘dangerous’ fossil fuel projects overseas.


Gov. Inslee signs far-reaching plastic pollution bill.


Sunrise and RISE St, James Rally to demand Biden stand up to environmental racism, revoke Formosa Plastics permit and provide good jobs to all.


Scientists disrupt opening day of Shell-sponsored ‘our future planet.’


Conservations celebrate federal introduction of ‘Extinction Prevention Act.’


Following years of pressure from investors, businesses, diplomats, and organizations, the IEA finally released its first-ever scenario aligned with the 1.5-degree goal, taking away a huge shield from the fossil fuel industry, effectively nixing fossil fuel extraction.


Peace advocates urge Congress to divert Pentagon dollars after Afghan withdrawal towards social uplift, climate emergency.


Indigenous climate leaders launch national effort to demand Biden ‘stop #45 pipelines.’


Families of missing and murdered indigenous people gather in Seattle for day of prayer.


Activists push for charges to be dropped ag. demonstrators for Black lives.


Colorado bill could convene study of police protest response.


Nearly two-thirds of W. V, voters support citizenship for young undocumented immigrants.


ICE detention center shuttered following repeated allegations of medical misconduct.


Biden administration pledges probe after report of unaccompanied kids being left stranded in buses overnight.



To ‘end the absurdity’ of wasteful military spending, Sanders introduces bill to audit the Pentagon.


Amazon extends moratorium on police use of facial recognition software.


Mayor of Jackson, MI apologizes for 170 police killings amid student protest.


IESO (Ontario) outlines plans to look at a gas plant phase-out.


Food an d Water Watch sues EPA to protect waterways from factory farm pollution.


Biden EPA reveals prior approval of Monsanto roundup failed to account for risks to monarchs and other endangered species and drift harm to farmers.


State Department ends policy that denied citizenship to children born abroad to same-sex couples.


Sanders AOC join McDonald’s workers to demand $15 minimum wage amid nationwide strike.


Largest nurses union condemns CDC rollback on COVID protection guidance.


The American Families Plan will make Affordable Care Act subsidies permanent, ensuring that millions can keep their health care, and top 1% tax payers will pay for it.


Police not allowed to participate in Denver PrideFEst.


Oakland Anti-police Terror Project helps de-escalate potentially deadly situation in East Oakland.


Grocery store owner declares his store ‘apartheid-free zone.’


Dolphin mom, perhaps grieving death of her own pup, adopts a whale calf.

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