Sunday, May 19, 2019

ONE BY LAND, TWO BY SEA: Half-Acts of War

This week, we have learned that if you don’t score the entire enchilada, one/half a coup is better than none. Thwarted by a full invasion of Maduro’s Venezuela, the administration ate half a crow and employed Mediaeval tactics by sending a battering ram to knock down the door of the Venezuelan Embassy, and arrest the four remaining embassy protection coalition members remaining, two of whom are valued and respected journalists, the third, an anthropology professor who happened to be in Honduras at the time of the Hillary-inspired coup, and witnessed its horrific results.

Peaceful protesters defend Venezuelan Embassy's sovereignty
A previous law and order visit had prompted the protectors to politely refuse to vacate four times!!!! although they assured the “law” (which had illegally broken in by sawing open the door chains) they would be glad to vacate once the State Department had issued a Protective Power Agreement, guaranteeing the neutrality, diplomatic status, and inviolability of all embassies world wide, and specifically those of the United States that, with this act of piracy, was declaring an act of war, and opening the doors to violations of U.S. Embassies worldwide.

But, although in 2003 #45 is reported to have declared that a U.S. President would invade Venezuela to get re-elected, this time the administration settled for a faux coup instead.

Not to worry. And never mind that Iran has demonstrably halted its nuclear weapons program. With John Bolton in charge, the U.S. had plenty of saber rattling left up its sleeve as a USS Abraham Lincoln strike group made for Iranian waters and the Gulf of Hormus.

There are still a few good reasons not to provoke war with Iran:
            Iran is nearly four times bigger than Iraq was.
            Iran’s population is nearly four times as large as Iraq’s at the start of Gulf II.
            The U.S. would need 2,141,900 troops to make a dent, but only 1,281.900 are either on active duty (making the rest of the world miserable) or in the reserves.
            Whereas Iraq turned to guerilla warfare which the U.S doesn’t know how to  defeat, in addition to   its over 500,000 active duty personnel, Iran can mobilize at least 1.5 million paramilitary forces.
            Iran is ruled by its Shite majority making up 90% of the population, which  would mount a massive struggle against any U.S. invaders.
            Iran’s neighbors, the Hazaras of Afghanistan and the Pakistanis (also Shites) would support Iran.
            No  Western Europe country would support a Trump invasion of Iran.

John Bolton is not paid to think, or to weigh consequences. And billionaire war profiteers are itching for more business. But the main over-arching reasons for this last-days-of-Empire’s tail-lashing is that at least three countries have now begun to deal in currencies other than the dollar in their trade agreements, among them China and Venezuela. And whereas Gaddafi could be lynched while Hillary gloated, China is not quite the same bug on the wall.

Despite #45's recent soft-pedalling for diplomacy (and deal-making) it looks like once again the U.S. is steaming full sails ahead for another quagmire, this time with Iran.


Before suggesting an action for this week, I want to share a bulletin that just came in this morning, presumably from #45 himself:
“I am pissed at The Mustache, aka John Bolton. For months he’s been telling me it would be easy to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro, but Maduro turned out to be a tough cookie and the Guaidó guy turned out to be a dud. The only coup Gauidó and The Mustache have actually pulled off is right here in D.C., where we sent in some cops to raid the Venezuelan Embassy and arrest four “I-don’t-like-war” protestors so we could hand the place over to the coup guys….

“The Mustache is not just gunning for war in Venezuela; he seems to be working over time to push me into a war with Iran. He’s talking nonsense about sending 120,000 troops to the Middle East! Is he crazy? After all I’ve said about getting us out of stupid wars? I know my buddies in the Middle East—Brass Balls Bibi and Prince Bone Saw Bin Salman—would like me to bomb. bomb, bomb, but my generals tell me that would be a VERY BAD idea….”


Code Pink gets it. and you get it. And firing John Bolton is not such a bad idea. After all, he can grill hamburgers on that mustache at McDonald’s if he needs a job.

Tell #45 to fire John Bolton at

Please sign No War with Iran at

Please urge Harris, Klobuchar, and Gillibrand to lead Congress in stopping unconstitutional war in Iran and Venezuela at

Block Trumps’ War at

J Street asks you to contact your representative to back the Unconstitutional War with Iran Act today.

1000 persons protest 5 G in Bern.

Citing ongoing legal challenges, TC Energy (Transcanada) announces they are delaying construction on Keystone XL.

French public sector workers strike against Macron govt. attacks.

Russia urges U.S. to abandon ‘irresponsible' plan to topple Maduro.

In West Java, Indonesia, deadly landslide inspires Indonesian farmers to reforest

Starting May 14, Indian jute mill workers to go on strike demanding immediate settlement of pay arrears.

Belgium ready to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Hoping to avoid further escalation, EU supports Iran nuclear deal.

Spain pulls ship from Abraham Lincoln Strike Group steaming toward the Middle East.

Journalist John Pilger reports that the ex-head of the Swedish bar Assn. has condemned Assange’s treatment at the Ecuadorian Embassy as deplorable, and injurious of both mental and physical health for years to come.

