Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 Imagine an EXTRA edition of the New York Times, where the font size takes up the ENTIRE TOP FOLD of the FRONT PAGE screaming:




The above  equation is the MAIN ISSUE, the ONLY  ISSUE.


Fossil fuel consumption added up:


Afghanistan: fossil fuel providing air transport of all war materiel, including army battalions, airplanes. Countless on-the-ground forays of gasoline-powered half tracks and tanks, armored vehicles and drones operated remotely from half-way around the globe. And all the burning  toxic waste fire pits.


Iraq: All the oil fields around Basra set on fire burning for weeks (Gulf I). Fossil fuel providing air transport of all war materiel, countless forays on-the-ground of airplanes, armed personnel vehicles, half tracks and tanks and drones operated remotely from half-way around the globe. And all the burning toxic waste fire pits.


Add to that colossal fossil fuel consumption behind military operations in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan; and satellite operations in Ukraine and secret wars in Somalia and others the American public doesn’t even hear about.


Add to that all the fossil fuel consumption in the nearly 1,000 U.S. Military bases worldwide, many engaged in support services of the Middle Eastern conflicts.




Against total military pollution weigh:


•Katrina, and all subsequent hurricanes and typhoons exceeding “normal” wind velocities;

•catastrophic floods in China, Germany, Iowa, lower Manhattan, Tennessee

•fires in California, the South West, and Southern Mediterranean,

•the imminent failure of the Gulf Stream current,

•melting of the Polar Icecaps,

•displacement of whole populations affected by climate collapse,




•Technical remediation failing under stress of climate collapse

•OTHER: all else overlooked here.




EITHER it's war OR climate that supports life and happiness on Earth.




The rest is DISTRACTION: last-minute Kabul airport scrambling, petty discussion of who to pin blame on, hand wringing following yet another defeat of the Empire’s mighty armies by farmers with guns (who haven’t yet lost their connection to the Earth).


More distraction


Project for the New American Century (PNAC) has mostly been scrubbed from the internet. It advanced the plan that 7 Middle Eastern countries in 7 years ought to be the next U.S. foreign policy objective.  That is those 7 Middle Eastern countries that could be destabilized to failed states, all to become part of an American Empire, governed by U.S. appointed satraps, in that short span of time.


One section especially reads: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.” (from Rebuilding America’s Defenses, “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”).


None of its related websites points out that a goodly number of its signatories hold dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship. Notice how a politically disempowered cordon of failed states surrounding Israel might be of benefit to preserving its own chancy U.S.- taxpayer-supported hegemony?


Still wanna pin the donkey tail of blame? Take a look at that PNAC rogues gallery of some 25 tiny little men, and two or three non-female-identified women, one hiding under the name Thomas, later changed to Giselle. Even PNAC hides under a new name: The Foreign Policy Institute. ‘Nuff said.


War = Project of the New American Century = Climate Collapse brought to you by hard working U.S. taxpayer money. Still wanna contribute?


STOP excluding military pollution from climate agreements


PROTECT planet from lead pollution


BLOCK Line 3


TAX Big Oil polluters


STOP arming human rights abusers


END threats of nuclear war


CUT Navy nuke from Pentagon budget




Extinction Rebellion London erects giant pink table blocking intersection which media calls “stunt.”


India bans long list of single-use plastics starting next July


25 national and local organizations launch extreme weather ads calling for end to fossil fuel subsidies


Extreme weather ads target Dems defending fossil fuel subsidies


Climate activists target banks greenwashing in nationwide #DefundLine3 Protests


Defying war hawks, Biden plans to stick with Afghan exit deadline


Supreme Court halts reinstating ‘remain in Mexico’ policy


New bill proposes cutting Pentagon spending to fund vaccines for poor nations


Biden administration announces rule that could speed u asylum process for some vulnerable people


Federal Trade Commission launches investigation into Bezos and Amazon $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM studios


Pelosi runs over right-wing Dems as House approves $3.5 trillion budget blueprint


Right-wing Dems begin caving as progressives hold their own on reconciliation vote.


Professional athletes and climate activists call for climate finance action from mountaintop.


63 percent of U.S. vets support Afghanistan withdrawal.


240+ organizations sign letter opposing subsidies for nuclear power in infrastructure bills.


Key milestone in pandemic fight as FDA rants full approval to Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.


Israel report shows booster shots significantly lower infection risk


Federal judge Jorgenson rules that Dept. of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection violated federal law by failing to analyze potential environmental harms from escalating militarization along  the U.S.-Mex. border.


Human Rights Watch declares Israel bombing of Gaza high rises possible war crimes.


Incredible news as NC court restores voting rights to 55,000 formerl incarcerated people.


A victory for gig workers as California rules Uber can’t hack labor laws to call them contractors.



Russia’s atomic agency, Rosatom to protect African rhinos from poachers by making their horns radioactive


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