Sunday, March 5, 2017

And Now for the Good News


If you still bank at any one of the seventeen banks invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline, now is the time to divest by withdrawing your money, writing a letter of explanation to your bank manager, and opening an account in a credit union, which is less likely to fail if/when there is a run on the banks. 

If you have already switched, the action for this week is to contact as many friends as you can to let them know why depositing with any one of these 17 banks contributes to environmental and cultural degradation.

Pipeline Protesters shut down Citizen's Bank

 AND NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS (Brought to you by the Resistance)

•100 water protectors elect to face arrest rather than surrender on Lakota land ceded by the US in the Treaty of Ft. Laramie.

•Lakota Sioux vow to fight the DAPL in court.


•Rep. Hank Johnson re-introduced the Berta Caceres Human Rights Act
calling for suspension of US military and police aid to Honduras  until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

•The European Parliament issued a resolution urging the Government of Nicaragua to guarantee the safety of Francisca Ramirez, and other peasant human rights activists for opposing construction of the great Nicaraguan canal.

•Family of migrant killed by border patrol wins settlement despite agents never being charged.

Arizona kills bill that would have classified protesters as terrorists.

• Supreme Court delivers a major victory for opponents of gerrymandering.

Hancock drone resisters ruled innocent of all charges in an unusual case.

California court rules against Monsanto, allowing California to affix cancer warning on Roundup.

Sara Beltan compassion released Amnesty announces.

•Public Leadership Institute announces that elected officials in 18 states (including California) are all introducing legislation to protect or expand abortion access.

Strikes as passive resistance: Brooklyn Yemeni bodega owners, NYC taxi drivers, A Day Without Immigrants, and March 8 Day Without a Woman are all effective examples of passive resistance.

Interactive Map -

•New American Economy map shows contribution of immigrants to the economy
in 435 congressional districts, and the 55 largest metro areas.

•S.F. Board of Supervisors passes resolution directing local law enforcement not to cooperate or comply with any attempt by the Trump administration to have people deported.

•Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State mandates that state agencies and law enforcement not assist the federal government with civil immigration law enforcement, pointing out that protecting the state’s immigrants will also save Washington’s economy.

•Pranksy Banksy establishes Walled Off Hotel overlooking the separation Wall.
If you need to stay in Israel, here’s your ticket.

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