Mass mobilizations protest Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s fifth term bid.

Swiss tennis champ Roger Federer gives $13.5 million to open 91 schools in Africa.

Declaring postwar order passé. Merkel says it's time to stand up to the U.S.

Macron declares U.S. tech industry regulations are no longer subject to democratic checks and balances.

Taiwan becomes first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights declares that it recognizes colonial experience from first contact to present as genocide.


Declaring that their prosecution would take time away from preparing cases of child sexual abuse, judge dismisses charges against the 15 arrestees protesting the launching of the LBJ at the Bath Iron Works in Maine.

Bath Ironworks protester declares: If we love our children, if we love the miracle of life, and all our fellow species—we must make the connection between our gigantic military and the climate crisis.

Calling executive tone deaf, South Carolina regulators slap down Duke Energy rate increase.

Oregon teachers walk out, forcing 600 school to close.

#Free Black Mamas bails block mothers from jail for Mother’s Day.

Lawsuit by 44 states accuses Big Parma of ‘multi-year conspiracy’ to hike drug prices by over 1000%.

San Francisco first U.S. city to ban facial recognition.

Obama-appointed judge orders Florida to provide Spanish-language ballots for Puerto Ricans by 2020 “election”.

Free Press report and FOIA docs expose #45 FCC’s neglect toward Puerto Rico.

Colluding with EPA, Monsanto unable to prove Roundup does not cause cancer unsealed court docs reveal.

Jury orders Monsanto to pay record $2 billion to couple in Roundup cancer trial.

Citing Mnuchin’s unwillingness to comply, House Dems subpoena #45 tax returns.

Texas Senate magnanimously passes bill to stop shacking pregnant inmates, and to provide free menstrual products daily.

Lawsuit targets #45 administration renewal of Oregon Ranchers’ grazing permit.

Common Cause files petition to deny proposed Apollo-Cox-Northwest broadcasting merger.

Common Cause Indiana files challenge to Indiana’s unconstitutional absentee ballot signature match rejections.

New York State govt. issues policy to restrict authority of ICE in state courts.

N.Y. Mayor de Blasio declares opposition to the Williams fracked gas pipelines.

The closure of Plains All American Pipeline’s coastal California oil pipeline after it ruptured fur years ago saves 27 million tons of carbon pollution in California.

If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decides to snap shut loopholes that analysts say create financial incentives to build too many new pipelines in the U.S., a little-noticed announcement by the commission could have an outsized impact on the oil and gas pipeline industries.

AOC slams middle-of-the-road approaches on climate change.

This week ACLU announces efforts to aid Gaza’s elderly, end child detention and stop drone warfare.

Lawsuit challenges administration’s approval of massive Utah oil shale development.

National Lawyers Guild condemns Secret Service (SS) complicity in violence against U.S. peace activists.

After he advises Don Jr. to refuse congressional subpoena, #LindseyGrahamResign goes viral.

As executives make millions off IPO, Uber drivers strike.

While Americans have waited to years for Congress to do its job, arrests end Impeach #45 sit-in within two minutes.

In a huge victory, U.S. District Court supports a commonsense reading of Constitution, ruling that lawsuit against #45 can move forward.

People-led presidential candidate forums planned in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. (What a concept!)

House Science Committee approves Rep. Bonamici’s COAST Research Act, and Vice-Chair Pingree’s Ocean Acidification Act which allows investigation of coast communities vulnerable to ocean acidification and plans to take such assessments into account.

City of Berkeley plans to encourage retiring bosses to sell their businesses to their workers, forming worker cooperatives.

New Mexico and Delaware sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC),  making whoever wins the popular vote the winner of the Electoral College.

Maine, Minnesota, Nevada and Oregon are taking action on the NPVIC with a good chance to seeing it pass into law.

Permit by permit, communities are fighting 5 G wireless internet technology with help from the California Supreme Court.

5 G [protests span from Albany to Europe to Russia.

Maine on track to ensure more equitable abortion access with new insurance rules.

Patriotic millionaires join advocates, students in support of N.J. millionaire’s tax.

Debate still rages in Ohio and Illinois, but Maine and Pennsylvania shut down old nukes.

Department of Energy gets nailed at Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Public Health Forum.

Even GOP voters applaud AOC and Sanders for taking loan-shark lenders on.

Washington Governor Inslee expands plan to combat climate collapse with renewable energy.

Washington State becomes first to adopt social insurance program for long-term care benefits.

Sanders letter pressures Delta to end its “demeaning” anti-union campaign.

House passes Equality Act, ensuring sexual orientation and gender identity are covered under federal civil rights laws.

Facebook busts Israeli campaign to disrupt elections in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Pro-environment House members defy #45 by introducing a budget restoring funding for environmental programs at EPA and Interior.

Philanthropy in U. S.

“Resolutionaries” slash $434 million in patients’ medical debt.

John Oliver buys of $15 million in medical debt, paying off debts of 9,000 people in hardship.

Judge allows New Orleans students to walk on graduation day, despite the school’s violating the students’ due process.

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