Sunday, December 11, 2022

Cecile's Passing and Memorial - Part 1

If you've not heard, Cecile passed away on August 11th. Cecile's friends and family held a memorial concert titled "Tombeaux and Other Delights" for her on October 1st. The first half of the zoom portion didn't turn out so well, but those in attendance had a memorable time. 


Apologies to those of you who would like to have attended, but it took this long to gain access to her mail chimp account. I'm hoping that you will join me for an extended memorial that will go up on her blog. 

Thanks to her son David Leneman for letting me announce her passing to you. Please note that her regular email account has been closed.  

I'm requesting that you send me any photos of Cecile you would like to share. I will incorporate them into the slideshow that was shown during the memorial. Please send them to dwbrah "at" comcast "dot" net. 


The slideshow (or a link to it) will be posted on her blog, along with other appropriate items and stories you are welcome to add. The Slideshow will also include a number of Tombeaux that the Barefoot All-Stars: Viol players Peter Hallifax and Julie Jeffrey performed.  

I saw her a just a few more times but had the good fortune of taking the last photos before she passed on. I'm hoping that you had the best memories with her!

Roger Herried


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