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Activists continue defending the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. against the opposition’s mob and the U.S. administration’s coup attempt. Today one activist messages from D.C.: “Our people in the Embassy are carrying on with strong commitment and determination.”  And they have to:  the Secret Service has cut off mail deliveries, and both water and electricity have been cut off, probably on orders from the White House—this despite both accounts being currently paid up by legitimate Embassy personnel,.  Read more at :

Civil Justice Fund lawyer, Mara Verheydden-Hilliard addressed these words to the Secret Service:
There has been no action that has divested [the Embassy Protection Collective] of the right to be inside the embassy or lawful process that could authorize removal.
Instead you are authorizing a vigilante group to attack the peace activists inside.
You must take action immediately to cease this assault, and ensure that there is no violence against the persons inside. They are in grave danger from the mob you have facilitated and authorized to besiege the embassy.
You are responsible for any acts of violence that will be committed against these peace activists inside the embassy.

Opposition protesters (Ambrose Bierce for violent mobs aided and abetted by the Secret “Service” and the D.C. “police”) have been variously reported drilling holes into the Embassy building (protected under the Vienna Convention of 1961 according diplomatic immunity to Embassies throughout the world); blockading the main entrance and attempting to break down the door, damaging the garage door; attacking and blocking outside supporters from delivering food, and sanitary supplies; and creating deafening noise with the use of sirens and the beating of pots and pans.

For consolidated reading, you may wish to go to:

And for a sampling of mob violence, be sure to view the arrest of Veteran for Peace and author, Gerry Condon here:

Gerry Condon being arrested by the SS
(For background on Gerry Condon go to podcast )

What You Can Do:

The Embassy Protection Collective remains determined, even after water and electricity are cut off. Make calls to insist they be allowed food, water and medicine.

Find your representative and urge him/her to protect the Embassy from mob violence and assure the protection of those inside, the legitimately invited guests of the Venezuelan Government at:

For California: Feinstein 415 393-0707; Harris 415 981-9369; Lee 510 763-0370

Call D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser: 202 727-2643; demand D.C. Police defend victims and arrest their attackers, not the other way round.

Call State, Office of Foreign Missions at 202 895-3500. Remind them of 1961 Vienna Convention provisions for diplomatic protection for embassies all over the world, to which the U.S. is a signatory.

And have fun calling the Secret Service at 202 406-8800, extension 8 for the comment line. Talk fast. (It’s their goons seen manhandling Gerry Condon above.)


National Lawyers Guild International Committee condemns threats posed by government of the U.S. and D.C. Police Department to the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela., and unilateral financial sanctions.

Venezuelan Police arrest coup’s second top opposition lawmaker.

International Google Employees sit-in protests retaliation.

Thousands protest against Honduras puppet president put in power by Clinton-Obama coup, demanding his resignation.

Thousands storm Queen’s Park in Ontario, protesting Doug Ford’s Bill 74 cuts to health care.

Germany plans on closing all 84 of its coal-fired plants and relying on renewables.

Canada provides $2.4M for 128,000 Palestinians in Gaza., West Bank.

UN rights rapporteur slams U.S. sanctions war on Iran. Cuba, and Venezuela, calling them “making pawns and hostages of people.”

Mexican President AMLO says no to U.S. “security” plan.

#45 turns on darling, Bolton, accusing him of “trying to start war in Venezuela.”

Fearing their use against civilian population, French rights group Christians for the Abolition of Torture filed legal challenge blocking a new batch of French weapons from being loaded onto Saudi vessel heading for Yemen.

187 countries take crucial step stopping rich nations from turning global south into dumping ground for plastic waste.

Bandung, Indonesia

Sanders calls for national ban on fracking.

Interior Secy. David Bernhardt is putting an indefinite hold on the administration’s radical plans to ramp up offshore drilling along America’s coasts, including the entire Arctic Ocean, and key portions of the Atlantic.

House Natural Resources passes bipartisan Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act out of committee.

House Natural Resources Committee approves Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plan Protection Act, restoring longstanding protections to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

House passes H.R. 9, pushing back against #45 U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, the first time in 10 years House addresses climate change.

Washington State’s Gov. Inslee signs package of groundbreaking climate action bills into law.

Republican Senator Todd Young, although deploring Venezuelan government, calls for hearing on military intervention in Venezuela.

Pelosi, Schumer say they agree to pursue $2T infrastructure bill with #45.

New Mexico official pulls plug on new oil, and gas drilling on state land near Chaco Canyon.

Chicago charter school teachers launch nation’s multi-employer charter-school strike; two previous charter strikes resulted in pay increases and more student resources.

Rideshare drivers call Uber strike in 7 major cities throughout the U.S.: D.C. LA, Minneapolis, San Diego, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Although Treasury refuses to allow Congress to review #45 tax returns, California passes bill that would keep #45 off California ballot unless he releases those returns.

Federal judge orders prison reforms to prevent more suicides in Alabama’s prisons.

Ten trans asylum seekers win cases, released from ICE detention.

Washington airport operators refuse to service ICE deportation flights.

Thousands nationwide rally in support of drivers licenses for undocumented immigrant residents.

Silent rooftop turbine able to generate half of a household’s energy needs.

Boston baseball legend backs boycott of #45 by Red Sox manager Cora and several players.

Free Press heroine, Chelsea Manning released, but may be subpoenaed by another grand jury next week.

Facebook co-founder calls for company to be broken up, alleging Zuck has unilateral control over speech.

Syracuse, N.Y. delays 5G rollout in hopes of tightening regulations.

Philanthropy in the U.S.

Chobani Yogurt to pay off all Rhode Island district’s school lunch debt.

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